For Export Only

Autodesk DXF Format

The DXF exporter exports the terrain as an Autodesk DXF R10 file. The file is fully formed, and any program with good DXF support should be able to open it. I've tested the generated DXF files with AutoCAD 2000 and Microstation SE. Some lighter weight programs may not be able to cope with the amount of data in the file, but in the future I hope to offer additional options to break the terrain up into smaller separate files that such programs will be better able to cope with.

The Interface

Mac DXF Settings Windows DXF Settings
Mac version
Windows version

The DXF exporter is easy to use. Here's a guide to it's settings :


For Export Only needs the TGPGuiLib to run. This file provides cross platform interface functionality. To find out more about the TGPGuiLib and download the latest version, visit it's website.

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