Valentine’s Day

A FMA Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Pairings: Ed/Roy, Al/Winry.

Setting: Post-series.

Rating: PG.

Notes: Slightly OOC-Roy.

It was Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers.

So why was it, Roy Mustang wondered, that he couldn’t find his?

“Has ANYONE seen Edward?” he asked his office staff plaintively.

“Not since yesterday,” Havoc said, investigating a box of chocolates which had appeared on his desk that morning. “Have you tried the library?”


“When did you see him last?” Fury asked helpfully.

Roy pursed his lips in annoyance, “Last night. When I woke up this morning, he was gone.”

The staff exchanged an amused look which, unfortunately, Roy caught. Adding this to his list of things that Ed was going to pay for (when he FOUND the little runt, that is), he stalked off to try his final resort.

The door to the house opened and an attractive, fair-headed man grinned at him saucily.

“Oh, good morning Roy,” Alphonse said cheerily, clearly trying not to laugh. “How are you today?”

Roy gave the younger man a glare which, in former times, would have had him scurrying for cover and apologising frantically. Al’s smile only widened into a... was that a smirk? It WAS a smirk. Alphonse Elric was actually SMIRKING at him.

Roy fumed silently, and added another item to the list.

“Alphonse,” he said finally. “I seem to have mislaid your brother.” He pitched his voice deliberately louder for the next part. “Possibly I dropped him under a desk or something, and you know how hard it is to find him under things.”

He waited. Silence.

“He’s not here,” Al said. “Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?”

Roy shot him a Look and Al wiped some of the more obvious mirth off his face. “Alphonse...”

“Who is it?” Winry popped up behind Al. “Oh hello Roy! You’re right on time! Ed said you’d probably be here around lunch.”

“Where is he?” Roy said quickly.

Winry widened her eyes at him, “Where is who?”

Watching Roy’s fists clench Al let out a nervous laugh and grabbed his arm. “How about that cup of tea?”

Sitting at the kitchen table, Roy sipped at his tea. “Are you going to tell me where Fullmetal’s hidden himself?” he asked finally.

Winry and Al exchanged a look.


Roy sighed and lay back, forcing himself to relax. “This is because of last year, isn’t it?”

Al coughed, “Well, you know my brother. He hates making fusses. And filling his bedroom with pink and red balloons was a bit over the top.”

Roy’s lips twitched as he remembered the expression on Ed’s face when he’d woken up.

“And the banner in the front yard was a bit... large,” Al continued.

“And then there was the part when you presented him with all that chocolate body paint in front of the entire office,” Winry added tartly. “Did you REALLY expect him to stick around and let you tease him all day again this year?”

“But it’s Valentine’s Day!” Roy said plaintively, giving them his best puppy-dog eyes. Both Al and Winry looked unimpressed, and Roy finally dropped his gaze. “It’s possible that I went a bit overboard,” he admitted. “But he reacts so amusingly!”

“He’s not a TOY, Mustang,” Al’s voice went dangerously low.

“There’s no point getting upset about it, Al,” Winry said, sighing and shaking her head. “Those two are weird, and you just have to accept it.”

“Can you at least tell me when he’s coming BACK?” Roy asked, managing to avoid making comments on Al and Winry’s own relationship. He could see at least three wrenches within arms reach of the girl.

The duo smiled sweetly at him and said nothing. Roy began to feel distinctly outnumbered.

“Very well then,” he said, standing to leave. “Thank you for the tea.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” They sing-songed at him as he left.

Roy Mustang was not a man to sulk, but he came very close to it over the rest of the day, despite the piles of chocolates and sundry other gifts he accumulated from various admirers.

None of which were from Ed.

During a quiet lull, he reached into a drawer and took out an envelope. He smiled fondly as he slid the card inside onto his desk. Edward would never be romantic, but occasionally he could force himself to pretend. The card represented his last years Valentine’s Day gift. There was no picture on the front, and the inside merely wished him a “Happy Day, from Ed”.

Typical Fullmetal.

The day wore on in its usual fashion, despite the absence of a certain short alchemist, until 5pm, at which point Roy found himself being almost forcibly ejected by his staff, all of whom had plans they refused to break for anything short of a natural disaster.

As he walked home Roy allowed himself a small amount of optimism. Valentine’s Day was nearly over, and surely, surely Ed would come home for the evening, if not the night. So they wouldn’t be able to get a restaurant or anything at this late time, they could still have an enjoyable evening. A quiet, candle-lit dinner, soft music playing, maybe a brief dance... he’d even let Ed lead this time.

Roy became aware that he was making concessions already in hopes that Ed would hear his thoughts and show up. Perhaps the day really DID make people “mushy”, as Ed complained, but there was nothing wrong with a little mush once in a while. Just because Edward Elric didn’t have a romantic bone in his body...

Roy’s train of thoughts abruptly derailed as he turned the corner of his street and came into sight of his house. His jaw dropped open and he stared.

Eventually he regained enough control to walk closer, and paused outside the house, staring up at it.

His sensible, two-storey Victorian-style house was now a two-storey Valentine’s heart. He slowly let himself in through the gate and circled the house, peering into a couple of the windows. The interior seemed more or less the same, but the exterior...

When he’d finished his close perusal, he exited the garden and crossed the street to get a better look at the overall effect. It was still a bright red heart, with a large ribbon wrapped around it.

“What do you think? Not a bad job if I do say so myself,” said a cheerful voice from beside his shoulder.

Roy glanced down directly into the mischeviously-gleaming eyes of Edward Elric.

“My house...” he managed finally.

“OUR house,” Ed corrected, examining it critically. “The transmutation went pretty well, all things considered.” He glanced up at the older man. “I considered writing, ‘To Roy, from Ed’ across it,” he admitted, “but I thought that would be kind of tacky.”

“You don’t consider THIS ‘tacky’?” Roy asked, raising an eyebrow.

“What? You love this kind of shit, don’t try to deny it,” Ed growled. “You should just be grateful that I made it into one of those cutesy stupid decorations that people use, instead of a PROPER, biologically accurate, heart shape.”

Roy winced at the mental image. “Well, when you put it like that...”

Ed smirked. “Exactly. So anyway, happy Valentine’s Day. Now come on, dinner’s getting cold.” He seized Roy’s arm and dragged him towards the house. “And if you like the outside, wait’ll you see what I did to the BEDROOM,” he purred.

Roy let himself be tugged along as a slow smile spread across his face. The day was looking up. There was just one little thing he had to sort out before he could allow himself to fully enjoy his present.

“You ARE going to be able to put it back the way it was tomorrow, aren’t you?”


A/N: Way, waaay late for the day I know, but the idea of Ed transmuting the entire house just appealed to me.

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