I Want You
By Orla
A Wufei x Sally PWP

Warning: LEMON!!! R17!!!

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or the characters, they all belong to other people *sniff*. Don't sue me, okay?

In retrospect this hadn't been one of her brighter ideas, Sally reflected as she sipped her wine. It seemed like a good idea when Jennifer proposed the plan, and a nice way to get to know other members of the staff at Preventer HQ. However, now Sally wasn't sure if she should be so social with people that she hardly knew... People who were expected to respect her on-duty.

Liza, one of the secretaries, giggled at something Jennifer had said and turned to Sally. "But I guess you know all about that, right Sally?"

She blinked. "Eh? I'm sorry," Sally smiled. "My mind was elsewhere."

"I said," Jennifer repeated herself. "That there are still alot of male chauvinists around."

"So why would Sally appreciate that?" Another girl, a fluffy blond named Linda asked curiously.

"Because Sally works with Mr Wufei 'I have a pole stuck up my ass' Chang." Liza laughed.

"Ooooh..." Linda looked at Sally. "You have my condolences."

Sally shook her head. "He's not _that_ bad," she defended her absent partner. "Once you get to know him."

"I have to admit," said Jennifer. "He does have a gorgeous bod... and a face to match when he's not glowering at you!"

"Cute butt too!" Liza giggled into her wine.

Sally nearly choked. She could just imagine Wufei's reaction if he knew his... er... attributes were the subject of discussion at a girl's night. "Ummm... yeah... he works out alot." She said weakly.

The other girls grinned knowingly at her. "Have you seen more than us?" Jennifer asked eagerly. "C'mon, Sally... tell us!"

Sally swallowed. "Well..." she said slowly. "We do work out together... and he often removes his top..." She could feel her cheeks heating up and cursed inwardly. Hell... she'd never thought twice about it before, why was this discussion making her twitchy. Sally was aware that she had some feelings for Wufei that went deeper than friendship, but up until now she hadn't dared to explore them. Now, despite her best efforts, she couldn't _stop_ herself.

"Mmmmmm... bet he's got nice abs to go with that butt..." Liza murmured.

"Speaking of abs..." Linda began regaling them with details about her latest boyfriend, a body builder, and Sally was left in peace.

Not that she felt at peace anyway. Sally fidgeted a little on the couch and tried to exorcise a vision of Wufei that had popped up in her mind. A vision of him working out, torso bare and a sheen of sweat making his skin glisten. But as hard as she tried, it wouldn't leave her, and things only got worse as the other girls began to go into great detail about their sex lives - past, present and future wants.

Sally was glad of the dim lighting hiding the blush staining her cheeks. Her sexual experience was virtually nil, with the exception of one painful and uncomfortable encounter when she was 16. Up until now she hadn't really been concerned with the whole thing, but now her mind was feverishly working on this new fodder and creating new, sexy thoughts about her long time partner that made Sally feel extremely hot and bothered. Sally's torture didn't stop with the conversation either, as Jennifer produced some erotic videos and put them on. Sally watched the videos with half-shut eyes and face blazing... especially as her mind kept putting herself and Wufei in the place of the two leads.

Later, as she walked back to her apartment, Sally wondered how on earth she was going to be able to talk to Wufei without jumping him.

"A cold shower and just not seeing him until I have to," she muttered. "That should do it." The good thing was that they both had the morning off and only had to meet up to present a report the next afternoon. Sally was confident that she could get her raging hormones under control by then and everything would be back to normal.

Sally was so caught up in quelling her inner turmoil that she didn't notice the light on in her apartment or her visitor until she had closed the door and he spoke.

"Where the hell have you been, Woman?" Wufei glared at her from the couch. "I've been waiting for ages!"

Sally gaped at him. "W-Wufei?" She spluttered. Dear God, had her raging desire gone completely out of control? Was she hallucinating now? She quickly pinched her wrist. Nope, this was definitely reality. "Um... what are you doing here?"

Wufei held up a folder. "The report!" He said irritably. "There are a number of points that you made that we should go over."

Sally swallowed. Talking about work was absolutely the last thing on her mind right now, and despite Wufei's cross words all she could think was how delicious he looked in those white Chinese pants and black tank top. She had to get him out of her apartment... _now_.

"Wufei, I'm really not up to talking about the report, it's 11.30 and I want to get some rest." Sally turned away from him and hung up her coat. "Can we talk about it in the morning."

There was a brief, huffy silence from the couch. Sally continued to keep her eyes averted, not trusting her self-control. Then, to her horror and her delight, he was at her side, pulling her around by the elbow to face him.

Wufei frowned at her. "Are you alright?" He asked suddenly. "Your face is all flushed."

Sally felt his touch burning her skin. "I-I'm fine... but you really have to go!" She said urgently, trying not to drown herself in his beautiful dark eyes.

"What is wrong with you tonight?" Wufei asked. "You are acting so irrational, Sally. I would've expected better of you."

Goaded, Sally leaned forward, her blue eyes sparking. "I'm telling you to leave before I kiss you until you turn blue from lack of oxygen!" She ducked her head and took a deep breath. Well... farewell to that partnership...

Wufei didn't move Sally risked a glance up at her and saw that his mouth was curving upwards slightly. "I think that's an impossibility, Woman." He said.

That did it... Sally shook off his hand and grabbed his head. Pulling Wufei towards her, she kissed him, pressing her body to his and wrapping her arms around his neck. She deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue between his lips and tasting his mouth. Then common sense kicked her and she pulled away with a gasp, turning violently from him.

"I'm sorry," Sally murmured. "I don't know what came over me... I'll never..." She stopped as a strong arm snaked around her waist and Wufei turned her back to face him, cupping her chin with his hand. His black eyes stared at her intently.

"Don't start something you don't intend to finish." He said huskily. "Or it will be finished for you... Sally." He pulled her swiftly towards him and crushed her mouth under his.

Sally whimpered in surprise under his assaulting mouth, but the surprise turned rapidly to low cries of pleasure as his hands roamed over her body. He pulled her back and pushed her down onto her large couch, nibbling her neck and freeing her hair from the braids. They kissed, Sally matching Wufei for passion as she twined her arms around his neck and arched her body against his.

His mouth still working on her lips and her neck, Wufei tugged her T-shirt out of her jeans and slipped his hands underneath the fabric. Sally squirmed as his fingers touched her skin and eagerly helped him to remove the shirt. Wufei ran strong hands over her breasts, rubbing at the nipples through the fabric of her bra before moving up to her shoulders to slip the straps down her arms.

Sally's eyes opened as he kissed her collarbone and she realised that she wanted a little control in this delightful situation... Quick as a cat, she moved and Wufei suddenly found himself on his back on the couch with Sally straddling his hips. He lifted an eyebrow at this change and Sally smirked.

"Not so fast," she murmured, tracing the outline of his lips with her forefinger.

Wufei bit her finger gently, his eyes meeting hers, dark with desire. "You were the one who starting this." He said.

Sally grinned and hunched over him. "Not that you're complaining..." She whispered as she ran her fingers down his torso and gently stroked the bulge in his pants. "In any way..." She continued to gently caress him, watching his eyes close as he let out a little groan of appreciation for her touch. She moved her hand and pulled off his tank-top, eager to see his bare skin, to taste it...

Wufei's eyes flew open as she bent down and nipped his skin delicately. "You... you don't play fair..." He whispered.

"I never did..." Sally nuzzled his chest, licking and nipping at his skin, feeling the jump of his muscles. Wufei's hands crawled up her back and he deftly unhooked her bra, freeing her breast to his questing fingers. Sally moaned as his strong hands caressed her sensitive skin and shivered as he rolled his thumbs over her nipples making them hard and even more susceptible to his touch.

In an effort to even the odds, Sally undid his pants and pushed them down, freeing his arousal. She gently stroked the length, smiling at the reaction her efforts evoked in him. For a while she continued to run her fingers along him, trailing her fingers over the sensitive skin.

With a guttural groan, Wufei pushed her back down onto the couch so that she was once again beneath him. He assaulted her lips once more while his hands moved down to her jeans. As soon as he had hers off, he kicked his own pants away and moved his hands up her inner thighs, kneading the smooth flesh. He leaned forward and kissed her breasts as his fingers probed her most responsive area.

Sally was nearly sobbing with the sensations he was stirring up in her. She didn't care that he was driving her to a frenzy... She wanted him... inside her... holding her...

"Wufei..." She whispered. "Wufei... now!"

Wufei lifted his head and looked at her. He kissed her mouth and moved his body, settling his hips between her thighs. He paused and stroked her cheek.

"Sally..." His voice was low in her ears. "Are you sure?"

Sally let out a little squeal of frustration. "Yes!" She kissed him urgently. "Wufei... I love you..."

His eyes widened a fraction and then he smiled. "I love you, Sally."

As he entered her Sally arched her back and wrapped her legs around him, urging him deeper. Wufei placed a hand to her hips and he pressed her against him. His other hand was entwined in her hair, cupping her head, and his lips grazed her neck and mouth.

Sally felt her insides melt as the pleasure consumed her and they found a perfect rhythm. Small cries burst from her lips and she dug her fingernails into his back as she reached her peak. She came with a loud cry and shuddered against him, gasping his name and holding him tightly. Wufei followed her; tensing up and then letting out an inarticulate shout as he spasmed all he had into her.

They lay in a tangle of limbs on the couch, both breathing hard in the wake of their lovemaking. Wufei pushed himself up and gently pushed Sally's damp hair off her cheeks.

"Not that I'm complaining," he murmured, moving forward to kiss the edge of her mouth. "But what brought this on?"

Sally smiled and lazily ran her fingers along the muscles of his arms. "I realised that I wanted you." She said simply. "But I wasn't sure until now that you felt the same way..."

Wufei smiled back at her. "Woman... I have wanted you for weeks." He confessed. "But you never indicated anything but friendship." He stroked her neck slowly. "All this time wasted..."

Sally's smile turned naughty. "Well, then we have some time to make up, don't we?" She kissed him. "But I have a suggestion..."

"Hmmm?" Wufei was busy grazing his lips along her jaw line.

"Let's move into the bedroom... this couch is comfortable, but not _that_ comfortable."

"I think I can agree to that."

The End.

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