Captain Beaky and His Band (1977)

So so very cute and horribly, evilly catchy. It's basically a collection of songs (at first glance, aimed at kids, but the messages are there for the adults too) on the exploits of a series of animals. The stories range from a new-born owl trying to fly, to the origin of the expression 'nattily dressed'. Some of 'em are just cute (Blanche, Dilys), some probably a bit dark for younger kids (Jaques, Desmond) and some interesting, if odd, comments on society (Harold, Herbert). This is still one of my favourite albums (Secret Shame #1), and if only some nice company would re-release the blasted thing on CD, the rest of the world could be reintroduced to it. Insert maniacal cackling here.

Anyone who wants to review this album, send me your thoughts and I'll share them with the world.

Captain Beaky Volume 2 (1980)

And so there was a second volume of Beaky songs recorded. What chance do I have of tracking that down? Most people I know would be praying that I have none. We'll see... Returning from the first outing are Jeremy Lloyd, Keith Michell and Harry Secombe, joined this time by Noel Edmonds, Petula Clark, Penelope Keith, The King Sisters and Peter Skellern. I've heard from a couple of people who have this album, and the reviews were mixed. I don't think anything could make as big an impression on me as the first (I've been listening to it for over 20 years after all), but it will be worth a listen if you can find it.

Reviews? Send them in and I'll stick them up.



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