BeakySite: Good For What Ails Ya.

I can hear you all now... "OK, I'll bite. What in the name of all that is holy is this place?" And I am glad you asked!

This site is dedicated to the slightly worrying, but extremely wholesome and endearing, Captain Beaky (and his band). It's... er... one of those things you really have to experience for yourself. Those of us who were raised on Beaky are extremely well-adjusted and good looking and... what? Oh, alright.

It's a bunch of poems and songs about a bunch of animals doing a bunch of adorable stuff, 'kay? I, like many others, was raised on this stuff. Our coveted album (yes, large black disc shaped music holding thing) was quite the family favourite, so my siblings and I were well accustomed to its strains echoing through the house during our childhood. I now have a crudtastic tape version (as well as that same record - no record player however), but by gosh I remain fanatic. So much so that I made this site! Like... 4 years ago. Gawd I feel old.

Unfortunately these wee gems are extremely difficult to track down today, and believe me, I hear alllll about people's trials and tribulations on this front. In a perfect world a CD re-release would be looming on the horizon, but it seems we must bide our time and wait... patiently... while not holding weapons of mass destruction.

In the meantime, I hope this wee green site will provide you with a modicum of amusement - possibly more if you're drunk.

Enjoy your stay!


News Stuff - UPDATED!


Well, good news everyone! The long-awaited CDs have finally been released, thanks to Jonathan Rowlands and team. This is obviously something we're all rather hyper about, and for me personally, it's a kinda emotional time.

I first set this site up in 1998, which doesn't really seem that long ago now that I look back on it. I actually still have the files from that original site (it was one page, GASP, and I may chuck it back up for old time's sake), so there are a lot of fond memories tied up in this project. So many people from so many countries have shared their stories with me, inquired after the albums and books... the number of people who have contacted me about Beaky is quite daunting when I stop and think about it. Which is why by and large I try not to think. About anything. Ever.

When, after much fruitless searching. Jonathan contacted me and fessed up to owning the rights to Beaky, there was something of a guarded optimism about the future of the music. He'd been looking into re-releasing the albums in CD format, something most people who emailed me were dying for, and so things were looking up. Even came into existence (causing me to berate myself for not getting there first! j/k ;) ).
And now... the CDs are out and the books are on the way. So congratulations to each and every one of your beakyphiles, because without your support, and your obvious demand for the music that is Beaky, this might never have happened at all.

*skips off, grinning proudly*


Hoo boy, here we go again.

My name is Karen and I'm a site redesign addict. This is the... fourth redesign of the Beaky site, and by crikey I'm not done yet! Every now and then I get bored with my sites and let loose on em in a flurry of designing inspiration. Or something. Anyway, a bunch of new things to see, as always, and much greenness besides. I like green. Do you like green? You do now. This latest site incarnation I have dedicated to the memory of Spike Milligan, who died this week. Bad Jelly the Witch was another of the formative works of my childhood, and another LP that was played to death in our house, and as such, I blame him for a part of what I am today. So like... I hope he really liked green, cause there sure is a lot of it here! :D



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