A Typical Morning

A Saiyuki Ficbit

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.

It was another morning for the Sanzo group. As usual, Hakkai was the first one up, putting together breakfast for the rest of the group. Gojyo woke next and watched him lazily for a while, too comfortable to move. And then Sanzo got up.

"Good morning Sanzo,” Hakkai said cheerfully. “No, we don't want to die today. Sleep well?"

Gojyo raised an eyebrow.

Sanzo merely grunted and looked at the slowly waking Goku. "I don't care if you're hungry,” he growled at the boy before he could say anything. “Anyone seen my comb?”

The other eyebrow joined the first as Gojyo sat up and reached for his cigarettes.

"Good morning Gojyo, your lighter is out of fluid, remember?” Hakkai said cheerfully. “Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes Goku, be patient."

The others continued on with their morning rituals. Gojyo watched them for a moment and then put his cigarettes back in his pocket.

“Remind me,” he said. “How long have we all been married now?"

Hakkai carefully removed the breakfast from the fire and stood back, as Goku ran around him, trying to snitch bits out of the pan. Sanzo quietly finished reloading his gun and then exhaled slowly.

“I’m gonna KILL YOU!!!”

Grinning, Gojyo dodged the first couple of bullets and set off running, while Sanzo chased him, firing grimly all the while. Hakkai sighed and put the pan back on the fire.

“Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes!” He called after the running pair.

Gojyo’s voice floated mockingly back to him.

“Yes, dear!”


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