Turning the World Upside Down

A One Piece drabble-fic

By Jaelle

Rating: PG. Pure silliness.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Pairing: Ace/Smoker.
For the onepieceyaoi100 weekly challenge - the topic was role-reversal.

A/N: The section in italics is a flashback.

Sprinting past a bunch of wanted posters, Smoker paused just long enough to snarl at the faces staring back at him. They would both pay for this. Straw-hat for starting it all, and Ace for generally insufferable behaviour.

"What's the matter, Colonel? Getting slow in your old age?!" Ace shouted cheerfully.

Smoker cast a quick glance at the pirate's running form and increased his pace. He was not going to lose! Not this time! Not to Ace!

He'd known it was a mistake to get mixed up with the young pirate. Give the snot an inch and he took four miles, your food, any alcohol you might have left lying around, and then sauntered off looking like an ad for indecent fantasies. Damn him, damn them both! Damn kids, turning the whole world upside down. If only he'd captured them both before they'd reached the end of the Grandline!

"Is that really the fastest you can run?!" There was no sign of exhaustion in Ace's voice, despite the long chase. Smoker ground his teeth and vowed he'd have his revenge. He just KNEW that Ace was responsible for the current situation. There was absolutely no way Straw-hat could have come up with this sort of idea on his own.

Luffy stood before the crowd, having returned in triumph as the undisputed King of Pirates.

"As the King of this Pirate Town, I hereby declare... that for one week, Pirates will be the lawful keepers of order, and all Marines are immediately declared OUTLAWS!"

Smoker sprinted around a corner, with Ace in hot pursuit. The boy was laughing and waving a pair of manacles, and Smoker swore that he'd teach the brat a lesson when this week was over. Until then, he just had to stay ahead...

"Smoker-chan, I'm catching uuuuuuppp!!!"

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