Wedding Day, Wedding Night.
A Wufei and Sally fic By Orla
(Rated R) LEMON!

Disclaimer: I own nothing, nothing!!! The Gundam Wing characters all belong to Sunrise, Bandai and other lucky people.

Warnings: Sap, Some silliness and SEX! Lemon Alert!!!

Pairings: Main = 5xS,  Others = 2xH, 3x4

Keeping her hand under tight control, Sally carefully painted her lips a deep red. As she laid the brush down, her hand trembled slightly and drew an amused smile from the woman standing behind her.

“A little nervous, Sally?” Lucrezia Noin inquired.

Sally blotted her lips and smiled slightly. “Well… in all honesty… yes.” She answered her long-time friend. “After all, I’ve never done this before.”

“I would’ve thought that this would be a cinch, compared to leading a rebel army!”

Sally raised an eyebrow and met Noin’s eyes in the mirror. “Oh? And was it so easy for you, dear Noin?” She asked referring to Noin’s own wedding day two years ago.

Noin chuckled. “Touchë.” She acknowledged and then checked her watch. “Hmmm… they should be here soon…”

From across the room, Hilde Schbeiker giggled. “I can’t wait for this!” She said and nudged the woman beside her. “Do you have all the questions ready, Relena?”

Relena nodded, but there was a slightly worried expression on her face. “Yes, but… don’t you think we’re being a bit mean? Especially that last thing…”

Catherine Bloom frowned. “Don’t be such a spoilsport!” She said. “It’ll be fun, and besides, we’re _supposed_ to make it tough!”

Sally glanced over at them. “Don’t make it too hard, ladies.” She said. “It took me long enough to get Wufei to this point and I’m not going to feel one hundred percent at ease that he won’t head for the hills until we’re safely married!”

Catherine giggled. “Okay Sally, we won’t be _too_ hard on him!”

Hilde Schbeiker shrugged. “Although he was the one who _wanted_ a traditional ceremony… or as traditional as he could get.”

Noin nodded sagely. “So Wufei only has himself to blame when we play by the rules.”

Sally smirked. “Oh dear… My poor groom…”


Not very far away, the aforementioned groom was staring at the bridal cars in disgust, his four groomsmen at his side.

“Maxwell was in charge of decoration, am I right?” Wufei demanded grimly.

Duo fidgeted a little nervously. “Er… heheh… What makes you think that, Wu-man?”

Wufei turned to glare at Duo. “Oh, I don’t know…” He said in a quietly indignant tone. “The stencilled bright red love hearts all over the cars… the large lettering on the back windows saying ‘Wu and Sal 2-gether, 4-ever’… the tin cans attached to the bumpers of ALL the cars!!!”

Duo grinned disarmingly. “You said to decorate, Wufei. You gave me a free hand…”

“That was a mistake.” Trowa observed quietly.

“And it’s traditional!” Duo defended his choices.

Wufei continued to scowl. “Not at MY wedding!!”

Heero produced some scissors. “Cut off the cans.” He told Duo. “It’s too late to wash off the stencils.”

Aghast, Wufei stared at Heero. “Do you mean that I… we… have to drive through the streets in these… monstrosities?”

“Heero’s right.” Quatre piped up. “We’re already a bit behind schedule, Miss Sally will think that you’re not coming.”

Duo snickered as he snipped the cans off the cars. “Heh. I’d like to see Wufei trying to get away… I stress the word _try_.”

Wufei fingered the edge of his collar. For some reason, all of his clothing was starting to feel very tight…


“Here they come!” Catherine cried, leaning out of the wind at a dangerous angle. “Are you ready, bridesmaids?”

“Yeah!” Hilde punched the air while Relena hesitantly nodded.

Sally watched the three run down to the front door and looked dubiously at Noin. “Perhaps I should have warned him?”

Noin shook her head firmly. “Nuh-uh. We did the study on these customs and Wufei agreed to it _ages_ ago. Besides…” She winked at the nervous bride. “Just think of this as payback for all the times Wufei called you weak!”

Sally fiddled with her veil. “Ummm…”

Outside the house, the cars parked and Wufei and his groomsmen stepped out. Hilde stopped having hysterics over the stencils on the cars and blew a kiss to Duo, while Relena smiled at Heero.

Catherine stepped forward and drew out a sheet of paper from her sleeve. “Achem.” She drew their attention. “As required we have drawn up some questions and tests for the groom to perform…”

“So we know he can perform anywhere!” Hilde said sotto voice and giggled.

Duo heard her and whooped with laughter while Wufei’s eyes flashed and the other three men blinked (and Quatre blushed). “Very well,” he said, trying to ignore the hysterical Duo. “Ask.”

“Number one,” said Relena. “What is Sally’s favourite colour?”

“Red, specifically crimson.” Wufei smirked. That was an easy one, most people would think that Sally liked green, but he knew she had a deep passion for red.

“Correct.” Catherine asked the next question. “What is Sally’s favourite food?”

“Cantonese style sweet and sour pork.”

“Right again!” Hilde winked at Wufei and his blood ran cold. What would this crazy woman of Duo’s ask him? Hilde licked her lips and grinned. “Where is Sally’s most ticklish spot?”

Wufei blinked.  Inside the house, Sally blushed. “Oh God… I don’t remember agreeing to that question!” She whispered.

Wufei cleared his throat. “Er… her… uh… inner thigh.” He answered, flushing slightly.

Heero and Trowa both raised their eyebrows and Quatre blushed more. Duo, of course, collapsed on the ground laughing even harder.

The questions continued for a while longer, some fairly innocent, others rather racy. People began to gather around them, curious about what was going on. Then Catherine put away the list and smirked. “Right… now the groom has to perform some tests to prove his worthiness…”

Wufei gritted his teeth. Suddenly following Chinese tradition was not looking to be such a good idea after all…

“First, you must perform thirty push-ups to prove that you are strong enough to look after your bride.” Relena said.

Inside, Sally raised an eyebrow. “Look after me?” She murmured. “I’m not sure I like that phrasing.”

Confidence bloomed over Wufei’s face. “Certainly.” He said. Quickly he removed his coat and handed it to Trowa before dropping down and executing his task with ease.

Catherine proposed the next task. “Wufei, you obviously have strength, but do you have skill to go with it? The next test is to perform the most complex kata that you know.”

Again Wufei passed this test perfectly, and caused murmurs of admiration to erupt form the crowd, some even applauding once he finished.

“Well, he had strength and skill,” said Hilde slyly. “But does he have love to go with it?” She questioned. “Your final test, Wufei… Prove your love for Sally with a song!”

Wufei’s eyes widened. “A song?” He spluttered. “I… I don’t sing!”

Duo tutted. “Uh-uh… Wu-man, you’re lying… You were singing _beautifully_ the other night at your bachelor party!”

Wufei rounded on him. “Maxwell, I did not sing!”

“Er… actually, you did.” Quatre was forced to admit in all honesty. “You _were_ very drunk if it’s any consolation… But you sang three songs…”

Wufei turned to Trowa and Heero. “I did?”

Trowa nodded. Heero shrugged. “It wasn’t that bad.” He said.

Hilde shoved a sheet of music into Wufei’s hands. “There you go, sing this loudly and prove your love for Sally!!”

Wufei looked at the music and nearly fell over in shock. “Injustice!” He howled. “I can’t sing this dribble!!!”

Relena brought out a portable stereo and Catherine grinned at the indignant man. “Sing… or no Sally.” She said and pressed play.

His face dark with embarrassment and anger, Wufei began to sing.

“No New Year's day to celebrate, No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away
No first of spring, No song to sing, In fact here's just another ordinary day…”

Duo fell over laughing again and was joined by Hilde; both Trowa and Heero’s lips twitched violently and Quatre hid his smile behind his hands.

Wufei glared at all concerned. “I can’t…” He began but Catherine looked at him meaningfully. Taking a deep breath (and longing for alcohol), Wufei continued to sing.

“No April rain, No flowers bloom, No wedding Saturday within the month of June
But what it is, is something true, Made up of these three words that I must say to you…”

Sally was almost convulsed with laughter. “Oh… my… haha… ow….” She dabbed carefully at her eyes, trying to keep her make-up pristine. “Poor Wufei… but I must say, he sings it well…”

Noin didn’t answer… she was laughing much too hard.

“I just called to say I love you, I just called to say how much I care, I just called to say I love you, And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.” Wufei finished the song and flung the words aside. “Gah… what a ghastly thing!!” He glared at the bridesmaids. “That better have been the final test!”

Catherine swallowed her mirth and nodded. “Yes, that was it.” She waved him forward. “Now come in and greet your bride.”

Wufei’s clothing began to feel tight again and he hastened inside, only to be called to a halt by Heero. The Chinese man turned in irritation and saw Heero was holding up three red envelopes. With an impatient sigh, Wufei grabbed the good fortune gifts and shoved them at Catherine, Hilde and Relena. “There!” He snapped and bolted inside.

Duo skipped up the steps. “He seems a bit impatient, eh?” He kissed Hilde’s cheek. “So who’s idea was the song, babe? Yours?”

Hilde shook her head as she and Duo led the way up the stairs after Wufei. “Nope, it was _all_ Noin’s plan.” She grinned. “She even wrote the really sticky questions.”

“I suppose it was her final revenge for Victoria Base.” Relena said.

Duo shivered. “Oi oi… I hope I never piss her off then!”

Ahead of them, Wufei opened the door to the sitting room and walked inside. He saw Noin standing to one side, an amused smile on her lips, but Wufei barely noticed her as the woman in the middle of the room caught his attention.

She stood with her hands at her sides, the sunlight from the windows shining through the light red veil on her head and making her dark blond hair gleam. The long red traditional Chinese wedding gown clung to her slender figure, hugging the curves of her hips and breasts. The gold edging on the gown and the gold earrings she wore sparkled, but their brilliance was dimmed by her blue eyes, which were fixed on his face.

“Sally…” Wufei breathed, forgetting the people around him and seeing only her.

Sally was also oblivious to the others as she looked at the man she was about to marry. Dressed in a traditional jacket and trousers that did little to disguise the firm musculature of his body and his black hair loose, Wufei’s appearance reminded her of the Chinese heroes she had dreamed of as a child… with one important difference… He was real.

Duo’s whistle of admiration brought them both back to reality. Wufei blinked and frowned at the American while Sally blushed as Duo complimented her.

“Whoa… Sally! You look _hot_!” Duo shook his head. “Man oh man… I wouldn’t have figured that you were packing all this under those army greens!”

Sally’s mouth quirked up with amusement. “I’ll… er… take that as a compliment… I think.” She chuckled as Hilde glared at Duo who was still oogling Sally.

Hilde jabbed Duo in the ribs. “Put your eyes back where they belong!” She scolded.

Relena sighed. “It’s a good thing Heero is driving…” She muttered and Heero snorted. “Hn. I wouldn’t trust Duo behind a wheel at the best of times!”

Wufei smirked as Duo protested. “Justice is well-served, Maxwell.” He looked back at Sally and all his nerves evaporated as she smiled at him. “Now, we have a ceremony to attend…”


Neither Wufei nor Sally had any family attending their wedding. Wufei’s were
all dead and those that remain of Sally’s family didn’t want to know her.
Therefore, despite Wufei’s wish to cling to tradition, aspects of the
Wedding ceremony and the reception were altered to fit the family closest to
their hearts - the ex-Gundam pilots and their close associates.

The ceremony was brief and simple, so simple that Duo complained it was over
too soon. “Weddings should be longer.” He hissed in Hilde’s ear. “This just
doesn’t seem... right.”

Hilde sighed and pinched his arm. “Just because you like the long church
ceremonies doesn’t mean we all have to go through the same torture!” She
whispered back. “Now shut up, it’s over.”

Facing her friends, Sally felt as if she was going to burst with happiness.
Who needed a hidebound family when there were all these people wishing them
well? All of them so much dearer and all genuinely happy for her and Wufei,
even Heero and Trowa were smiling. Sally glanced at her new husband and
squeezed his hand tightly. From the very first time they met Wufei had
stirred a variety of emotions within her, starting with an earnest desire to
restore his lost sense of worth and finishing with the overwhelming pulse of
love that she felt today. Their marriage would be tempestuous, they were
both stubborn people, but she knew her life was now linked with a man who
would love her with all of his being, no matter what.

Wufei looked at Sally and smiled into her eyes. Why had it taken him so long
to realise what this woman meant to him? He wasted so much time looking
backwards, letting the past rule him, clinging to the memory of Meiran and
the manner of her death. Wufei hated to admit weakness, but he was too
truthful to deny that he had been afraid to open his heart again. Sally had
troubled him from the beginning, as she deftly found the chinks in his
armour and overthrew his convictions about her gender with her courageous
actions coupled with a calm strength and stubborn will. Her personality drew
him to her, and eventually he was unable to stop himself from loving this
strong, lovely woman.

“Have you stopped mooning at each other yet?” Catherine interrupted them
abruptly and caused Wufei and Sally to stare at her. “Only there’s a HUGE
banquet laid out in the hotel restaurant waiting for us...”

Duo perked up. “Food!” He said eagerly and Hilde rolled her eyes.

“You truly are a bottomless pit!” She sighed.

Sally blinked. “Ah... yes, of course!” She said, a slightly blush colouring
her cheeks. “Wufei?”

He tucked her hand in the crook of his arm and smiled. “Let the banquet


Quatre stared at the menu and then waved it under Trowa’s nose. “This can’t
be right!” he cried. “It says there are _twelve_ courses!”

Trowa glanced at the menu. “It’s correct.” He said. “It’s a traditional
number.” He picked up the wine list and smiled slightly. “Including some
good wines... champagne... and cognac, VSOP, in fact.”

“Is the aim to get us both drunk and stuffed then?” Dorothy asked in
chagrin. “If I had known about this then I would have starved for a week!”

Trowa regarded her. “Then you would be sick.” He remarked and Dorothy glared
at him.

“The amount won’t trouble Duo.” Heero said, looking over at the American who
was nearly drooling in anticipation. “He should eat enough for all of us.”

Wufei and Sally entered the room now, both changed into Western-style
wedding clothing. Wufei looking very handsome in a tuxedo while Sally was
radiant in a graceful white dress. As they sat down, Relena leaned over to
Une. “Why did they change?” She asked in puzzlement.

Une smiled. “It’s not uncommon, and anyway... Sally tells me that it is hard
to dance in the traditional Chinese gown.”

“She’s going to get Wufei to dance? In public?” Relena was disbelieving.

Noin smirked. “He’d probably jump through hoops at the moment if she asked.”
She said smugly and Zechs threw her a chiding glance.

“Be nice, love.”

 After the appetiser of lobster salad was served the speeches were made.
Sally wanted an open floor for the speeches and despite a strenuous argument
from Wufei, she got her way. Thankfully for Wufei’s peace of mind, most
people were very brief and complimentary, plus Hilde and Heero were sitting
on Duo and stuffing forkfuls of salad in his mouth everytime he opened it.
Then Noin got to her feet, a mischievous expression on her face. Wufei began
to feel vaguely apprehensive.

“Firstly I’d like to offer my congratulations to Wufei and Sally,” said
Noin. “Their happiness today is plainly evident and I wish them all the best
in their married life.” She noticed Wufei relax and cleared her throat.
“However, I think the main congratulations should go to Sally...” Noin
grinned. “For waging a very subtle campaign that even she was unaware of
until recently and winning.”

Wufei’s eyebrows shot up. “What is that woman talking about?”

Sally bit her lip, her eyes sparkling with amusement. “I think she means
that I set out to have you before I even knew I loved you.” She explained
and Wufei looked faintly affronted.

“Huh.” Was his only remark.

Clearly enjoying herself, Noin continued to speak. “It was during the
Mariemaya incident that I realised that Wufei didn’t stand a chance of
escaping Sally.” Noin sipped her champagne and watched Wufei blink. “The
only possible way out was death, which might be why he was trying to achieve
while attacking Heero, who knows? Anyway, that failed and Wufei’s options
were closed completely when he joined the Preventers. Personally, I’d say
from the moment Wufei met Sally he lost the battle!”

Wufei was speechless with indignation and Sally latched onto his arm to stop
him from leaping to his feet. “She’s only teasing you.” Sally soothed him.
“Don’t take it so seriously.”

Noin smiled brilliantly. “Anyway, however the two of you discovered your
affection, I think you are perfectly suited and I sincerely wish you all the
happiness in the world! Ladies and Gentlemen, a toast to the bride and

Everyone cheered and raised their glasses. Wufei’s eyes briefly narrowed,
but he relaxed and smiled, accepting the toast with Sally.

Duo eyed Noin with awe as she sat down. “Now that was a brilliant speech!”
He said. “In fact I don’t think I could top it.”

Heero and Hilde exchanged glances. “Thank God.”

Duo looked betrayed, but before he could say anything there was a gentle
chime and several waiters began pushing in loaded carts.

“Looks like the first course has arrived.” Catherine announced cheerfully.

“Oh Allah...” Quatre eyed the carts with apprehension.


Contrary to Quatre’s fears, the food didn’t stuff them all silly. The portions were generous, but not too huge, and the wide variety offered was just staggering.

“Roast pig, abalone… What’s next?” Catherine asked, delicately licking her lips.

“Shark fin soup.” Heero replied and Catherine’s eyes widened.

“Is that edible?”

“Obviously, or they wouldn’t be serving it.” Dorothy said tartly and was promptly glared at by Catherine and Trowa.

As the soup was served, Sally and Wufei began to move around the tables, thanking all the guests. The Magaunacs made Sally blush and Wufei blink. Une was warm, yet reserved, but Mariemaya made up for it by hugging them both enthusiastically, much to Wufei’s astonishment… and slight embarrassment when the young girl commented, loud enough to be heard, “I wanted to marry you once!”

Duo choked on his wine and had to be thumped on the back by Hilde who giggled. Wufei was still slightly wild-eyed when he and Sally approached the next table. Sally was hiding an amused grin.

Wufei thanked Noin stiffly. It was clear that her speech still rankled, despite her last words. However, Sally gave Noin a warm hug and reminded her friend that there was still one more favour the maid of honour was required to perform.

Noin smiled slyly at Wufei. “Oh don’t worry, Sally. I haven’t forgotten! You can depend on me.”

“What was all that about?” Zechs asked curiously when Wufei and Sally moved on.

Noin smiled at him. “Sally asked me to help her prepare for the wedding night.” She said. “Apparently she has a surprise in store for Wufei.”

“I see.” Zechs looked at the Chinese man speculatively. “Then she should make this his last few glasses of wine.”

The dinner continued ending with fried rice and noodles, then a dessert that included an abundance of fresh fruit. While the guests dined on the last morsels, a clashing and banging sounded from outside and the doors burst open to reveal a Chinese lion dance.

“How wonderful!” Relena clapped her hands.

Duo flicked through his book on Chinese wedding traditions. “Is this supposed to happen?’ He asked, sounding slightly disgruntled.

Heero plucked the book out of his hands and threw it away. “You are just annoyed because we won’t let you play any more tricks on Wufei.”

Duo sulked. “Hey! We’re supposed to be getting him to show his love in public.”

“Let Sally take care of that,” said Quatre. He smiled and clapped as the lion dance ended. “And now’s the time… the band is setting up to play for a dance.”

Wufei sweated slightly as he watched the band set up. He was a very private man, and disliked displaying soft emotions to an audience, even when the audience was made up of his friends. Few knew that the grim front he presented to the world hid a very warm man whose interests went beyond martial arts and who could be extremely loving in private. In fact, Sally was possibly the only one who really saw the real Wufei. She knew this and was honoured that he was so open with her, but sometimes she really wanted him to demonstrate some of his affection more publicly. And right now was one of those times.

“Wufei,” she laid a slender hand on his arm. “Dance with me?”

Wufei turned to her and opened his mouth to refuse. There were too many people watching, and one of them was Maxwell. He couldn’t…

Sally widened her eyes a little and tilted her head slightly. Her lips curved into a slight pleading pout, not overt, but just enough to give her expression a faintly sad look. Wufei swallowed and sighed. “Oh… very well.” He surrendered and clasped her hands. “One dance.”

Sally smiled delightedly. It was amazing how such feminine tricks could weaken the strongest man. As Wufei led her out onto the floor she made a mental note to thank Catherine for her tips later.

Duo gaped. “How did she get him to _do_ that?” He asked. “I didn’t see her say anything!” He looked at Heero. “Did you see her say anything?”

Heero shook his head, so did Quatre and Trowa. Catherine, Hilde, Dorothy and Relena all looked at each other and grinned. _They_ knew Sally’s secret.

Wufei guided Sally along the dance floor and smiled at her. “Are you happy now, you stubborn woman?”

Sally laughed. “Very.” She said. Then, without warning, she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. “I love you, Wufei… even if you are arrogant and stiff!”

Wufei halted abruptly and stared at her. “You…” He put a hand to his mouth.

“I kissed you, Wufei.” Sally grinned. “Get used to it, I’m going to kiss you a lot from now on.”

Wufei’s eyes glittered. “Not as much as I will kiss _you_!” He murmured in her ear, making pleasant shivers run down her spine.

“Promise?” Sally teased.

“On my honour.” Wufei replied formally, but amusement lurked in his eyes.

“How cute!” Duo cried as he and Hilde whirled past them.

Wufei looked pained. “Why did we invite him again?”

The evening wore on with more dancing and laughter. Finally, Sally broke away from Wufei, whispering in his ear before she did so, and approached Noin. Smiling secretively, the two women left the hall, leaving Wufei looking faintly bemused.

“What did Sally say?” Quatre asked him.

Wufei tugged at his collar, an air of embarrassment surrounding him. “She told me to keep myself occupied for an hour and then come up to the honeymoon suite.”

“Aha!” Duo crowed and grabbed Wufei’s arm. “The wedding night! Wuffie gets lucky tonight!”

Wufei shook the other man off. “Don’t call me ‘Wuffie’!” He growled.

Duo was unperturbed. “Sooo… how shall we entertain you?” He mused. “Hmmm… I’m sure I can come up with _something_!”


“This is breaking tradition a little, isn’t it Sally?” Noin asked as she waited for her friend to emerge from the ensuite.

“Perhaps.” Sally said from behind the closed door. “But I wanted tonight to be unique... besides, we’ve already tossed several traditions to the winds today.” She opened the door and posed. “Ta-da! What do you think?”

Noin’s eyebrows shot up. “I think Wufei’s blood pressure is going to sky-rocket.” She said dryly. “When did you get _that_?”

Sally smiled mysteriously. “Oh... just a little store...” She smoothed her hands over the silky fabric that comprised her night dress and robe. It was certainly much more daring that anything she had ever worn. The night dress was long, but it was held up only by thin ribbons and the neckline plunged very low, and the garment’s red fabric was almost sheer and clung softly to her hips and breasts. Complete immodesty was prevented by a long robe of the same fabric, trimmed with gold. It was almost a true facsimile of her wedding gown, except that it was clearly designed to be worn for a _very_ short period of time.

Noin frowned slightly as Sally unpinned her hair. “Sally...” She hesitated, not really know how to ask the question that was nagging at her. Sally glanced at her.

“Yes Noin?”

“You and Wufei...” Noin flushed slightly. “I know you’ve been dating for a while, but I gather from all your preparation that this will be the... er... ummm... first time that you... er... “

Sally smoothed her hair. “Yes.” She said softly. “We’ve never gone any further than a little petting... we both wanted things to be right.”

Noin blinked. “Almost Medieval!” She muttered and Sally looked reproachfully at her. Noin sighed and picking up a hairbrush she began to run it through Sally’s hair. “I’m sorry, Sal. I shouldn’t say things like that, it’s very admirable of you both you be so restrained.” She smiled ruefully. “God knows I wasn’t!”

Sally smiled. “Well, Wufei’s a bit of a traditionalist anyway.”

“No, really?” Noin teased. “I would never have guessed!” A thought occurred to her and she paused in her brushing. “Sally... does this mean that the two of you are still...?”

“Virgin?” Sally asked bluntly. She laughed. “No! Wufei was married before, remember?”

“But I thought he and... well that they were...” Noin was embarrassed and flustered. “I mean, he was only fourteen!”

Sally nodded, her expression slightly melancholy. “He never really said, but I don’t think the experience was very good for both of them.” She looked at her hands. “But then, neither was mine.”

Noin bit her lip. “Sally...”

Sally squeezed Noin’s hand. “Don’t feel bad, Lu! It was a silly, messy thing that happened when I was sixteen.” Her expression became positively mischievous. “And I intend to banish the memory _completely_ tonight!”

Noin grinned. “Maybe I should lay bets on how many times Wufei will make you forget?”

“Don’t you dare!”


“_No_ Maxwell!” Wufei glared at the other man. “I am NOT going to let you accompany me into the room!”

“Awww... Wuffie!” Duo pouted. “Come on! It’s tradition... the booklet says that friends are supposed to hassle the bridal couple in the bedroom!”

Wufei’s eyes narrowed. “As of now I quit following tradition!” He snapped.“Besides, I have a strong suspicion that you’re making that one up!”

“Is he?” Quatre asked Trowa.

Trowa shrugged. “I have no idea. Heero?”

“Probably.” Was the reply.

Before Duo could protest, Wufei rounded on him. “_NO_ Maxwell! I have played your games for the past hour, I will not be party to any more!”

“You can’t really blame him.” Quatre said.

“Yes,” Heero said. “Leapfrog was clearly the final straw.”

“Never give Duo too much VSOP.” Trowa murmured.

Duo looked injured. “You’re all no fun!” He cried as they exited the elevator.

“Don’t you think Hilde might be feeling a bit lonely?” Wufei asked pointedly, striding quickly down the corridor. “Why don’t you go and have fun with her?”

Quatre choked slightly on this and Duo howled with laughter. “Don’t worry about _me_, Wuffie! I’m gonna have just as much _fun_ as you tonight!” He winked.

Wufei made a disgusted sound. “You are incorrigible! And stop calling me ‘Wuffie’!”

“Oh lighten up, Wuffie... it’s your wedding night!”

Heero yanked Duo back by the collar before Wufei could throttle him. “Someone has had too much champagne.” He said.

Duo chuckled. “Must’ve been Trowa...” he joked. “He’s be very loc... low... _talkative_ tonight.”

Trowa raised an eyebrow. Quatre linked his arm through his lover’s. “Really? Perhaps you can talk to me tonight, Trowa.”

“Only talk, little one?”

“Among other things of course.” Quatre said airily.

The others all stared at them. Duo shook his head. “I think everyone’s had too much champagne.” He muttered.

“As long as Zechs isn’t nursing a bottle without me to keep an eye on him, then I don’t mind if everyone else is plastered.” Noin grinned at the five young men from her position by the door of the honeymoon suite. “But Sally might be a little bit annoyed with you, Wufei, if you pass out at her feet
in a drunken stupor.”

Wufei flushed. “I am not drunk!” He defended his honour stoutly.

“Excellent.” Noin pushed the door open. “Then go in and tell her how much you love her.”

“Only tell?” Heero murmured.

While everyone else was staring at Heero in pure shock, Wufei slipped inside and pulled the door shut, locking it firmly. He waited for a moment and was soon satisfied to hear Noin herding the others away. With a slight smile, Wufei turned his attention to more important matters. Specifically... his new wife.

“Sally?” Wufei walked slowly into the large sitting room. Only a table lamp illuminated the room to any degree, a larger portion of soft light was visible from the half open door to the bedroom. Wufei clicked off the table lamp and pushed the door to the bedroom fully open.

The room was dominated by a four poster bed, trimmed with royal blue and with a coverlet to match. Antique wooden furniture decorated the rest of the room and the lights had been dimmed to provide everything with a soft glow. But all these details were lost on Wufei when he saw Sally sitting on the edge of the bed.

She was smiling at him, her hair loose and shining about her shoulders. The red lingerie clung to her gently and Wufei’s eyes travelled down her slender form before returning to her face.

“Airen...” he breathed. “You are so lovely...”

Sally felt her cheeks heating at his words. She was pleased that she had surprised him and flattered that her effort made such an impression. Wufei had seen her a couple of times in comfy flannel nightwear, sexy lingerie not being Sally’s usual night (or day) attire. Licking her lips, she got to her
feet and stood before him, ready to implement the next phase of her plan to awe her husband. Continuing to smile, not saying a word, Sally undid the front of her robe and let it drop.

Wufei’s eyes widened as the robe puddled on the floor at Sally’s feet. She was in front of the small bedside lamp and the light shone through the fabric of her night dress. He could see every outline of her body, from her nipples to her frail lace panties, and he felt an immediate surge of desire
stir him. In less than three strides he was in front of her and locking his arms around her, Wufei kissed her passionately on the lips.

Sally arched against him, kissing him back, her hands clinging to his shirt. His hands ran down her back, and it felt as if he was burning through the lingerie. His lips moved from hers and she let out a little moan as he applied his mouth to the tender skin of her throat, pressing his lips against her pulse, feeling the rapid flutter as her desire grew. Her fingers plucked at his shirt and she deftly undid the buttons, pushing the shirt off so that she could run her hands over his lean, muscled torso.

Without warning, Wufei pulled back, letting her go. Sally swayed and stared at him, suddenly afraid that she had down something wrong. “Wufei?”

“Sh.” He laid a finger on her lips and smiled. “I’m not going to rush this, Sally. Tonight we will bring each other much pleasure...”

“That is the idea.” Sally’s eyes sparkled and she impishly bit his finger lightly. Wufei tapped her cheek. “Let me finish, woman.” He ordered lightly and then leaned closer to her. “What I am saying is... I want you to let me bring you pleasure first.”

Sally’s breath quickened. “You mean... you do all the work?” She already felt a little weak at the knees at the thought. However, she wasn’t going to let him dominate their bedplay all night... She smiled and kissed him lightly. “Alright my dear husband... but I demand the right to return the

Wufei’s eyes gleamed. “Most certainly.” He murmured and kissed her back.

For a while they kissed as they had before, Wufei running his hands through Sally’s hair while she pressed herself against him. Then he moved his attention to her clavicle and shoulders, kissing and nipping at them while his fingers busied themselves with untying the straps to her dress. Sally
rolled her head back as Wufei moved back to her neck and blissfully tormented her with his attentions there.

The straps came loose and Wufei pushed the lingerie down, baring Sally’s breasts. He cupped the soft mounds in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over the nipples, making them hard. Sally bit her lower lip as her sensitive skin tingled under his ministrations and she grabbed at his waist, pressing her
breasts against his hands. Wufei stroked the soft, smooth skin and bent his mouth to one breast, supporting Sally with one hand while his other continued to gently caress her. He kissed and sucked, avoiding the hard nipple despite Sally’s little moans of frustration as she ached for him to
relieve the painful hardness. For a while he continued to deny her, but then, when it was almost too much for her to bear, he latched onto her nipple and suckled it strongly. Sally yelped and her nails dug into his back as she tried not to collapse from the pure pleasure.

Wufei moved away and looked at her flushed face. “You’re about to fall over, airen.” He whispered in her ear.

“Nuh-No...” Sally tried to deny, but Wufei ignored her and, after swiftly stripping the night dress fully from her, he picked her up and deposited her on the bed. He leaned over her and ran his hands down her body, fingers caressing her smooth flesh, then his mouth was once again on her breasts.
Sally gasped, she felt hot all over and ached for him to touch her everywhere and yet right now she didn’t want him to stop his attentions on her sensitive breasts. Despite her love for him she had never guessed that Wufei had the ability to bring her this much bliss, and she was eagerly aware that there was more to come.

Sally’s cries and the writhing of her body beneath him heightened Wufei’s own enjoyment and he could feel the hardening of his own desire as he continued his assault on Sally’s senses. He brushed one hand lower, fluttering over the brief lace panties she wore and then cupping his hand
between her legs, feeling how wet she was. Sally moaned as he pressed against her and rubbed the soaked fabric. She arched her hips, encouraging him further and Wufei took the hint. However, the thin lace tore as he tried to push it down and he was left with a damp scrap in his hands. He paused,
but Sally reached over and pulled the remains of her underwear out of his hands.

“Don’t tell me _that’s_ going to stop you!” She growled huskily as she flung the panties away.

Wufei smiled wolfishly. “Absolutely not.” He assured her and lightly ran his fingers along the edges of her wetness before dipping two fingers within her.

“Ah!” Sally cried out as he penetrated her most sensitive area. Her hands twisted within the fabric of the coverlet and she thrust against his fingers, delighting in the exquisite sensations coursing through her. She cried out again, even louder, when he removed his fingers and placed his mouth at her entrance.

Employing tongue and lips, Wufei licked and sucked at Sally’s femininity. He traced the edges of her petals and then found her button and sucked it hard, making Sally scream. She arched her back and twisted, tossing her head and body so much that he had to hold her hips to enable him to push her over the edge. A combination of lips, tongue and then gentlest graze of his teeth sent Sally spinning and she screamed again as she came.

Swallowing her essence, Wufei sat up and pulled Sally into his arms, holding her while the tremours shook her body. She gulped and gasped, leaning her head against his chest and wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Dear God...” Sally breathed. “I’ve never... never lost control like that...”

Wufei laughed softly into her hair. “But you enjoyed it.” He murmured.

Sally blushed faintly. “Mmm... oh yes...” Her eyes fixed on something and she smiled slyly. “Have you ever lost control like that, Wufei?” She purred and dropped her hand to rest lightly on the bulge in his pants, her fingers curving around it.

Wufei hissed softly. “Woman...”

She brushed his lips with hers. “Dear husband...” her eyes flashed wickedly. “I think it’s my turn...”

Wufei started to protest, but Sally pushed him firmly onto his back and kissed him deeply. She moved away and tugged at his pants, brushing her hand over the hardness within, making him groan. He lifted his hips, aiding the removal of his trousers and underwear which Sally tugged off completely and flung aside.

His length stood free and she touched the tip with a gentle, explorative finger, causing him to hiss again. Sally licked her lips nervously, her experience had never prepared her for this, but she wanted to bring Wufei the same pleasure he had brought her, and she was also curious. She closed her hand gently around him and began to rub slowly. Wufei’s eyes closed and he let out a low moan. “Sally...”

She leaned forward, hand still rubbing his length, and flicked her tongue over his hard brown nipples. Wufei’s hands lifted and he touched her back as she pressed her own assault, sucking and kissing his whole torso. Moving her hands away from his hardness she began exploring with all the weapons she had, even rubbing her breasts against him. Wufei murmured her name over and over, along with soft endearment’s in Chinese that made Sally’s heart swell with love. Emboldened, she moved down until her mouth was a fraction away from his length.

Tentatively, Sally licked one side and was rewarded by a guttural groan of desire from Wufei. She licked his hard length with more assurance, tasting every inch as she worked her way to the tip. She blew gently on him, tickling him with her breath and Wufei gasped, his fingers moving to touch
her head, stroking her hair. Suddenly, Sally took his length within her warm mouth, fighting the gag reflex as she suckled him, employing her tongue to such effect that Wufei’s hands clenched, almost painfully, in her hair.

Wufei felt himself being driven closer and closer to the edge, but he was determined not to succumb yet. He wanted to be within Sally before reaching the peak. “Sally!” He grunted her name through gritted teeth and she pulled her mouth of his length and looked at him.

“Wufei? Don’t you like... oh!” Her breath came out in a startled exclamation as he gracefully moved, rolling her onto her back and positioning himself above her.

Wufei traced her lips. “You have a talented mouth, airen.” He assured her. “But I would rather lose my control inside you.”

Sally kissed his fingers. Her own need was once more making itself felt and she was more than pleased for it to be released. “I have no objections, love.”

They kissed hungrily. Wufei nudged her legs further apart and moved to clasp her waist. Sally arched her hips, offering him easier access to her moist and ready passage, her hands moving to grip his shoulders. For a brief, terrible second she was reminded of her first, disastrous experience,
but all was banished as Wufei entered her with a swift, sure stroke and buried himself to the hilt.

Sally gasped and gripped his shoulders. She felt stretched to the limit and froze, unsure if she should move. Wufei kissed her gently, sensing her shock. Despite the dizzying feel of her tight sheath enclosing him, he was determined to stay in control... for now. He moved, pulling out and thrusting in, gripping her hips and encouraging her to move with him. After a little chaotic rocking, they found a matching rhythm and Sally twined her legs around him, urging him on as the pleasure emersed them both. Moaning loudly, Sally’s head lolled back as she pushed herself against Wufei, her fingernails raked down his back and she moaned loudly. The world didn’t matter anymore, all her senses were concerned with now and the wonderful, exquisite sensation of Wufei filling her.

Wufei felt his self-control deserting him. Sally’s passage was so tight, and the scent of her, the feel of her skin beneath his hands and her moans in his ears, all this was driving him rapidly to the summit. She convulsed in his arms as her orgasm coursing through her body, her sheath tightening
around him, milking him and dissolving his control completely. The pace of his thrusts increased as his discipline fled until, with a loud, inarticulate cry, the hot flood of his release filled her.

Trembling, Wufei moved so that as he collapsed he dragged the exhausted Sally on top of him. They lay there for a while, sweat oiling their bodies and their breath coming in gasps.

After she got her breath back, Sally moved, rearranging her limbs so that she was still partially draped over Wufei. She lay her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat while his hands ran lazily up and down her back.


“Mmm?” He sounded half-asleep.

“Where the hell did you learn to do all that?”

Wufei’s hands halted and he looked down at her. Sally tilted her head and gazed back, her blue eyes questioning.

“What do you mean?” Wufei asked.

Sally shrugged. “Well… I know that your sexual experience is as minimal as mine.” She said. “So where did you learn how to do all that?”

Wufei struggled between amusement at her question and indignation. Finally amusement won. “Obviously you have never heard Maxwell bragging about his activities.” He said dryly.

Sally’s eyebrows shot up. “Duo… talks about _his_ experience?”

“Only when he’s very drunk.” Wufei said with a grin. “And he was _extremely_ drunk after my stag party. We couldn’t stop him talking about sex…. Finally we just gave up.”

“And you took _notes_?” Sally asked incredulously.

Wufei looked slightly sheepish. “Well… I couldn’t help hearing and… I wanted to make tonight special…” He looked challengingly at her. “Besides, devious Sally… where did _you_ learn your actions tonight?’

Sally chuckled. “Okay, I’m guilty… I did some research.” She blushed faintly. “Using… um… romance novels…”

Wufei stared at her and then laughed out loud, embracing her tightly. Sally grinned and snuggled up to him, her fingers playing over his chest.


“Yes, Sally?’

“What else did Duo talk about?”

“That depends, what else did your ‘research’ tell you?’

“How about you show me and then I show you?’

“That sounds fair.”

“Oh… Wufei?”

“What now?”

“Remind me to thank Duo tomorrow.”

“Hmph, perhaps. Now be silent, woman… we have a long night ahead of us.”


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