The J-code

A group of National JOTA Organizers developed this code to overcome the language barrier during JOTA. The aim is to make a simple conversation possible between youngsters of different cultures and languages who do not have any language in common. How? Well, by introducing a small set of acronyms, very similar to the well-known Q-code used by radio amateurs. For JOTA, it is called the J-code.

The J-code was introduced for the 45th JOTA in 2002 as an experiment and was a success. See it as a game and a challenge to try to communicate with Scouts that do not speak your language. The JOTA Organisers would like feeedback about your usage of the J-code.


JAC = We are camping.
JBP = Be Prepared!
JCS = I am a Cub Scout
JEM = Our e-mail address is ..
JFC = I come from . (Country)
JGI = I am a Guide.
JHJ = Happy JOTA
JHO = I am .. years old.
JIQ = Clever Idea!
JLS = I am a Scout Leader.
JFC = I come from . (Country)
JHO = I am .. years old.
JIQ = Clever Idea!
JNC = We are staying in the city/town.
JQQ = Please Answer The Questions!
JRG = I am a Ranger Guide.
JRS = I am a Rover Scout.
JSC = I am a Scout.
JSW = Best Scouting wishes to you and your Troop/Company
JUV = You Have ....
JWA = My address is .
JWB = The weather here is
1 = overcast
2 = rainy
3 = very heavy rain
4 = snowy
JWF = The weather here is fine
JWG = I belong to the ___Group
JWL = The language I speak or can speak is ___
1 = English
2= French
3 =Spanish
5= Russian
6= German
7.= Dutch
8= Italian
JWN = My name is ..
JWP = I belong to the Patrol.
The following J-code is given just in case some one's list is not "up-to-date"!!!

JWJ = The J-code J.. is not on my list
Please send me its meaning in .. (use numbers as for JWL)
In order to ask a question just add the letter "X" to the end of that particular code.


JWN = My name is ..
JWNX = What is your name?
JHO = I am .. years old.
HOX = How old are you?

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