Vietnam Gourmet Adventure

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The Web Site for our brief Vietnam Gourmet Adventure!

This home page describes our experiences in Vietnam in 1999 and provides information based on our research prior to our visit and links to related sites.   It has been produced so we can share our experiences with our friends and anyone on the Web who may have some use for the information provided on the country, the food and people of Vietnam.

There are many ways of travelling in Vietnam and each would provide a unique experience.  For our small group an organised tour with an emphasis on food and covering  a selection of main centres was the most attractive and effective way of experiencing Vietnam in 2 weeks. 

In no way do we suggest that this site provides a comprehensive travel guide or information source on Vietnam.  It merely provides information, which we are happy to share, based on our rather brief experience in Vietnam.  The perspective provided is inevitably an Australasian one as our group consisted of four New Zealanders and one Australian travelling with an Australian guide from an Australian based tour company.


This page was last updated on 10-Nov-2004.