Watching Over

A Detective Conan Challenge Ficlet

By Orla

Disclaimer: Gosho Aoyama owns all and doesn't publish this series fast enough, damn it.

The Challenge

Challenger: Miyuki Mina
Series: Detective Conan
Character: Kazuha
Title: Watching Over
Dialogue: "We're always by each other, aren't we?"

I remember the first day we met. I was in my pink sweater with the teddy bear on the front and you had band-aids all over your face and on your arms. You told me you got scratched when saving a cat from falling into the river and seemed very proud of yourself. I should have realised from that point on that I was going to see you injured again and again from helping others and time has only proven me right. The difference is that now your injuries could take you away from me... forever.

Remember when you were shot? Or the time I stabbed your hand to try to save you? Or when we were captured and held in that attic? What about the most recent incident when you were stabbed and then went on to fight a kendo battle? You've cheated death so many times now, I've been so scared that one day you'll lose the winning cards. And now, you lie in this hospital bed so quiet and still while I wait (forever if I have to) for you to open your eyes and grin at me.

Could I have prevented this? No, not likely. Kudo is your friend and you've always been one to give all you have for a friend, no matter what. Still, I can't help being angry at him for getting you into another dangerous situation. Oh, I'll never say that, because it would upset you too much, but I'm going to think it! I'm angry at myself too, for not telling you how I felt before this happened.

Wake up. Wake up. I have to tell you...

"Ne... Kazuha? You... you crying again?"

"No! Why would I cry over an idiot like you?"

"That's my Kazuha," a slow smile and dark brown fingers shift slightly to touch mine. "I'm glad you're here..."

I dash away the tears that just won't stop. "Of course I'm here, where else would I be?" closing my fingers over his. "We're always by each other, aren't we?"

"Yeah... always."

Silly me. I don't need to tell you anything. You already know.

The End

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