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The Windows BMP export plugin exports an 8 bit greyscale uncompressed BMP image. This is an easy way for you to be able to edit terrains in a paint program/image editor such as Photoshop, Paintshop Pro or Graphic Converter. As the image size is included in the file, it's a much more user friendly option than using Terragen's 8 bit RAW export.

When used in conjunction with the BMP Inflator plugin, you can easily export and reopen a BMP image many times and still keep the correct proportions of the terrain.

Despite the name of the plugin, it's possible to use this plugin on the Mac as well, if you have an image editor that can open BMPs. Photoshop does it nicely.

The Interface

Mac BMP Settings Windows BMP Settings
Mac version
Windows version

The BMP export plugin is easy to use. Here's a guide to it's settings :


For Export Only needs the TGPGuiLib to run. This file provides cross platform interface functionality. To find out more about the TGPGuiLib and download the latest version, visit it's website.

BMP Exporter    BMP Inflator    BMP Calculator

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