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Maori Issues:
Treaty of Waitangi to be declared a nullity.

All Treaty claims to be discontinued.

Waitangi Tribunal to be abolished.

Any "grievances" to be pursued through the mainstream court system.


Salaries of all MPs to be cut thirty-three and a third per cent across the board.

All taxpayer contributions to MPs' super scheme to stop immediately.

Legitimate allowances to be bulk-funded; perks to be abolished.

Number of MPs to be reduced to 80.

Maori seats to be abolished.


Eventually health care will be fully privatised. Tax relief will give individuals their own health budget to spend as they see fit. Deregulation of medical and allied professions, with abolition of associated statutory bodies. Termination of taxpayer funding of medical schools and other training centres. Removal of individual health care subsidies.

"Brian Edwards" option (see Taxation below) for those willing to pay a health levy to a semi-autonomous charitable trust accountable to government. Such a trust would thus have a finite budget with which to purchase health services for the levy payers. Rationing of health care for these people would reflect the current situation under our public health system.

It is envisaged that the private health sector would become so attractive in terms of choice and affordability, that within five years the charitable trusts would only be serving a small minority and could be left to administer themselves without any government involvement.


GST, along with the Fringe Benefit Tax, the Entertainment Tax and all product-specific taxes (such as those on gambling, alcohol and tobacco) to be abolished; equivalent reductions to be made in government spending across the board except for law & order and defence.

All citizens to be offered Conscientious Objection option whereby they waive any claim on the state health, education and welfare systems, including superannuation, in return for paying only 10% of their income in tax,  earmarked for law & order and defence.

"Brian Edwards" option to be offered so those who advocate higher taxes have the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are.


Over time, the State should withdraw from any form of involvement in Education. The education of children is the responsibility of their parents. The education of adult citizens is their own responsibility.

In recognition of this, Libertarianz will ultimately privatise ALL educational institutions and leave decisions regarding curricula up to the schools. Parents will then be able to choose the school that best reflects their own beliefs about education.

This cannot happen overnight. Our first steps would be to sack the Ministry of Education and the NZ Qualifications Authority and shred the new curricula and qualifications framework.

A new, interim body of appropriate professionals will be appointed to urgently develop new curricula and qualifications for the existing state system with the emphasis on: literacy, numeracy, history, Western literature, science and technology (including computer literacy).

Private schools will have state funding withdrawn but will thereby be free to develop their own curricula and qualifications.


Private Property:
The Resource Management Act will be repealed; all District Plans will be shredded.

The NZ Bill of Rights will be amended to uphold the sanctity of private property and the right to develop it as one chooses, constrained only by Common Law and the requirement not to disfigure or damage the property of another.


Law and Order:
The NZ Bill of Rights to be amended to uphold the right of self-defence and the right to possess and carry arms appropriate for self-defence.

All laws pertaining to drug offences (except supply to minors) to be repealed; all persons jailed for such "offences" to be released. The same for laws against sexual soliciting and voluntary euthanasia.

Laws against theft, rape, assault, murder and other real crimes - i.e., crimes with victims - to be vigorously enforced.

Immediate recruiting drive to raise the number of police by one third.

Police and judiciary to undergo courses in the following principles:

law exists only to protect people from other people, not from themselves;

everyone is equal before the law; no one is privileged before the law;

justice is objective - concerned with facts, not feelings;

all Politically Correct corruptions of justice, such as "feminine justice" or "Maori justice" should be expunged from judicial processes.

Minors will continue to be protected under an amendment to the NZ Bill of Rights from any practices or substances destructive of, or pre-emptive of, their capacity to think and make choices for themselves (to give them the protection of the Law against sexual predation, drug pushers, etc..)

Bureaucratic Scams:
Ministry of Women's Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Human Rights Commission, Creative New Zealand, New Zealand on Air, etc., to be abolished.

Individual Sovereignty:
NZ Bill of Rights to be amended to affirm each adult individual's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of private property and happiness.


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