Three Go Camping on Tokyo Moor

Most Definitely Not By Enid Blyton

(in fact by Jaelle)

We are the famous three...
Seishirou, Hokuto,
Subaru Sumeragi!
We are the famous three...
Always on the case, whereever we are,
Near or far.

Part Eight

After an exhausting day of planning and shopping, the Famous Three quickly consumed a hasty dinner of cold roast beef on thick slabs of fresh bread, and bedded down in their new tents. Although convinced that she would not sleep a wink, Hokuto was surprised to find herself awakening out of a sound sleep to the sound of whimpers.

"That's right Pochi," a hoarse voice whispered. "Good boy. Goooooood boy."

"Seishirou?" Hokuto whispered. "Is Pochi here?"

"Hokuto?" Seishirou's voice was hoarse. "Yes he is, but stay where you are."

"But I want to see him," Hokuto complained, a little louder.

"Ssshhh, he's got something in his mouth," Seishirou whispered back to her. "I don't want to startle him. Good boy, good Pochi."

"What is it? Is he choking?" Hokuto sat up abruptly.

"A little," Seishirou said tensely. "Just give me a... ah! Yes Pochi! Good boy! Come. Come now! Give it to me!"

There was a high-pitched whine and some rapid choking sounds. Hokuto bit her lip in fear. "Did you get it?"

"Yes." Seishirou sounded exhausted.

"Is Pochi alright?"

"He's fine... there he goes." Seishirou sounded fond and Hokuto could hear him thudding down onto the ground. "Ah..."

"He didn't bite you did he?"

"No," Seishirou almost seemed to find that funny. "But I don't think he'll be coming again toni... did you hear that?"

Hokuto tensed. Could it be?

"Woooooo... AAAAHHHHH... AWOOOOOOO..."

Hokuto dashed out of her tent, clutching a pot ladle in one hand and a torch in the other. Seishirou joined her moments later, armed with a torch and a saucepan. The two stood there in their pajamas, trying to ascertain where the noise was coming from. Slowly, groggily, Subaru crawled out of the boy's tent as the cries got louder. He shone his own torch around as the three children sought their foes.

"Where is it coming from?" Hokuto muttered.

A dark shape loomed up in front of her. "WATCH OUT!" Seishirou moved in front of Hokuto and pushed the figure away violently. It fell away and some sort of liquid splashed over Seishirou's body. Subaru scrambled over and stood next to Hokuto, grabbing his own weapon, a small iron pot, as he did so. Two more figures loomed out at them, and the twins swung out with all their strength. Cries of pain replaced the ghostly wails as the twins and Seishirou belaboured their foes.

"OW!" One voice cried. "Bloody kids!"

Subaru jerked in surprise. "That's the man who hit me!" He yelled.

Seishirou's face seemed to snarl in the thin torchlight as he tackled the man who had cried out.

After the scuffle had ended, the Famous Three found that they had two captives, both older men. The one who had first attacked them was missing.

"Must have run off," Seishirou said as he tied the ropes they'd bought tightly around their captives. "Never mind, the police will find him." He knotted the ropes firmly. "There, they won't get out of those!"

"What do you think they wanted?" Hokuto asked excitedly.

"I'm sure they'll tell us in the morning," Seishirou said calmly. "Now Subaru, are you sure you're not hurt?"

Subaru massaged his jaw slowly. "I'm fine," he said. "It's just a little sore. Ugh, and I've got muck all over me!" He brushed at his pajamas.

"I'm fine too!" Hokuto bounced with nervous energy. "Let's find out what they wanted now!"

"Not now," Seishirou repeated. "In the morning. You two need to get back to sleep. I'll watch them."

"Are you sure?" Subaru asked, just as Hokuto said, "Oh, I couldn't possibly sleep!"

"You say that now, but you'll feel tired in a moment," Seishirou said, smiling at her gently.

Hokuto found herself yawning at his suggestion. "Oh well, perhaps you're right," she said regretfully. "In the morning then. Come on Subaru, I'm sure we can leave them in Seishirou's capable hands."

The twins crawled into Hokuto's tent, curled up around each other, and slept.


Tune in next time to see Subaru give up and suffer the final chapter in silence.

Subaru: ...
Jaelle: *hugs Subaru* I knew you'd see it my way!

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