Problems viewing the graphics?

If you are finding it difficult to see the pictures on this web site, there are some relatively easy steps to solve the problem.

[1] Do some pages load only some of the thumbnails, and some pages don't load at all?
I had these problems only in NetscapeŽ Communicator 4.77 but they not only disappeared on upgrading to Netscape 6.01 but all the graphics load much faster (although it takes longer to start, but less than version 6). Netscape 4.x and IE 3.x do not support some of the HTML tags used on my site, and are less tolerant of HTML errors, very long file names etc. IE 6 seems faster to load than IE 4.x.

MORAL = UPGRADE NETSCAPE to 6.01 or use MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER 6.0 (both available on-line or on the latest computer magazine free CDs)

[2] Do your thumbnails display, but the pictures take forever to load?
This means the picture size is too big for your system. You could:


[3] None of the above?
Drop me a line, and I'll try a bit harder to clean up the site - just remember, I have only started learning JavaScript, and I'm certainly no expert in HTML yet.


Keith Blayney [last udated 10th August 2002]

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