Detective Conan/Kaitou Kid Vampyre AU Shortfics

By Jaelle

Background Information

The following are a bunch of short fics set in Icka!Imps Detective Conan Vampyre AU World, in which Conan and Shinichi exist as Doppelgangers, the Kaitou Kid is a magician, Hakuba is a zombie (sort of) and Heiji is a werewolf. They were mostly written because I love the idea of Heiji Hattori, Detective and Werewolf, and I've been wanting to play in this particular AU for a long time. Thanks to Icka for allowing me to use it!

To see the original stories that inspired these, follow the link to Icka's Vampyre Universe Page.

Disclaimer: Gosho Aoyama owns the characters. Icka created the AU Vampyre Universe.

Dedicated to both of them.

Sense of Smell 1

Sometimes it sucks to be a werewolf.

Sense of Smell 2

Sometimes it REALLY, REALLY sucks to be a werewolf.

Two Of You Are More Than Enough

Just the two of you...

MI: Japan

Meddling kids!

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