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Carl Grigg has contributed this (much needed) info:

"Just been nosing around your site and found it quite enjoyable. I enjoy nonsense poetry, light verse and performance poetry and Jeremy Lloyd falls in to one or more of these categories. You asked for info on books, well I have 2 books "The woodland gospels" (as you mentioned) published by Faber and Faber ISBN 0 571 13270 7. It is a Beautifully illustrated retelling of parts of the story of Jesus written very much for children it puts some of the ideals of Christianity into a setting young children would be more comfortable with. As an aged agnostic leaning towards atheist (thank god for spell checkers <G>) I bought it for the illustrations but will read it to my son (aged 6) as I hope to remain neutral in his choice of religion. So one for the Christians perhaps but personally I will stick with the poetry. This book I also have on tape read by Mr Lloyd himself published by listen for pleasure LFP 7472.

The other book is a collection of poems 28 in fact called Captain beaky ISBN0 09 9281104 this one is illustrated by Keith Michell in a manner that fits very well with the tone of the poems. My favourite being Castle Doom, "In the dreaded Castle Doom, In a locked up turret room, Lived the Hairy Nairn of Nairn since he was a wee wee bairn... This poem has to be heard read in a Scottish accent and if I remember correctly is one of the poems tacked onto the end of the tape I mentioned earlier. The page of small writing at the front of this book mentions a volume 2 that I have not yet found, the 2 albums mentioned on your site and a songbook and sheet music (there are numbers for some of these if you are interested. "

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