The Watcher's Oath
By Jaelle
A Highlander Fanfiction

Wow do I not own these guys. They actually belong to Davis/Panzer Productions, Rysher Entertainment, and Gaumont Television. No copyright infringements were intended.

Remember kids: it's all fun and games until somebody loses their head!

I stumble out of Le Blues Bar again, swearing under my breath at your absolute intransigence. All I wanted was one lousy piece of information, something you'd have given MacLeod without a murmur. But noooo... it's all, "I took an Oath" and "Watchers watch and record, we don't interfere. You know that."

Of course I bloody know that! I took the Oath. In fact I've taken it twice now, and I have to say that none of my fellow Watchers back in Jerusalem were half as annoying as Joe Dawson.

Honestly, I can't stand it when he starts on about the Oath, with a capital bloody O. Actually, I can't stand it when _anybody_ starts on about the Oath. Even MacLeod's started quoting it and using it to justify things: "Don't blame them Methos, it was Ammaletu's idea. Blame Gilgamesh or the other immortal who saved Ammaletu from him and told him to watch and record and not interfere."

Damn Ammaletu anyway. Oh I'd love to tell them the truth about _him_, but I can't. They'd only blame me for the whole thing, and damn it, this time it is NOT my fault!

All I bloody said was, "Stay back, BE SILENT, and just keep making notes and pretending everything's fine while I take off this bastard's head!"


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