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Last updated : 8/9/03
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WaterWorks is a collection of Water Effects plugins for Terragen, an excellent landscape generator and renderer. Please note that in order to run WaterWorks requires the TGPGuiLib.

How to use WaterWorks

To use the WaterWorks plugins, go to Terragen's Water window. You should see a group of Plugin settings. Click on the button with the "+" symbol and a menu will popup which lets you choose from amongst the loaded water plugins. You can find details on specific WaterWorks plugins by clicking on the names below.

Please note that all of the plugins now save their settings, with the exception of mask data, in the Terragen World ( .tgw ) files. Save and loading of plugin settings happens automatically when you save or load World files. You no longer need to save separate .wwk files to save the plugin settings, although you can still do this if want to build up libraries of plugin settings or exchange settings with others.

Height Ripples
Height Ripples is a simple little plugin can can produce a pretty good effect of ripples and waves along the shore.

Ice Shelf
Ice Shelf creates an effect that looks a little like ice extending from the shore.

Lava creates an effect that looks like... Lava. Turn your oceans into seas of molten rock, sort of.

Sorta Surf
Sorta Surf creates a surf like effect around the shoreline.

Sorta Surf Multi
Sorta Surf Multi is similar to Sorta Surf, but it lets you use multiple lines of surf.

Whitecaps creates a effect that looks like the whitecaps you get on the water on a windy day.

Mask Generator
The Mask Generator can generate masks that you can import into a paint program and edit to control where effects like Sorta Surf and Ice Shelf are applied. For example, you could create a mask for Ice Shelf that would make it look as though the ice shelf were breaking up into floes.


There are now several good tutorials written for WaterWorks by third parties. If you have written a tutorial for WaterWorks and would like to have it added here, then please email me at jomeder@ihug.co.nz with the URL.

  • Digital Imagery by M. Razid Black ( currently unavailable )
    There are a couple of great tutorials here, as well as some very nice images. The tutorials come with terrain and world files, so you can follow along at home.

  • WaterWorks by Hendrik Land
    This site is in German, so those who's first language is German should find it very helpful. Even if you can't read German the site is worth checking out. Hendrik has include some example images ( more than I've done for this site ! ) to help illustrate the effects of the settings for several of the plugins. The Lava page is especially good, and includes overhead views of the effects the colour settings have on the final result, which is something I should have done for this site.

  • Terragen Plugin Manual Collection by Yshima
    You can find a great tutorial on the Mask Generator, which I know some people have a bit of trouble getting to grips with. The site has both English and Japanese versions. Yshima has done a number of examples using masks with different plugins, so hopefully this will be of great help to you.


Mac version
When released, the Mac version will run on all versions of the Mac OS supported by the Mac version of Terragen. The Mac version of WaterWorks will be released in a few weeks.

Windows version
The Windows version of WaterWorks runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000 and XP. WaterWorks requires Terragen v0.8.44 or newer, it is not supported on older versions of Terragen.

WaterWorks needs the TGPGuiLib v1.2.5 to run. This file provides cross platform interface functionality. To find out more about the TGPGuiLib and download the latest version, visit it's website.

Installing WaterWorks

Installing WaterWorks is very simple. Please note that in order to run WaterWorks requires the TGPGuiLib.

For Mac users - Simply drop the plugin into the same folder your Terragen application resides in.

For PC users - Simply drop the plugin into the folder your Terragen applications resides in. If you are already using another one of my plugins, such as Solaris or For Export Only, the you can also put WaterWorks inside a folder called "Plugins" ( no quotes ) inside your Terragen folder. At least one of my plugins needs to remain in the Terragen folder so the other plugins will load properly though.


WaterWorks is freeware. I would appreciate it if you didn't mirror the download, at least not without asking me. I'd much prefer it if you'd link to this webpage, as it has everything a new user needs to get started.

WaterWorks for Windows
Version 1.4. Released 8/9/02

WaterWorks for MacOS
The Mac version of WaterWorks will be released in a few weeks.

You can also download the entire site in one package ( without the downloads ) for offline reading. You can get it here ( Zipped, 516k ). Previously a Binhexed Mac version was available, but seeing as any newish version of Stuffit Expander can open Zip files, only the Zipped version is available to save space. To view the pages, simple open the file named "index.html" in your web browser.

Please note that in order to run WaterWorks requires the TGPGuiLib. If you do not already have this, it can be downloaded from it's website.


WaterWorks is only supported on Terragen v0.8.44 and newer. If you are using an older version, you can get an updater at the Terragen website.

If you have any problems, questions, feature requests or anything of that kind, feel free to contact me at jomeder@ihug.co.nz

If you would like to subscribe to a low volume mailing list for announcements regarding WaterWorks, please click here.

I'd just like to thank my intrepid Windows beta testing team for their efforts.

Many thanks to Yoshiki Shimakawa for doing a Japanese translation of this site, which you can see here.

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