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Trouble Shooting and Maintenance

What is a refillable cartridge?

A refillable cartridge is a printer cartridge that can be refilled once it runs out of ink. This will save you money because you will not need to constantly buy expensive new cartridges. It's also better for the environment. You can easily refill a cartridge by directly injecting it with ink.

Why won't my printer recognize the refillable cartridges?

Refillable cartridges MUST BE USED AS A SET. They will not work if you mix them with your original cartridges.

My printer cannot recognize the cartridges. How can I fix this?

This is a common error. Since the CIS & refillable cartridges are not OEM, you may run into this error from time to time. This is normal. To fix this error, please remove all the cartridges and turn off your printer. Wait about 5 minutes and then restart and re-install all the cartridges. This will reset the printer and cartridges. Repeat if necessary.

What can go wrong?

Due to the simplistic nature of the system, very little can go wrong if just a few basic things are taken into consideration:

  1. All joints and seals in the system are completely airtight,
  2. There must be no air present between the reservoir tank and the cartridge,
  3. Ink must never be allowed to run dry, and air must be allowed to enter the reservoir tank ABOVE the level of the ink. 

Why am I getting puddles of ink on the paper?

This is usually because the reservoir tanks are above the height of the cartridges. The difference of pressure of the ink in the reservoir tanks is enough to start a syphon effect and ink will flow freely to the print head, creating messy puddles of ink everywhere. This is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to keep the reservoir tanks on the same level as the printer.

Why is ink not getting to the printer?

Possible reasons are:
  1. The reservoir tanks are lower than the printer and the tiny amount of suction from the printer is not enough to draw the ink up the tubes to the cartridges,
  2. The breather holes on the top of the reservoir tanks are not open preventing air to enter the reservoir tanks above the level of the ink, or
  3. There is too much air in the system between the cartridges and the reservoir tanks. 

I've been using the CISS for some time now but now I see air bubbles in the tubes, is this a fault?

No, this isn't a fault. Over a period of time, especially if the printer isn't used often, air will appear in the tubes. This actually comes from the ink itself because it is water based. It is not a bad idea to purge the system of air every 6 months or so as a course of maintenance, although constant use of the printer should prevent a build-up of air.

I have air in the tubes and priming doesn't cure it.

This is usually because of a join or connection that isn't airtight and the vacuum formed in priming is drawing air in from around the faulty connection. Check carefully all the tubes for damage especially around the connections and remake the connections if necessary. 

I get an error message saying the cartridges are empty, even though they're not. How can I fix this?

A printer adjusts the ink levels based on the number of pages printed. When the printer reads it as empty, simply follow the on-screen "ink cartridge replacement" guide and remove the indicated cartridge. Wait a few seconds and re-insert the same cartridge. This will trick the printer into thinking that you're putting in a new cartridge. It will read it as full again.

When should I refill the ink tanks?

You can refill the ink tanks whenever you please. The most common time is when the ink tanks have only about a quarter inch of ink left in them.

My prints come out blurry and dis-colored. How can I fix this?

Do a nozzle check, head cleaning and alignment. Check to make sure the printer head is not clogged. Clean off any dust and excess build up on the printer head.