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7.62mm L1A1 & C1 F.A.L. RIFLES


Soft cover, 11¾ x 8¼ in., 48 pp, over 60 illust., photos & assembly drawings, durable thread binding, plastic laminated covers, 2001. ISBN 0 949749 29 X.

The 7.62mm NATO British, Australian and Canadian inch-system FN FAL rifles and accessories described and compared, with armourer's drawings. The South African metric R1 and Indian 7.62mm 1A FAL rifle equivalents are also brought into this authoritative comparison. (SAIS #12)


Soft cover, 11 x 8¾ in., 140 pp, circa 80 illust., 2001. ISBN 0 949749 43 5.

British & Empire Factory Production, Proof, Inspection, Armourers, Unit & Issue Markings. Thousands of service markings are illustrated and their applications described. Invaluable reference on units, also ideal for medal collectors.


Skennerton & Balmer
Hard & soft cover editions, 9½ x 6 in., 122 pages, 200 illustrations, hard cover edition w/ dust jacket, 1989. ISBN 0 949749 13 3.

The 7.62mm L1A1 was made in Britain, Canada and Australia with interchangeable parts and accessories under NATO. Auto, target & experimental models, Australian fittings & accessories are detailed. Appendix includes a full serial number dispersion list.

Australian Load Carrying Equipment of British, American & Local Origin

Hard cover with dust jacket, 11 x 8½ in., 128 pp, approx 250 illust. plus 8-page full colour illust. section. ISBN 0 646 35322 5, 1998.

The pouches, sling, haversacks, leather & webbing, bandoliers, frogs, &c. from early Colonial days to current issues and into the future. Includes NATO stock numbers..

The FAL Rifle
R Blake Stavens Rifle
Collector Grade Publications, Deluxe Classic Edition, 848 pages, 844 illustrations, 1993

Our first purpose-printed, Library-quality upgrade of this material. Contains every word originally published in the 3-volume FAL Series..

North American FALs
NATO's Search for a Standard Rifle

R Blake Stavens
Collector Grade Publications, 11 x 8½ in, 166 pp, 206 illustrations, 1979. ISBN .

The development of the now-defunct Canadian Arsenals Limited (CAL) inch-measurement C1 and C2 rifles (later modified to C1A1 and C2A1 configuration) and the short-lived US T48, as made by FN and two old-line US gun companies, (both also now defunct), High Standard and H&R. Notes on all models, accessories, ammunition.

The Metric FAL-the Free World's Right Arm

R Blake Stevens and Jean Van Rutten
Collector Grade Publications, Soft cover, 11 x 8½ in, 372 pp, 206 illustrations, 1981. ISBN 0-88935-005-1.

From prototype No 1 (in 7.92 x 33 mm kurz calibre) to the latest PARA, HBAR (FALO) and LAR, this is the complete story of the FAL rifle as manufactured (under the metric system) by Belgium's famous Fabrique Nationale Herstal (FN) and FN's licensed (Metric) producers around the world. Contains priceless archival material on all FAL prototypes plus other experimentals, accessories, and cartridge development. The FAL Rifle concludes with the comprehensive FAL Series Index to all 3 volumes.

US Rifle M14 - From John Garand to the M21
R Blake Stevens
Collector Grade Publications, Soft cover, 11 x 8½ in, 352 pages, 246 illustrations, Revised Second Edition, 1991 NS

The definitive study of the last, true lock, stock, and barrel 'T' US battle rifle, US Rifle M14 spans the fateful postwar era of the decline of Army Ordnance as the arbiter of US small arms development. The story begins with an in-depth examination of wartime modifications to the M1 rifle (M1E1 - M1E14) and the original Garand-based "T" series (T20, T20E1, T20E2; T22, T22E1, T22E2; and T27). Then the rest of the T series (T28; T31; T33; T35; T36; T37; T25; T47; T44, T44E1 - T44E6). The adoption of the T44E4 as the M14 in 1957; scopes, silencers, and folding stocks; the M14 in Vietnam. Now with more information on the latest USAMTU modifications which transform the M14 into the gilt-edge M21.

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