The Captain Beaky FAQ

This should be easy! :D

Q. Do you know where to get the albums / tapes / CDs / books / sheet music?
A: Nope, but I will endeavour to de-slacken and get a list up of second hand dealers / online book stores etc etc.
A2: The CDs are available from

Q: Do you know if (when) the albums / tapes / CDs will be re-released?
A: Yes, yes I do. They're available riiiight about.... NOW. Go buy em!

Q. Do you know who holds the copyright?
A: Yes! More info (kinda) at

Q: Can I link to your site?
A: Certainly! I'm hoping to register a domain soonish, but that's still in the pipeline. Borrow this if'n you like.

Q: Will the poll ever be completed?
A: Future murky. Ask again later.

Q: Why don't you answer your email?
A: I do, if it's urgent. Ask anyone. I suck at correspondance to the point where my father has to ring me to make sure I haven't just died and nobody's told him.

Every now and then I send an email to everyone who's contacted me about this site and Beaky over the years. Which is a lot. Considering 99% of the emails I get are in regard to my ability to find the albums / tapes / CDs / books / sheet music, I thought the FAQ might be a better idea. ;)

Q: For the love of God, why GREEN?
A: It's not easy being green. Why must you judge this poor site? Actually, I was just in a green mood and whipped up this design while supervising my class's group work. If it's blinding you, turn down the brightness on your monitor. >_<

Q: Does Nark suk?
A: He sure does.



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