After having a good look around the web I decided that there were not enough sites dealing with stripper clips and thought that I should remedy the omission. I'm not the niftiest person on a computer so this will be a steep learning curve, up until now going digital meant counting on my fingers so I hope the web design package I've got lives up to its promise of making the process simple.

Further content will be added when I have time and when I've absorbed enough of the users guide to start getting adventurous. Hopefully I will be including pictures of clips from my own collection showing their forms, markings and finish and I'll try to include tables of dimensions to make identification easier. Luckily, lots of clips are marked which gives a clue to where they were made and for which cartridges but some aren't and it's to try and solve these that I've embarked on this venture.

I'm always looking for new clips to add to my collection so if you have any spare ones or if you want to get in touch to offer advice or ask a question I can be contacted by clicking this
LINK. This is all taking a lot longer than I thought it would so for now here is the grand-daddy of the clip world, a German gew88 charger filled with 5 rounds of early 7.92x57 from a batch supplied to the Irish Republicans in 1916.


Mauser Clips

Lee Enfield Clips

Embloc Clips

Unknown Clips