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Cartridge Collectors Site
A website set up and run by Joost Roelofs. He covers British ammunition including some experimental versions and also on information and photos of the 5.7 mm round for the FN P90, well worth the look.

This is a business dealing in specialist equipment in the Security Field for over 30 years and it has a great number of excellent photographs of various calibers and types of ammunition including 7.62 x 51 mm

Fabric and Metallic Belts
A web page covering a small personal collection of Machine Gun Belt, Link and Magazines.

Swedish Military Ammunition Site
Great site dedicated to Swedish military ammunition. The 7,62x51 mm page can be found HERE

Stripper Clips for Military Bolt Action Rifles
A new web site starting up that will cover stripper clips for military bolt action rifles, good luck with the project.

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Reference and Research pages

The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners represents the interests of firearms owners and is the largest voluntary shooting-related organisation in New Zealand. COLFO was set up in 1996 by a number of interested individuals and groups to combat firearms-related disinformation. COLFO takes a professional approach using sound research to dispel the inaccurate and emotive claims of self-proclaimed anti-gun "experts".

This website is a resource for those Enfield collectors who have found themselves wondering about those funny little brass (and later, plastic) oil bottles that came with every Lee-Enfield rifle - an "oiler". We have collected - and continue to collect - information from a variety of sources concerning the makers and marks of Lee-Enfield oilers. All of the information on this site is backed by a piece of paper - a book from a known expert, a copy of an official record, or other reliable source material.

The History of the 7.62mm FN-F.A.L. Rifle in South Africa.
Compiled by Peter Wells about the different models of FN FAL rifles used in service with the South African Army.

New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association Inc.
The New Zealand Antique Arms Association (Incorporated) is dedicated to the discovery, collection and preservation of arms of all descriptions with a view to contributing to the pool of knowledge and to the balance of understanding of their place in society at all periods of history.

As collectors and history buffs, we like to find all the "proper" accessories for our old war rifles. These include bayonets, cleaning rods, stripper clips, and, of course, rifle slings. Rifle slings do not seem to be well documented in the collecting community, and that has been the motivation for compiling this site.

Wellington Branch NZ Antique Arms Association Inc.
One of 12 Branches of the National Association, the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Antique Arms Association has, over the past 15 years become synonymous with the annual auction and social gathering which has become the highlight of the year for many collectors throughout New Zealand.

Wright Hill Fortress Restoration Society Inc.
Mk 15 Gun on a Mk 9 mounting, 9.2 inch Counter Bombardment Coast Artillery Battery build during WW2 for the protection of Wellington Harbour. After many years of neglect it was first opened by the local Lions group then in 1992 the Restoration Society was formed to take over responsibility for the restoration project.

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E-shops and Services

Old Sarge's Drop Zone
Old Sarge's Drop Zone is family owned and operated. We have been the military surplus business for 18 years. We shop around for the best items at the best prices to pass onto our customers. We want to help you save money and still get a great deal on your items. Good source for M14 Stripper clips, M14 Chargers and Bandoliers.

Hi-Tech Ammunition
Good source for M-14 Guides, M-14 Striper Clips, M-14 Bandoleer Re-Pack Kit (1 Bandoleer, 12 Strippers, 1 Guide & 6 Cardboards). Stripper clips available in bulk, up to lots of 500.

FN FAL/L1A1 Parts, kits, mags, accessories, tools, books & videos. Browning 1919 Machine Gun kits & parts - Galil barrels & mags

Ian Skennerton's Web Site
Australia's own world leading authority on Commonwealth small arms. Promoting his range of books.

Home of 'Ted Rogers' militaria auctions and Rogers Books, the best source for all your Militaria book needs in New Zealand.

Military Trophies Pty Ltd
Full size exact replicas ADF, NATO, and Eastern Block Assault Rifles mounted on quality backing, and decorated with your choice of unit badge, decorations, and personal mementos.

Wallsend Army Disposal

Wallsend Army Disposal is Newcastle's real disposal store and has a large range of military surplus, camping, security, footwear, military clothing, wet weather gear, flags, knives, swords. We are a family owned and operated business serving our community since 1985. Trading hours 9am-5pm weekdays, 9am-12pm Saturday mornings.

Please contact Dennis, for service on +61 49515725. Email:

Intaglio Digital Engraving
Intaglio have recently invested in the latest computerised rotary engraving technology, and offer you a professional custom service for your industrial labels.

Based in Lower Hutt, we are central to commercial and industrial businesses throughout the Wellington region and take huge pride in offering a quick turn around, unrivalled accuracy and the highest quality at an affordable price for all our current and future customers, delivering when you need it.

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Bulletin Boards and Forums

International Ammunition Association, Inc.
The IAA was founded over 40 years ago to serve cartridge collectors and professionals in the areas of ammunition research and forensics. A very good site for those interested in any form of ammunition.

L1A1 Armourer
For the L1A1 Armourer in all of us, a small site dedicated to the L1A1 SLR containing armourer and collecting information.

The FAL Files
The largest and most comprehensive board on the internet dealing with the FAL/L1A1 rifles, parts and accessories with over 26,700 members.

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