Photo Gallery

Solartestrig.jpg (76766 bytes)  Photocell test rig used to analyze voltage and current capability 

Antennatestrig.jpg (59805 bytes) Antenna test rig to prove concepts and antenna types (Note the tape measures)

Tray with lid.JPG (87877 bytes) Baseplate with legs and first tray

BASE AND FRAME.JPG (130001 bytes) Baseplate and KiwiSAT showing separation spring

stowed.jpg (102683 bytes) KiwiSAT with base antenna's stowed

Solar cell protection covers.jpg (23476 bytes)Solar cell protection transportation covers in place

Flight model side.JPG (45659 bytes) Model showing V,U and L antennas, Solar panels, Sun and Earth sensors

Earth sensor plates.jpg (43148 bytes)Earth/Horizon sensor head - internals, showing detailed machining

SunSensorRig2.jpg (61572 bytes) KiwiSAT Sun Sensor trial board (courtesy of circuit designer Alan

                                       Bloom (N1AL)) set up for adjustment and calibration.

Separation.jpg (60596 bytes) KiwiSAT separated from baseplate with antenna's extended

2m antenna live test.jpg (40643 bytes) Preliminary on the air 'hang up test' of the 2 mtr antennas

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Last updated  16/12/2003