The Haggis Season

This song is so cool %} It's always been one of my favourite Beaky songs, because it's firmly tongue-in-cheek and not trying to take itself seriously at all. Singing it without the accent is forbidden though.

Haggis hallloooo!

The Haggis season has begun,
All over Scotland every gun
Is taken down with loving care
Though some prefer the Haggis snare
The Haggis are a wiley lot
That's why they are so seldom shot...

"We're the Haggis Hi Hooray
"We'll live until next Hogmanay!"
Then hidden in the Highland heather
Great hairy clansmen crouch together
And having laid the Haggis bait,
A lifelike Haggis on a plate,
One cries out loudly, "There the noo!"
Which means the Haggis is in view.

"We're the Haggis Hi Hooray
"We'll live until next Hogmanay!"

It's flying upside down and low
The guns all fire, but they're too slow
For though it's rather old and fat
They're awful hard to hit like that

And as it flies off in the mists
Great hairy clansmen shake their fists
Scream their curses to the crags,
Stamp on empty Haggis bags

And so the Haggis get away
To live until next Christmas day!
"Come back Haggis!"

And that's the reason it is so rare
This strange traditional Scottish fare.
"We're the Haggis Hi Hooray
"It's Hogmanay not Christmas day
"We're the Haggis Hi Hooray
"We'll live until next Hogmanay!


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