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Last updated : 22/8/05
See the What's New page for details

For Export Only is a collection of Terrain Accessory plugins for Terragen, an excellent landscape generator and renderer, which allow you to export Terragen terrains in a number of formats. Please note that For Export Only requires the TGPGuiLib to run.

Important News

This version of For Export Only has not had the usual beta testing I put my plugins through. Due to the time of the year and the fact I wanted to have it released before going on holiday for several weeks, I decided to release it without putting it through the rigours of a full testing cycle. I have personally tested it however, and to the best of my knowledge everything is working as it should. See the What's New page for information about what has changed for this version.

How to use For Export Only

To use the For Export Only plugins, go to Terragen's Landscape window. You should see a button called Terrain Accessories. Click on the button and a menu will popup which lets you choose from amongst the loaded terrain accessory plugins. All of the For Export Only plugin names are prefaced with FEO, so you should spot them easily enough. You can find details on specific For Export Only plugins by clicking on the names below.

Windows BMP format
This plugin allows you to export a terrain as an 8 bit greyscale Windows BMP image, for editing in a paint program or similar.

Windows BMP Inflator
This plugin allows you to open the files produced by the previous plugin, and bring them into Terragen so that they have the same proportions as the original. It also includes a Calculator to make bringing in conforming BMP files, not created by the previous plugin, easier. It allows you control over the height of the resulting terrain.

Autodesk DXF format
This plugin allows you to export a terrain as an Autodesk DXF format file.

Wavefront OBJ format
This plugin allows you to export a terrain as a Wavefront OBJ format file.

RenderMan RIB format
This plugin allows you to export a terrain as a RenderMan RIB Entity format file.

Please see the FAQ for information on support for other file formats.


Mac version
When released, the Mac version will run on all versions of the Mac OS supported by the Mac version of Terragen. The Mac version of For Export Only should be available in a few weeks time.

Windows version
The Windows version of For Export Only runs on Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP and NT, using Terragen v0.8.44 and newer. For Export Only is only supported with TG v0.8.44 or newer.

For Export Only needs the TGPGuiLib v1.2.6 to run. This file provides cross platform interface functionality. To find out more about the TGPGuiLib and download the latest version, visit it's website.

Installing For Export Only

Installing For Export Only is very simple. In the folder that the download decompresses to you'll find several items. One is the plugin itself, "For Export Only.tgp". There is also a folder called "For Export Only.prz". This folder contains resources the plugin needs to run, and must always be in the same folder as the plugin.

Please note that in order to run For Export Only also requires the TGPGuiLib v1.2.6.

For Mac users - Terragen Mac public beta testers should read the "Plugins" PDF in the Beta Documentation folder for details on installing plugins.

For PC users - Simply drop the plugin and the .prz folder into the folder your Terragen applications resides in.


For Export Only is freeware. I would appreciate it if you didn't mirror the download, at least not without asking me. I'd much prefer it if you'd link to this site, as it has everything a new user needs to get started.

For Export Only for Windows
Version 1.5. Released 22/12/02

Please note that For Export Only is supported when using v0.8.44 or newer. If you have an earlier version, you can download the latest version from the Terragen website.

For Export Only for MacOS
The Mac version of For Export Only will be available in a few weeks time.

You can also download the entire site in one package ( without the downloads ) for offline reading. The file is in Zip format, and can be downloaded here. PC users can decompress this with WinZip or similar, and Mac users can use a recent version of Stuffit Expander.

Please note that in order to run For Export Only requires the TGPGuiLib. If you do not already have this, it can be downloaded from it's website.


If you have any problems or questions please read the FAQ before getting in contact with me. If your question is not answered by the FAQ, you can email me at

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Many thanks to Yoshiki Shimakawa for doing a Japanese translation of this site, which you can see here.

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