A Prince of Tennis Fanfiction

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: They're not mine. Unlucky.
Ratings: PG-13, Humour.
Spoilers: Not really.

Written for the lj community pillarchallenge. The challenge was "aliens". How could I resist? Should probably be in the crack section, but isn't.

"Sir, this way please!" The two security personnel dragging the Prime Minister of Japan along sounded on the verge of panic. "We've got to get you out of here!"

There was a loud explosion nearby, and the three men all ducked as they were showered in debris. A large force of invaders turned the corner while they were on the ground and took aim.

The Prime Minister of Japan looked up helplessly as the first blast from the alien weapons was fired directly at him. It seemed it was all over. The aliens from Planet X were unstoppable, and Japan was lost.

A golden blur rushed past him and leapt up to meet the blazing orb in midair.

"You've still got a long way to go!" The glow crowed triumphantly, and shimmered. The fireball was smashed back at the aliens, landing in their midst and exploding loudly. The Prime Minister gaped as the golden-limned... boy? Not much more than a child, landed gently on the ground and grinned at the invading force. He tapped his... tennis racquet?... against his shoulder and trotted over to the Prime Minister, offering him a hand up.

"You should probably get out of here. Seigaku and Fudoumine have cleared the way to the evacuation points, and we're just waiting for Hyoutei and Rikkai to arrive before we kick these guys out," the boy smirked. "We'll teach them to invade right before Nationals!"

The Prime Minister stared at him in bemusement. Behind the boy, another alien fired.

"Watch out!"

The boy turned, his eyes widening in surprise as he brought his tennis racket up to block.


There was a sudden change in the air and the fireball abruptly turned and changed course, heading instead towards a tall man standing a ways off. The man was also emitting a golden light, and miniature planets swirled around him. And... was that a dinosaur?

"There it is - the Tezuka zone!!" A loud voice shouted behind the Prime Minister, and he turned to see three other boys running up behind him.

"Who are you people?" He asked in amazement. "Are you other aliens, come to help us? Or the spirit of Japan itself? Did Amaterasu send you?"

"No, we're the Seigaku Junior High tennis team," one of the new boys said, in confusion. "We were all in the bus on our way to the National competition grounds when the aliens attacked, and we thought you could use some help."

"Plus the bus with the referees in it is pinned down by alien fire so we can't do anything until the invading forces leave," added another.

"That too."

The boys helped the Prime Minister to his feet, while the other man continued to intercept and return all the the aliens attacks back at them. Finally the group retreated in confusion, and he walked over to join them.

"Are you all unharmed?" He asked the group, glancing over them quickly. His gaze lingered on the first boy, who was staring at the ground.

"We're fine, thanks to your efforts," the Prime Minister gave him a deep bow. "I thank you for your aid in this matter."

The first boy now looked up, eyes wary. "Yeah, good job, Captain."

"Echizen," the man laid his hand on the boy's cheek. "I told you, you must not be careless."

The boy, Echizen, gave him a slightly mumbled response. "Yes, sir," he said quietly, turning his face away. His lips grazed over the man's thumb as he did so.

The man took his hand away quickly and looked at the rest of the group. "Katsuo, Kachirou, Horio... take the Prime Minister to safety. Tell Oishi that Echizen and I have gone on ahead to search for others who need help."

"Should we get him to send you reinforcements, Captain Tezuka?" One of the boys asked, as the others began to lead the Prime Minister away.

There was the faintest hint of a smile around Tezuka's face. "I don't think that will be necessary."

Echizen merely smirked.

The Prime Minister halted the boys leading him away and bowed again to the two who were going out to face the invaders. "No matter how often I say it, I cannot thank you enough," he said humbly. "On behalf of all Japan, I thank you for taking on this momentous task."

Tezuka bowed deeply in return, putting out a hand to force Echizen into a bow as well. "Please leave it all to us."

The Prime Minister straightened and turned to follow the others off to safety.

"Yeah, it's no big deal," Echizen's voice sounded amused.

"We needed to warm-up before the match anyway."


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