A FMA Fanfic

By Jaelle

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It was a quiet day at Central City HQ. It was especially quiet amongst the staff of Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang, who were aimlessly milling around the corridor outside their office.

“Who’s that?” Fury asked suddenly, pointing. “I haven’t seen her around here before.”

Breda looked where the younger man was pointing and whistled quietly. “What a looker. Do you think she’s the Lieutenant Colonel’s new aide?”

“Do you think we’ll ever really get that lucky?” Havoc snorted.

“The Lieutenant Colonel might,” Breda pointed out.

“No way,” Havoc dismissed the idea. “The brass know damn well they need to send a real hard arse to ride herd on Mustang, pardon my French. No way they’d send a babe like that.”

“She’s coming over here,” Fury said nervously. “Do you think she heard us?”

“Maybe she wants a date,” Breda said, straightening.

“Maybe she wants directions,” Havoc said pessimistically, but straightened also.

“Fury, your collar’s folded over again,” Farman, previously silent, also stood to greet the woman.

She was, indeed, a real looker. Blonde hair, tall strong build, and firm blue eyes shining with resolve, she looked every inch as though she’d stepped straight from a recruiting poster. She approached them steadily, her eyes roving over them and noting their relevant ranks. Havoc, as the senior officer present, stiffened to attention as she approached him, and stepped forward to speak.

“Good morning,” he said. “I am Warrant Officer Havoc, can I be of any assistance?”

“Good morning Warrant Officer Havoc,” the woman snapped off a perfect salute. “I am Second Lieutenant Lisa Hawkeye, and I am here to take up the my post as Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang’s aide. Are you one of his staff members?”

Havoc saluted again hurriedly, “Yes Ma’am! Also on staff with me are Warrant Officer Hymans Breda, Sergeant Major Vador Farman, and Sergeant Cain Fury.” He indicated each man in turn and they snapped to attention. “On behalf of all of us, please be welcome.”

“I look forward to working with you all,” Hawkeye replied. “Now, may I ask why you are all standing out here in the corridor? Is there a problem with the office?”

Havoc nearly choked. Oh man, this was bad.

“Not, not a problem as such...” he said weakly. “We’re uh, we’re just waiting for the Lieutenant Colonel to get here.”

Hawkeye gave him a very severe look. “And is there no work that can be done without the Lieutenant Colonel’s presence?”

Havoc sweatdropped.

“Well, someone could make the coffee,” Breda muttered quietly, then winced as the glare Hawkeye gave him made it clear he hadn’t said it quietly enough.

“Perhaps you could brief me on the current situation,” Hawkeye said to Havoc coldly.

“Yes Ma’am,” Havoc said, allowing her to lead the way into the office. The other three sent him sympathetic looks as he followed her in. This was not going to be a good morning.


Havoc was absolutely correct. It was a terrible morning. Hawkeye had visibly been taken aback by the mountains of paperwork stacked up around the office, and had only been mildly mollified when she realised that this was not from lack of effort on the staff’s part, but because their CO had failed to sign off on anything.

“Has the Lieutenant Colonel been on an active assignment recently?” she inquired eventually, turning over another set of reports that required his initals before they could be sent off for filing.

Fury crimsoned, and Farman and Breda both suffered sudden coughing fits. Havoc looked heavenward and prayed for divine intervention.

“Good morning everyone!” Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang breezed in through the door. “Did you all have a good evening? I certainly did.” He smirked gleefully at Havoc. “The Ambassador’s wife did too. I don’t know what his was like though.” He paused. “Oh? Who’s this?”

Hawkeye had snapped to attention the second Mustang had walked in the door, and showed no sign of having heard anything he’d just said. “Second Lieutenant Hawkeye reporting for duty sir!”

The others quickly snapped to as well, and Mustang drew himself together and returned her salute soberly. “Welcome to the team Hawkeye,” he said politely. “I look forward to working with you. Now, where’s my coffee?” He looked at Havoc pointedly.

“Fury, go make the Lieutenant Colonel’s coffee,” Havoc ordered instantly. “Sir...” he strangled his next words as he caught sight of Hawkeye again. “Uh...”

Hawkeye picked up where he’d stopped. “Sir, there are a large number of reports which need your immediate attention.” She lifted the pile to the left of her and Havoc’s eyebrows rose slightly. She’d picked up the super-ultra-urgent-we-needed-this-signed-Y

ESTERDAY pile, which he was fairly sure she’d only had time to glance at. Impressive.

“Yes, yes,” Mustang said, taking off his coat and heading for his office. “In a minute. Coffee!” His door shut behind him firmly.

Havoc looked at Hawkeye slightly apologetically as she slowly relaxed. “Umm... Breda, Farman... go help Fury.”

The other two took the chance to escape as Havoc tried to think how to explain things to Hawkeye. In the end he decided to wait for her to make the first comment.

Hawkeye turned and gazed at him steadily. “I begin to see why the Lieutenant Colonel has gone through six aides in as many months,” she said neutrally.

Havoc stiffened and his expression froze. “He’s a good commander,” he said coldly.

Hawkeye held his gaze for a minute longer and he felt strangely as though she was assessing him. Finally, she nodded slowly. “I see. If you believe that so strongly, then he must be. Very well. Then I suppose I shall have to make the extra effort for him.”

She turned to face the office door, a firm expression of resolve crossing her features. “Why don’t you go and help the others with the coffee?”

Havoc fled just as she opened the door to Mustang’s office.


When they returned, it was almost as though they’d entered a different office. Mustang’s door was open, and the man himself was signing reports as fast as Hawkeye could put them in front of him.

“And initial the third page here,” she instructed. “Thank you Lieutenant Colonel. Ah good, you’re all back. Sergeant Fury, would you please take these reports down to Records? Sergeant Major Farman, I require your assistance in locating the meal expenses for the last two months. Warrant Officer Breda, please go to the Central Directory and inform them that if our phone lines become snared again I will be attending to the matter personally.”

All four men froze as Mustang blanched at her choice of words, before burying himself frantically in more paperwork. Havoc felt a chill come over him as she looked his way, and then relaxed as she graced him with a small smile. “And Warrant Officer Havoc, if you could bring out your next most urgent pile of things which need attention, I would appreciate it.”

Mustang shot Havoc a pleading look. Havoc merely saluted, an amused expression on his face, and went to work.

For months, the one main topic of conversation was how on earth she’d done it. Oh, it was true, Mustang still slacked off at regular intervals, but whenever Hawkeye told him that this paperwork, “Absolutely has to be done today sir,” he did it. Instantly.

“Mind control?” Fury suggested.

“Feminine wiles?” Breda offered.

“Human transmutation?” Farman guessed.

Havoc never offered any theories for the remarkable change. Just as he never said anything about the bullet holes in the wall around Mustang’s desk that Hawkeye had quietly asked him to fix later on that day while the others were out of the office. He’d just looked at her with a raised eyebrow, and she’d given him the first genuine smile he’d seen on her.

“I believe in disciplining strictly,” was all she’d said.


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