Lateral Profiles Limited

Understanding the industry
Lateral Profiles has been established to satisfy a real need in the market place. Today's clients demand that their resourcing consultants have more than just a passing knowledge of the industry, but have an in-depth understanding of the important issues facing them and the critical factors for the success of both companies and employees. Lateral Profiles employs only experienced managers from within the I.T. industry as consultants and combines their knowledge and experience with successful and well tested infrastructure and systems. Only in this way can the needs of clients be fully understood and addressed.

A Strategic Partnership
Employing, developing and retaining staff is probably the most difficult and expensive issue facing companies today. By building our business on experienced senior managers from within the industry, Lateral Profiles is able to offer our clients a strategic relationship that minimises the human resource costs and maximises the benefit of using our services.

An emphasis on quality
Although the term quality is used extensively by many companies, Lateral Profiles has incorporated a systematic approach to quality service into all facets of its business.

We prefer to work with a select group of both clients, candidates and partners, emphasising a real understanding of the needs and benefits of these parties.

Creative Technology
There are diverse opinions regarding what makes the most important contribution to the I.T. industry; hardware, software or communication. At Lateral Profiles we believe the answer is people. The statement that "people are your greatest resource" is most true in this industry which is so reliant on the specialist skills of its people. Lateral Profiles is in the business of providing creative solutions to the resourcing requirements of our clients. Among our services are:

		· Executive Lease and Contracting
		· I.T. Consulting Services
		· Project Outsourcing
		· Project Subcontracting
		· I.T. company acquisition and disposal
		· Recruitment

Lateral Profiles has specific knowledge and expertise in leading edge technology. Not only are we able to locate suitable permanent and contract staff but we can also provide strategic consulting and management expertise to clients working with this technology. In particular Lateral Profiles has specific expertise with :

		· Relational Technology
		· Client-Server Technology
		· Object-Oriented Technology
		· GUI Development
		· Business Processes and CASE

Lateral Profiles can provide resources and consulting expertise with the following strategic technologies.

Development Environments and tools
		· Oracle (V6&7, Forms 3.0, 4.5, D/2000)
		· UNIX, ‘C’
		· PowerBuilder
		· SQL-Windows 
		· Forté
Business Applications
		· SAP
		· Oracle Financials
		· Baan

Introducing: Roger Grice
Managing Director

Roger is a founding Director of Lateral Profiles Ltd. He was previously Account Director for Continuum (NZ) Ltd., one of New Zealand's largest computer and communications companies. Roger was the founder of Aston Gage in the late eighties. This company became one of New Zealand's largest and the most respected I.T. recruitment and contracting companies before being acquired by Continuum (Paxus People).

Roger is a civil engineering graduate from Canterbury University and has a long career in project management of major projects, structural design and computer aided analysis and design. During this time in his career he became Wellington Regional Manager for Project Group, one of New Zealand's largest development and construction companies.

Introducing: Bob McAuley
Managing Director

Bob is a founding Director of Lateral Profiles Ltd. He was previously Director of Sales and Marketing for Continuum NZ Ltd. a broadly based international computer and communications company. Before that Bob was General Manager of ComputerTime and the architect of this company's rapid rise to pre-eminence as one of New Zealand's most successful computer companies. ComputerTime is also notable for its creation of Netway Communications which is now one of the countries largest added value network providers. With over twenty years experience in the I.T. industry, Bob is one of its best known and most highly regarded managers. During this time Bob has held a number of senior sales and development positions.

Introducing: Ken Buckler

Before joining Lateral Profiles Ken held a number of Senior Technical Management positions within the I.T. industry. These included Regional Technical Services Manager for Vogel Corporation, one of New Zealand's largest computer services companies, Software Division Manager for ComputerTime and I.T. Technical Manager for AFFCO, New Zealand's leading meat exporter.

Ken brings to Lateral Profiles an in-depth understanding of software development, technical support and operations management based on well over 20 years experience both in New Zealand and overseas.

Introducing: Mike Moody

Mike has over 30 years experience in the computer industry. The bulk of his career has been with IBM, where he had a variety of positions including both management and sales at a senior level.

Prior to his move into sales Mike managed the IBM Auckland Data Centre for 3 years.

While in sales, Mike worked with the distribution, manufacturing and financial industries, being particularly successful with the banking sector.

Prior to joining Lateral Profiles Mike spent three years as Northern Regional Sales Manager for Continuum Health (Formerly Paxus).

Introducing: K H Murugan
Project Manager
Murugan is a software development professional with over 9 years’ experience in the industry. This includes analysis, design, development, quality assurance, project management and consulting. He is a specialist in system design and implementation using SSAD methodologies and software project management.

His most recent assignment was project management of a leasing software solution for a client in Malaysia (10 person-years). This was based on client-server architecture in Informix under UNIX and the system now runs at branches of the organisation all over Malaysia. Before that he was in charge of a several Ingres-based projects including one for the ASK group itself which was implemented at their Dublin (Ireland) distribution centre. He also has varied experience in other business application areas including ERP solutions and Executive Information Systems using multi-dimensional modelling.

Murugan has recently joined as a permanent member of Lateral Profiles and is looking forward to challenging assignments with some of our prospective clients here on state-of-the-art techniques and tools.

Introducing: Peter Binny
Software Consultant

Peter is a development professional with eight years experience in the computer industry. Peter has particularly strong experience in the development of larger scale client server, RDBMS and GUI systems. In particular he has a focus on the Oracle database and the PowerBuilder client/server development tools.

Peter is a permanent member of Lateral Profiles staff and is currently on long term assignment as a consultant for the conversion of a Financial Application from legacy technology to client/server.

Introducing: Mastek Limited:
Lateral Profiles works with Mastek Limited of Bombay for provision of development services specifically in the following technologies:

		· Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, SQLWindows
		· Oracle RDBMS and development tools
		· Informix, SYBASE and SQL-Server RDBMS
		· Object Oriented design and development

Lateral Profiles have been successfully carrying out large projects with Mastek in Auckland, Wellington and more recently Western Australia.

Mastek, listed on the Bombay stock exchange, is one of the largest and fastest growing software companies in India. It has subsidiary companies in USA, Singapore, and UK as well as partnerships in New Zealand/Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia, Canada and Jamaica.

Mastek has a history of successful quality project completions based on comprehensive project management methodology. It has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation in all aspects of its Indian based operations including its offshore development centres.