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It will come as no surprise to anyone to learn that Orla and I are HUGE Rogue fans. We also both like Magneto/Joseph a lot too, which is why we've written a series of stories about the two of them. Additionally, we've got a couple of filks, an Age of Apocalypse story, a story written in response to the theory that Joseph is young Charles from Age of Apocalypse (EWWW! EW! EW! EW! Sorry, instinctive response) and a few other odds and ends, including my (still unfinished) Short and Somewhat Inaccurate History of the X-Men as done by Generation X. Yes, there's quite a lot here. Hope you enjoy it.

Please note: Orla and I are violently allergic to angst and totally addicted to chocolate and coca-cola, hence all our fanfics are silly/humourous. If you like angst, seriousness and depression, may we suggest you try someone else's page as we can't maintain these things for more than ten seconds without going into giggles. Thank you.


The Rogue and Joseph Saga

We started with an alternative to the 'Road Trip' storyline prior to Onslaught, and somehow things just... got out of hand.

A Match Made?

Our alternative version of Rogue and Joseph's road trip and subsequent meeting with Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch (not to mention most of the other X-types).

Don't Feed Her After Midnight

Joseph takes Rogue on a date. Gambit suggests an appropriate restaurant and things go downhill from there.

Clothes Maketh the Mutant

Rogue can't stand Joseph's fashion sense (or lack thereof), so she takes him shopping. Every man's nightmare.

Ring the Bells and Throw the Rice

Joseph pops the question, mayhem ensues, and we finally learn Rogue's real name.

X-Men Evolution: Opposites Attract

Prologue: Monday
Part One: Tuesday
Part Two: Wednesday
Part Three: Thursday
Part Four: Friday
Part Five: Weekend

A brand new X-Men story, set in the Universe of the cartoon series X-Men Evolution. A mysterious stranger appears at the Xavier Institute, and plunges everyone and everything into chaos - both humourous and deadly serious.

Status: Complete!

X-Men Evolution: Magnetic Personalities

Part One: A New Adversary
Part Two: The Sentinel
Part Three: Cold War
Part Four: Self Possessed
Part Five: Erik's Story
Part Six: Lock and Key
Part Seven: Confrontation
Part Eight: A Humourous Interlude
Part Nine: And So It Begins...
Part Ten: Enter the Horsemen
Part Eleven: Chaos in Cairo
Part Twelve: The Showdown

A sequel to Opposites Attract, this continues the storyline, as Erik and Rogue struggle to deal with Sentinels, Wanda, and Apocalypse.

Status: Complete!

Age of Apocalypse

Bundle of Joy: Part One
Bundle of Joy: Part Two
Bundle of Joy: Part Three

This story deals with Rogue's pregnancy and the birth of little Charles in the Age of Apocalypse.

Generation X Presents: A Short (and somewhat inaccurate) History of the X-Men

The Generation X crew put on a play for the assembled X-Teams: their version of the X-Men history.

Generation X Presents Index

One-off Stories


Originally written for a competition, this little story is part of a wider 'What if?' arc featuring Magneto and Rogue that Orla hopes to start writing in full soon... really soon ^^. The basic premise is: What if Rogue had stayed in Genosha when Magneto took over? Anyway, this ficlet is set some time in the future of that universe...


Birthday Present

Magneto gives Rogue a birthday present.

Birthday Present

Gambit's Reasons Why Rogue Can't Marry Magneto

Pretty obvious, dontcha think?

Gambit's Reasons Why Rogue Can't Marry Magneto

Too Many Alternate Futures

A Response to the "Joseph is Young Charles from AoA" theory
(Jaelle's immediate response: EW! EW! EW! EWWWWWW!!!), we took the idea pioneered by the Summers family plots ('Why wait for their kids to grow up when you can import them directly from other realities?!') and expanded it to its logical conclusion.

Too Many Alternative Futures


A short X-Men: Evolution moment with Kurt and Rogue.


Miscellaneous Filked Songs

The Bucket Song

Marvel Paradise


Crossover with Ranma 1/2

Rogue 1/2

This story, while an X-Men fanfic, is set in the Ranma 1/2 Universe, where the characters derived their various transforming "curses" from the Jusenkyou cursed springs training grounds. Fall into a spring, and you will become whatever the spring is named for - Spring of Drowned Panda for example. It's a pity that noone thought to mention this to the X-Men as they fought overhead. It would have saved them a lot of trouble. :-)

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