Permission to use photos:

Most of the photos on this homepage have been taken and scanned by me and I retain their intellectual ownership. However, I grant full freedom for downloading and private use of any of my pictures from this site, with the following four restrictions:

[1] If (by some chance) you wish to use any photo or part thereof in published material (in any media) or for any commercial use, you will need to obtain my permission (see e-mail below). For most situations I would be more than happy to see photos obtaining a wider use, but I may not want to have my photography associated with material of a political, religious, or moral theme that I am not comfortable with.

[2] If any of my material is used in any malicious, hurtful or illegal manner, or in such a way that I find offensive, I reserve the right to take legal redress including suing for damages, public denouncement of the perpetrator, "pointing the bone", haunting and whatever method achieves a redress of any harm done.

[3] If there is any claimed or implied ownership of my photography (by commission or omission) by anyone without purchase from me (or my estate), I will presume theft and may press charges or take steps as outlined in section 2.

[4] Any corruption or modification of my photography which is then allowed to become public without permission will be deemed unacceptable unless it is really funny and/or innocent.

Is that a bit too hard to understand? How about simply.......

"Yup, go ahead and pirate any of my pics but don't use them to hurt anyone and if your use results in fame or fortune, I'll need a cut."


Keith Blayney

There are some pictures & jokes that are not mine, so if you have the intellectual rights (ie they are not public domain) and object to me posting them, just ask, and I will remove them.

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