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The Windows BMP Inflator allows you to open the BMP images created by the BMP Exporter, and is able to recreate the terrain with the original proportions, based on settings you enter. I decided not to call this a BMP importer, because it is specifically designed to open the files created by the BMP exporter, and the files need to be 8 bit greyscale uncompressed images which are a valid terrain size. It cannot import just any BMP file. However if you have an BMP image which fits these criteria, but was not created by the BMP Exporter, then you will be able to open it with the BMP Inflator. To make this a little easier, you can use the BMP Calculator to help you calculate the correct scale factor. The image being inflated also needs to be the same size as the current terrain you are using in Terragen when the plugin is invoked, the BMP Inflator makes no attempt to resize the image to suit.

Although the BMP Inflator is able to recreate terrains so they are very close to the original, there will inevitably be some loss of precision, or even stepping if the terrain elevations cover a large enough range. This is unavoidable, because the BMP file has only 256 possible height values, whereas Terragen has a practically unlimited number of possible height values.

The Interface

Mac BMP Inflator Windows BMP Inflator
Mac version
Windows version

The BMP Inflator is easy to use. Here's a guide to it's settings :


For Export Only needs the TGPGuiLib to run. This file provides cross platform interface functionality. To find out more about the TGPGuiLib and download the latest version, visit it's website.

BMP Exporter    BMP Inflator    BMP Calculator

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