What's New?

14 May 2006: Hey, an update!

* Back from beyond the grave - Catalyst Part Seven is here!!! It LIIIIIIIIVESS...
* I started writing for Pillarchallenge, a Prince of Tennis community, and because of that there are Warm-Up, in which aliens invade Japan, and The Golden Tiger's Eye, in which Tezuka writes a noir detective novel. (Seriously, it's a great community, and the fact that it makes me write crazy things is in no way a comment on it.) There is also more Bekami, because I love them so much - the story is A Fish Out of Water, and is the longest one in the series so far. So of course everyone wants a sequel. Argh.
* Some strange One Piece fics, mostly crossovers - X Piece, which is a weird fusion/crossover/thing between X and One Piece, and The Benefits of A Classical Education, a Zoro-centric shortfic.

8 January 2006: Yanno, it occurs to me that if I updated more frequently, it probably wouldn't take as long. Oh well. Hope this keeps you people going until next time:

* More Prince of Tennis: Sonata and Study Assistance are Tezuka/Ryoma pairings (implied only in SA). Meet the Family continues the cracky and dorky exploits of everyone's favourite Prince and Pauper, while Philosophy and Growing Up are just fun Seigaku snippets.
* Fullmetal Alchemist makes a comeback with Oh Christmas Tree.
* Continuing the Christmas trend (yes, I did story requests on my livejournal account for Christmas, this is why) is a Touya and Yukito piece called Never Let Go.
* There's also a DNAngel Christmas fic called Family, as well as three others: Hidden Scars, Concentration is the Key, and Page-Turner.
* Final Fantasy: Advent Children ate my brain. As proof, check out My Brother's Things, Sense Memory (not worksafe) and Advent Pilots (an Advent Children/Gundam Wing fusion)
* And for some reason Petshop of Horrors made a comeback on me in the last months of 2005, and so we have Caught, and Sweet Delight (a crossover with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - movieverse).

Happy New Year!


14 September 2005: And it's belated updating time once again, mostly due to lack of time on both the writing and web maintenance fronts. A strange collection of fics follows.

* Parted is a Kingdom Hearts shortfic, written shortly after I completed FFX and wanted to do something with the Final Fantasy aspect of the game.
* Something new in the Misc Anime Fanfiction Index: Everything I Need To Know In Life, I Learned From Sentai Shows. Also known as the "Jaelle read the first volume of MeruPuri and got hooked" fic.
* Promised Wish is my return to the CLAMP Universes - it's an X/xXxholic crossover. Both parts are completed.
*  And a mish-mash of One Piece and Prince of Tennis fics: Chikin Bu is an OP/Animaniacs crossover, while King of Tennis crosses both OP and PoT (thus making it a PoTOP, I guess). Crack pairings for PoT bit me again, so we have Alike (Yukimura/Shinji), and Atobe Wants (Atobe/Tachibana) adding to the pile, as well as a new BeKami fic, Nice, that doesn't really fit into the Prince and the Pauper timeline, but has been placed on the index page for it anyway.

9 June 2005: Okay, so it's obviously gonna be one of those years. Apologies for the ridiculously late update. But hey, at least there's lots of new stuff to make it up to you with!

* Orla has written our first Harry Potter fanfic! The Path to Happiness can be found on the Other Fanfiction Index! (Or you could just click the link I gave you).
* Three new Prince of Tennis fics from me, A New Beginning is a serious Fudoumine-centric piece, Second Finals is a not-so-serious, mostly Fudoumine-centric piece, and The Games We Play doesn't have anything to do with either Fudoumine OR seriousness. Yes, more crack. It's Fuji's fault I tell you!
* In other Prince of Tennis news, the BeKami page, the Prince and the Pauper, has been updated with more fic. Read at your own risk!
* There's a new Fullmetal Alchemist fic up, Clap Your Hands. Be warned: it's dark.
* Two new Conan drabbles on the Conan page, both humourous: Explanation, Interrupted and You've Got Corpses! :-)
* We have two NEW indexes - the One Piece Fanfiction index, which contains six stories about the craziest pirate crew ever, and the DNAngel Fanfiction index, which has three short pieces so far.
* There are also a bunch of random fics of varying sizes in the Misc Anime Fanfiction section: two Bleach fics, one Azumanga Daioh, and one Get Backers.
* Maintenance-wise, I have also tidied up the X-Men Fanfiction index and divided it into Series, One-off Stories, Misc Filked Songs, and Crack. I hope it's easier to use now.
And now I'm going to go fall over. Urgh.

20 February 2005: Yeah, it's been a while. Happy late new year all!

* Prince of Tennis is about all I've completed lately. I've separated the page into "Normal Fanfiction" and "Miscellaneous Crossovers, Pairings, and Utter Crack". Under the normal section I have the addition Love Song, a Shinji-centric fic. Under the crack section, I have my efforts from the Fudoumine Ficathon - ten days, ten fics. Some of these are actually fairly serious, but they are outnumbered by the humourous and insane ones that came out as my mental state deteriorated over the ten days. You have been warned.


28 November 2004: A strange update this month.

* Detective Conan makes a comeback with one serious fic, Walking With Death, and three Parodies.
* A single Hana Yori Dango fic, I blame Orla myself: Making The List.
* My Prince of Tennis BeKami series has moved to its own page, The Prince and the Pauper, and all four fics are now on there.
* The X/Prince of Tennis fusion is now available from both the CLAMP and Prince of Tennis indexes. Just in case you managed to miss it the first time, I'm gonna get you with the second attack.

10 October 2004: Eh heh, so my monthly updates came a bit unstuck again. It's been a little busy lately, but I have updated with a couple of fics at last.

* More Prince of Tennis fics, Ryoma-sempai, Sparkling Conversation, Animal Identification and Finishing Without Regrets.
* The Kingdom Hearts fanfics have moved to their own index page, which is still accessible from the Other Fanfiction Index. Two new fics: The Bucket, and Lessons Learned (Not).

22nd August 2004: Not only an early update, but a COMPLETE update! Yes, I have FINALLY gotten the website up-to-date. And a massive job it was too. Much new stuff has arrived. Enjoy:

* Much new Detective Conan stuff: Cold Heart is a scary Vermouth POV by Orla, and she's also done one sweet Ran and Shinichi story, Always; and one sweet Heiji and Kazuha story, Watching Over. I have also put up some old Conan humour shortfics, Out of Ten, Showdown, Bandfic and four short stories set in Icka's Vampyre AU Verse. I've also moved the old drabbles Spring and Hundred back into the Conan section.
* Two Saiyuki ficbits in the Misc Anime section, both by me and written on a whim, A Typical Morning and Lucky Duck.
* Kingdom Hearts the game took over my life recently, and I reciprocated with fic: Beyond, Eternal Fruit, Monsters of the Mind and Together. I've now finished the game but the characters are still eyeing me hopefully so there may be more at some point.
*  The Fullmetal Alchemist section is now up to date, so everything I've done for that series is now there. Includes Research, my fic that won equal first place in the Green Lion Spring 2004 contest.
* Some new and old Prince of Tennis stuff, Hotel Osaka, Looking Forwards, and Hunted.
* Miscellaneous others: What is a Lady? is a Sailor Moon fic by Orla, and she's also done another Macross fic, Call Me Princess.

31st July 2004: Okay, so it's not really the 31st. It's only two hours late! And small. Umm... sorry. I'm really behind but we've both done a lot of stuff lately and it takes TIME to put it all up. Anyway, assuming I can get the stupid thing to upload, you should be able to see:

* Our Prince of Tennis Fanfiction Index! Yes, we have a new obsession. Be afraid. Three fics there - two short ones from me and an ongoing one from Orla.
* Oh, and I finally remembered to upload the Magnetic Personalities Epilogue. Heh, sorry about that. Man, I REALLY need to get up to date here.

26 June 2004: Heyla! Yes, I updated a little earlier this time. Woo! See, I TOLD you we had a lot of new stuff that we just hadn't put up (and this isn't all of it. Uh, I'll do the rest another time, okay? I'm reaaalllly hungry right now).

* We have a new page for Orla's Macross fics! There are three: Save the Best for Last, Taking the Leap, and Words Unspoken.
* More Fullmetal Alchemist stuff: Adoration, Family Man, Psiren Song, and The Sin From Which All Others Arise.

31 May 2004: Uhhh... okay, so this is a small update. Not because we haven't been doing stuff, but because we HAVE and there's so much of it and... okay okay... I'm slack. I'll do another update soon, I PROMISE!!!

* Your cries have been heard, we have the FINAL part of Magnetic Personalities, Part Twelve up!! (Oh, there's an epilogue yet to come... muahahahahaha!)
* Awake is a fluffy Card Captor Sakura piece.

30 April 2004: Well, I started this update on the 30th... that counts, doesn't it? Actually quite a lot more to come, but I'm tired. So more later on.

* Three Go Camping on Tokyo Moor is Jaelle's bizarre Tokyo Babylon/Enid Blyton fusion. Unofficially titled "Fun With Single Entendres". :-)
* More Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction. There will be even more later so you know what? I'm not gonna list it out individually. Deal with it.

29 March 2004: Okay, so the delay was a lie. Whatever.

* X: The Musical, Acts One, Two and Three, plus Deleted Scenes is now up.

28 March 2004: Mwahhh... just let me die in peace already. Tired... Huge update this month, and it's incomplete because I have a headache and can't face putting up the rest of this stuff. 11 fics added. I might do the rest over Easter.

* We have an entire new SECTION! The Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction Index, AKA the Series That Ate Jaelle's Brain! This section comes complete with TEN fanfics... yes, TEN! No, I'm not linking all of them, go to the main page and check them out yourself. Some are romantic, some are comedic, and some are vaguely angsty.
* Collection Management is a Read or Die fanfic, because Jaelle is a sap.

29 February 2004: Let's hear it for Leap Years eh? Without which I would have missed the deadline again.

* Awakening is a Vermouth/Gin story, and Jaelle's FIRST ever PWP. Steamy, rated NC-17.
* Ru Baraba Dom shows up in the first Tylor story, Obedient Servant, in which Dom asks Tylor to pick him a wife. Foolish boy.
* And another weird crossover fic, Who Are You? merges CSI and Babylon 5.

31 January 2004: Welcome to the New Year. It's been a big, crazy month for us, and so we have big, crazy stories to share.

* Yet MORE Magnetic Personalities. Chapter Eleven is now up, and this story should conclude very soon.
* Jaelle's Fight or Flight has Heiji from Detective Conan encountering the Kaitou Kid and... aiding and abetting in his escape?!
* A sort-of "sister-story" to Fight or Flight is Uneasy Alliance, in which Hakuba and Conan chat.
* And there is also The Army of the Dead, a Pirates of the Caribbean/LotR: Return of the King crossover. Yes, I know... I try not to wonder what I was thinking at the time too.


31 December 2003: HAPPY NEW YEAR (tonight!). One full year of monthly updates... yay! As one of my resolutions, I shall endeavour to do the same for 2004. Small update though, sorry. Christmas y'know.

* More Magnetic Personalities! Chapter Ten is now up!
* Our House, a new Buffy fic from Jaelle.

30 November 2003: Another fairly quiet month and a last-minute update! This time we have one combined story and one individual one from each of us!

* More Magnetic Personalities! Chapter Nine is now up!
* Anniversary, Orla's solo X-Men AU story, is romantic and sweet.
* Mini-Crush, Jaelle's solo Detective Conan/Kaitou Kid sillyfic, is short and silly.

31 October 2003: Nearly missed this months update owing to having a busy Labour weekend. But lucky you, Jaelle came through!

* Another first - a Petshop of Horrors fic, Stakeout is a Leon solo story. I know. It's unusual, but it cried out to be written.
* I'm also almost ashamed to admit it, but I've done another short Highlander thingie. The Sword Song is a songfic/parody of the Sunscreen Song.
* More Magnetic Personalities (everyone sighs in relief as we get to the good stuff), Chapters Seven and (a special treat - preempting Ffnet!) Eight.

29 September 2003: Small update this month, we've been busy organising, running and judging a cos-play, being on jury duty (Orla) and various other things.

* More chapters of Magnetic Personalities: Chapters Five and Six.
* A new Gundam Wing fic from me. Short and silly, there's a Spy in the House of Peace.

30 August 2003: Just beating the deadline again. Remember people, procrastination isn't just for workdays, it's for every day!

* We have our own update list! No longer will you have to wonder when the hell we're going to update stories on the site or ffnet. Subscribe and be alerted every time we actually do something! You can even discuss our fics, review or ask questions if you like! It's at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Jaelle_and_Orla_fanfic/
* We have a number of new chapters of Magnetic Personalities up! Chapters One, Two, Three and Four!
* Chasies is another Kaitou Kid fic. If I do any more, I may have to give them their own page!
* But to moderate the influence, here's some short Shinichi scenes - One Set-Up, Three Endings.
* And a short Highlander fic, The Watcher's Oath. I just got re-addicted to this series in a big way, hence the story.

31 July 2003: Really squeaking it this time, with a very small update. I promise I'll do a nice BIIIIG one in August, okay? I just ran out of time this month (I have a good excuse though: I was busy getting married).

* Hakuba's Crown Jewels is my first proper Kaitou Kid fic, and I had fun writing it.
* We also now have a Drabbles page! For those in the dark, Drabbles are one hundred word stories. Currently on this page are five from Orla: two Detective Conan stories, one Evangelion, one X-Men Evolution, and one comic Universe X-Men story. They have one thing in common: they're all good.

29 June 2003: And squeaking in at the end of this month with a small update, we present one very long story from me and a wonderful songfic from Orla. And also a sneak peek at our new project.

* The Detective's Princess is my Detective Conan/Princess Bride crossover/fusion. Yes it's humourous, how can you tell? :-)
* All The Things She Said is a semi-yuri Sailor Moon fanfic from Orla, very sweet and very sad.
* And as an extra-special thing just for those of you reading the website, we present the prologue of our new story:
Magnetic Personalities. This is a sequel story to our X-Men Evolution story Opposites Attract, and we hope you enjoy it! More will be coming soon!

26 May 2003: Ah, another month, another update. Not quite as many as last time, but as a new thing I'm now doing links to the stories from here, so that you don't have go crawling through the menus/indexes to find them. Aren't I a nice person? Each previous set of links will be deactivated after every update though, to prevent the files from getting messy.

* Maturing is another Detective Conan fic, set some years after the series has ended, and looks at an older Mitsuhiko and his relationship with a fellow Detective Kid.
* PMS is our first ever Inu Yasha fic. Short and silly, it can be summed up in three words: Someone has PMS.
* And for all of those who have been waiting: Catalyst Part Six is now up! Yay! Now I just have to write the next part, and the part after that... wahhh...
* Ooooh, I also got a nifty little banner thingy for my Angelic Layer challenge fic Little that I put up last month. So cute! Check it out on the CLAMP Fanfiction Index.

27 April 2003: I've suddenly been very creative in the last two weeks. I'm not sure why, but I ain't complaining either. Four new fics this month:

* Two are for the CLAMP Series Angelic Layer, and are located in the CLAMP Fanfiction Index. Icchan's New Development was dashed off to give his poor suffering assistant Ogata a break, and Little was written for a challenge on cffml.
* A newish/finally finished old fic-in-progress X story, Final Sheet of Paper, gives Kotori the opportunity to write a letter from beyond the grave. Also in the CLAMP Fanfiction Index.
* And a new Detective Conan fic, Switch, finds Shinichi persuading a long-suffering Heiji to take his place as a decoy for a dangerous mission.

No, I haven't forgotten about Catalyst. I'm working on it, really, but the plot just got very badly tangled and it's taking a while to fix. I have editted parts three and four to tidy up a few things though.

I've also reorganised the CLAMP Fanfiction Index by series, rather than by alphabetical order of title. Not sure if I like it, but I'll leave it like that for now. It may change, however.

30 March 2003: I was trying so hard to update once a month, but it doesn't help when you haven't written anything in that time. Fortunately, a new/old obsession came to the rescue and I now present our first ever non-animated fanfics - two Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories:

* Love and Poetry is set during season 7.
* Slayer Lost is a future fic. Both of these stories can be found in the Other Index.

9 February 2003: It's a miracle! Two updates in a week, what's the world coming to?

Anyway, you will have noticed by now that the site has had something of a revamp, changing the opening page and opening up an entirely new section. As I mentioned some time ago, I've been wanting to change the look of the site for a while, and finally had the time and opportunity to do so. So let's see what we've got in the goodie bag.

* Been wondering who we are, and where all the stuff that used to be on the front page has gone? Wonder no more, and check out the About Us section. The biography is still in progress, but we have some OAQs, and the links and awards have also been moved here.
* The ReBoot page has been deleted, and instead we have the Other Index (I know, silly name but it was the best I could think of). This page will contain stories for shows we've only done one or two stories for, so it currently contains both ReBoot fics House Hunt and A Day in the Games, and also my all-new (for this site anyway) Zeta Project fic Deletion.
* Opposites Attract Part 5 is up and this story is now COMPLETE.

3 February 2003: Could this be a sign that regular updating is back? Who knows!

* Opposites Attract Part 4 is now up. Only one part left to go!
* I have slightly editted Catalyst parts one and two to remove typos, the odd Japanese word that slipped through, and for neatness.

21 January 2003: And another Happy New Year to you all! I'm not even gonna BOTHER apologising for the long delay, because you should all be used to it by now. But as penance, I have lots of new goodies for you. So here are the updates:

* Truth, Trust and Promises is now COMPLETE, in all its glory. Go. Read.
* Catalyst Part 5 is now up, and I'm back working on the story after an awfully long time (one year, ack). I promise the next parts will come out a lot quicker!
* We have a new X-Men fanfic: Opposites Attract. It's set in the X-Men Evolution Universe, and the first four parts are already written. This is the first collaborative fic that Orla and I have worked on for a while, and we're rattling through it.
* At Orla's request, Ranma's Sister has been partially removed from the site and will soon be taken off entirely. Orla just doesn't have enough time or energy to spend on this fic, and doesn't like leaving half-written fics lying around. Sorry people.

And again, we present Predictions for this Year!

Jaelle: will actually finish Catalyst this year, also probably more CLAMP stuff.
Orla: expect more X-Men fics. Maybe some Detective Conan.
Both: more X-Men fics and possibly a Ranma collaboration as well.

That's all for now, but I guarantee an update for next month as well. Toodles!


21 October 2002: Argh. We apologise for the delay, but there were some technical problems meaning that I couldn't log in and update. In penance we present part 10 of Truth, Trust, and Promises, another new Conan fic, Tea Break, by me, and a new Gundam Wing fanfiction from Orla called: Understanding.

24 August 2002: Another long delay. Whoops. Parts 7-9 of Truth, Trust and Promises are now up, and I've reformatted the stories in the ReBoot section to make them look better. I've got some other ideas and plans for things to do to the site in the near future, so hopefully the next update won't take so long.

9 June 2002: Long delay between updates, sorry! Part 6 of Truth, Trust and Promises is now up, plus a new Clamp fic by me - the X/Muppets Crossover!

21 April 2002: Lots of Conan fics today. Parts 3-5 of Truth, Trust and Promises are now up, and one from me: Mikado Conan. Also the next part of Ranma's Sister. Enjoy!

3rd March 2002: Heya! Lots of updating today. More Detective Conan fanfiction from both of us. A new series from Orla: Truth, Trust and Promises. This one is much more serious and highly recommended. Also a singleton silly fic from me, You Can Leave Your Hat On. AND for those of you who have been waiting.. we have a BRAND NEW EPISODE of RANMA'S SISTER!!! Yes! Orla has dusted off that old story and gotten back to it. Now PLEASE do not deluge us with demands for more. We work as the muse tells us to.

25th January 2002:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Sorry not much has been done lately - I've been very busy. Since I last updated, I've shifted house and my "mini-thesis" is due very soon. This unfortunately means I haven't been doing much writing, but never fear! The wonderful Lady Orla has, and I can now announce the completion of Magical Girl Pink Orchid. We also have several new illustrations for it. She's also started some more Conan fics, but I'm not putting them up yet because she's a great big meanie and has only written the intros to both of them so far in order to torture her fans and I wouldn't put you through that because I'm the nice one. All right, you can stop laughing now.

In other news - it's illustrations galore! As well as FOUR new Orchid pics, we have a very cool new Mystery Tour pic (by the wonderful Noelle - another piece of the nightclub images, it's on page 3 of the Mystery Tour illustration pages), and some AMAZING Sailor Moon/Mars Revenge pics by Elf! All illustrations can be found at the appropriate story index page. Go check em out! And if you've sent me fanart and don't see it here - email me and jog my memory. I've probably filed it in the wrong place and forgotten about it *sweatdrops*.

Anyway - some forecasting for the new year:

From Orla, expect many more Detective Conan fics.
From me, expect more CLAMP fics, mostly silly.

Neither of us has any plans for Gundam Wing stories at the moment, sorry folks, however...

We are thinking of re-teaming for some more Ranma fun! I particularly want to finish Catalyst, and we'd both like to do some work on the "hiatus" stories. Also, we have one half-written story that's screaming to be finished. Hopefully... this will be the year.

Do you realise that this web site has been running for nearly FIVE YEARS now???

And it's starting to show. Among the plans for this year is an overhaul of some of the oldest sections (some of this has already started, as you know) and a general re-sorting. I also intend to get some other typically webby things done, like finally design a banner, put up some biographical info and maybe add start and finish dates onto stories (although they are in here). I'm also thinking of establishing a mailing list for alerts about updates. I've been fairly reluctant till now, but I've been getting quite a few requests for this service. Any opinions?

Unfortunately, none of this will be started till March at the earliest - I have a major piece of research due on the 11th of Feb. On the upside - this will be the end of two years of spending all my spare time working on my Masters, during which I worked full time. I'll still be working, but I'll have my nights and weekends back and so will finally have time to write again. Ahh.. freedom. It's so close.

Anyway - hope you like the new stuff! See you real soon!


28th October 2001: Gah! Much more stuff - a new chapter of both Magical Girl Pink Orchid AND Catalyst. As a special treat we also have some illustrations for Pink Orchid by the incredibly talented Sefilin, and also some new fan illustrations for the Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour by two wonderful people. All illustrations are linked near the stories they are related to.

11th September 2001: Apologies for the late update, but I've been busy lately. Part Two of Magical Girl Pink Orchid is now up, and I have two new Clamp stories up as well - I Don't Know How To Play Poker and Look Into My Eyes. Enjoy!

29th July 2001: Part three of Catalyst is now up. Orla's first Detective Conan story has been started and is on the new Detective Conan page, accessible from the Anime Fanfiction Index. Magical Girl Pink Orchid is completely and utterly hysterical and you must go and read it RIGHT NOW! It's da rules. :-)

8th July 2001: Parts six and seven of Remembrance are up and this story is now COMPLETE. Orla says she's going to take a break from Gundam Wing fics now and work on some Meitantei (Boy Detective) Conan ones instead. Should be interesting...

24th June 2001: Part two of Catalyst is now up.

7th June 2001: Was suddenly attacked by the inspiration fairy and wrote a new, one-off fic called Friends Forever. It's a Project: A-ko fic. It's been a looooooong time since I watched that.

6th June 2001: Renovation and cleanings plus a new story. Looking back at some of the original stories, I've realised how badly they were formatted and have begun tidying them up. Why yes, I do have an assignment coming due, how did you know? :-) Have so far re-formatted Rogue 1/2 and the entire GenX Presents story so as to be tidier. I have also closed down the Evangelion page and moved the story on it to our NEW section - Misc Anime Fanfiction. This section will be for one-off stories from anime. And to put in it, we have a BRAND NEW COMPLETE STORY. Laying the Dead, my first (and probably only, which is why it's in the Misc section) Slayers fanfic. More tidying and Catalyst coming soon.

14th May 2001: And it's update time! Two more parts of Remembrance have arrived from Lady Orla and to celebrate I've re-organised the Gundam Wing page - the one-off stories are now separated out from the series', and there's a link to Orla's Kimi no Koto Wa website, which contains the GW Kimi stories and artwork! Also, the first part of a brand new Ranma 1/2 fanfic is up. Catalyst is set six years after the end of the manga and is written by ME! Yes, I actually wrote something. Shock, horror. More to come...

16th April 2001: We've got new stories, yes we do. The illustrious Lady Orla has started a brand new Gundam Wing fic, Remembrance, and the first three parts are now up. For myself, I have finally finished my Clamp fic The Stupid Tree and parts four and five are now up, as well as the part two side story Out of the Tree.

2nd April 2001: Wow it's been a long time since I updated the site. The lovely Lady Orla is currently teaching English in Japan, so it's harder for us to write fics. However, I have FINALLY uploaded the pictures she drew to accompany the Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour, so go to the Tour Index and follow the Illustrations link to see them. Aren't they great? I've also put up the illustrations for our Pokemon story - Reunions and Resolutions. Some stories to come soon, hopefully!

9th January 2001: The rest of Memory and Future is up in the Gundam Index.

7th January 2001: More Gundam Wing fics have been added to the Gundam Index. One is a Wufei and Sally fic with a dash of Lemon called 'Wedding Day, Wedding Night' and the other is 'Memory and Future'  - the sequel to Kimi no Koto wa Itsudemo Mamoru - the first parts are up and there is more to come!

2nd January 2001: Happy New Year! To celebrate, another two fics are up. Another CLAMP Campus Detectives story, titled Always. This one is serious and in the same vein as Conflicts of Interest. Also up is a Ranma/Gundam Wing crossover. Don't ask me why, it just does. Very strange, very silly. Generation Ranma and Ranma's Sister are both officially on hiatus, and there's finally a permanent image up on the CLAMP page thanks to the very talented Sefilin. Thanks Sef!


28th December 2000: (about 2 hours after the previous entry) It's turning into one of _those_ nights. Another strange and silly CLAMP story - Fateful Meetings. I need to stop eating ice cream just before bedtime. Later the same day - and another CLAMP fic - this time in  the CLAMP Campus Detectives section - The Detectives Are IN.

27th December 2000: A new CLAMP story up - Angst. Read it and weep. Or not. Whatever.

26th November 2000: A new page for CLAMP fics (separate from the CLAMP Campus Detectives page). Has three stories up - Blade of Destiny, Party at the End of the World, and the first three parts of The Stupid Tree. More to come soon. This page is still under construction as I don't have a proper pic for it yet... but soon... SOOON!!!

26th September 2000: Whoa... a long time between updates! Hey, we're busy people! However, there are three new fics in the Gundam Wing section - special treats for Wufei and Sally fans! 'We Belong', 'I Want You' and 'Oops Baby' all feature the Wufei x Sally pairing! Due to website problems the fanart section is down for now, but we hope to get it back up _soon_.

30th July 2000: Two more Gundam Wing fics added, both about Wufei and Sally - Snowstorm and Heartstorm.

15th July 2000: Another Gundam Wing fic - Candy Candy Gundam Wing by Orla. Also there is now a link to Orla's fanart!

24th June 2000: More Gundam Wing fics! Three to be precise: Lost in the Jungle, Vegas Cocktail and Duet.

28th May 2000: Gundam Wing fans rejoice! For we have a great many new fics: High Wire, a "sister" story to Kimi no Koto wa Itsudemo is up in its complete three parts, also a Duo/Hilde story, The Right Choice, and a sillyfic called An Unsuitable Job for a G-Boy or G-Girl. We also have a new humourous Utena fic up - April Madness. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

13th May 2000: Kimi no Koto wa Itsudemo Mamoru is finished!!!

9th May 2000: A new Gundam Wing fic went up: Partners, a Sally/Wufei story. Parts 1 and 2 of another new continuing GW fic, Kimi no Koto wa Itsudemo Mamoru, are also up today. Also a trilogy of CCD stories, Out of Character 1-3.

24th April 2000: Argh! I should be working on my essay, and what happens? I write another CLAMP Campus Detectives fic. A Memory of that Day Three Summers Ago is now up. My essay is still unfinished. *panics*

21st April 2000: Happy Easter! The silly CLAMP Campus Detectives fic: Secrets Not Well Kept (or Ah ha! You Have Fallen Into My Trap!) is up! Also put up an Utena fic I finished awhile ago but never got around to publishing.

16th April 2000: A new section for CLAMP Campus Detectives goes up with it's first story - Conflicts of Interest, a serious fic. Don't worry, a silly one is on the way!

9th April 2000: Two new Gundam Wing stories are up: The House that Wufei Built, and A Pain in the Neck (our first ever yaoi/lime story - oh okay, it's my fault, I admit it. Orla had nothing to do with it - except laugh that is :-).

12th March 2000: A brand new Gundam Wing story, I've Never, is up. Extremely silly.

8th March 2000: FINALLY! Ranma's Sister is back in production and Book Two Part Four is online! The fic will continue - albeit slowly!

27th February 2000: Parts 9-11 of Pokemon: Reunions and Resolutions up, completing the story. Also a new Gundam story: A Toast to the Bride and Groom.

12th February 2000: Parts 7 and 8 of Pokemon: Reunions and Resolutions up.

25th January 2000: A new anime fanfic page dedicated to Pokemon has been added. One ongoing story - Reunions and Resolutions, is on it. A new story on the Utena page - The Broken Sword, is also up.


19th December 1999: A new anime fanfic page dedicated to Gundam Wing has been added. Two new stories - Mission Impossible, and Where Have All the Soldiers Gone? both Gundam fanfics, are on it. The third part of Ranma's Sister Book Two is up. Ranma's Sister is now officially on hold, due to lack of inspiration.

11th November 1999: First two parts of Ranma's Sister Book Two up.

10th October 1999: Two new stories begun and first three and four parts posted respectively.
Generation Ranma 1-3 (sequel to Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour) and Ranma's Sister (new work from Orla), Book One Parts 1-4.

5th July 1999: GenX's Short and Inaccurate History of the X-Men is now COMPLETE! All 12 parts are now up.

27th June 1999: The Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour is COMPLETE!!! All 25 parts are now up. Also up are two new short Ranma fics - Little Girl Lost and What If... The Fight.

13th June 1999: Now loaded up to Part Twenty-One of the Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour.

31 May 1999: Now loaded up to Part Seventeen of Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour.

6 May 1999: Added new Sailor Moon fanfic Mars Revenge, also Part Nine of GenX story.

7 March 1999: Updated Ranma page to include the Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour and A Christmas Gift.

31 January 1999: Added Revolutionary Girl Utena and Ranma 1/2 fanfiction to the anime indexes. Added final part of Rogue and Joseph story to X-Men page.


18 December 1998: Reorganised fanfic with series specific indexes.

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