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I managed to finally find a couple of photos of a Canadian ammunition can used for bandoliered ammunition on one of the auction sites. I did ask if I could use the pics on this website but got no response. I'm taking that as permission to use these photos, if the photos belong to you please contact me.

Also I got an email from Terry in Ottawa stating:-
"While I don't have any pictures, I can confirm that the Canadian arsenal production used packaging just like the Australians. The box was light plywood, unpainted, with a 1" or so strip stapled to each side around the four sides to form a lip for a plywood end panel. There was a light webbing strap threaded (or stapled?) to the end for transport. The four sides were held together with heavy wire that turned back on itself and threaded through a loop for closure. The markings were on three sides for concealment. I don't especially recall the markings except the obvious nature, qty, plant and lot with the date. As far as I remember, 7.62 in boxes on clips, linked or in bandoliers was packaged the same way. The Norma 168gr sniper ammo came in Swedish factory boxes (with that woodgrain look) and packed in ordinary cardboard."

Dose anyone have any photos of the the above mentioned packaging?



.50 Cal can used to hold 420 Rounds (7 Bandoliers) of 7.62 x 51 M80 Ammunition manufactured by Industries Valcartier Inc IVI-1-1961.


 M80 Ball Ammunition

in 5 rnd Chargers (clips)

NATO Standardised Ammunition



Can opened


C24 Blank Ammunition

NATO Standardised Ammunition

in 5 rnd Clips
Thank you to Ed Storey for the photo of this can.


C21A1 Ball Ammunition


C19 Tracer Ammunition

NATO Standardised Ammunition
Thank you to Ed Storey for the photo of this can.




 .50 Cal can containing 480 C24 Blanks, probably in cartons                                 20 round carton containing C21A1 Ball rounds dated 1977

20 Round carton containing C24 Blank rounds dated 1965                 20 Round carton containing C24 Blank rounds on clips dated 1976

Thank you to Ed Storey for the photo of these cartons.

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