Three Go Camping on Tokyo Moor

Most Definitely Not By Enid Blyton

(in fact by Jaelle)

We are the famous three...
Seishirou, Hokuto,
Subaru Sumeragi!
We are the famous three...
Always on the case, whereever we are,
Near or far.

Part Six

That night, Hokuto was awakened by a soft moan. Her eyes snapped open. Could it be the ghost? Or the people responsible for the destruction of their campsite? Quietly, she lay still and listened.

There was a muffled whimper, more like a whine, and then Seishirou's soft voice.

"What's that Pochi? You heard something? Wait here while I investigate."

"Seishirou?" Hokuto sat up. "Who are you talking to?"

"Hokuto? You're awake?" Seishirou poked his head into her tent. "Everything alright?"

"I'm fine. Who were you talking to?" Hokuto repeated.

Seishirou gave her a shy smile. "I was talking to Pochi."

Hokuto blinked. "You were talking to a dog?"

"Yes," Seishirou looked abashed. "I noticed him the other evening and I've sort of been feeding and looking after him."

"Is he a stray? Does he have a collar?" Hokuto asked anxiously.

"No," Seishirou admitted. "But I might get him one before we leave."

"Is he a good dog?" Hokuto persisted. "He's not dangerous? Doesn't jump or bite? Not too licky?"

"He's very good indeed," Seishirou assured her. "Very housebroken. And just licky enough." He considered. "I think I'll definitely have to get him a collar. It would be a shame for people to think he doesn't belong to anyone."

"Oh Seishirou," Hokuto sighed. "You're so _responsible_. So, did Pochi hear something?"

"I'm not sure," Seishirou admitted. "I was going to go and have a look around, just in case."

"Be careful," Hokuto told him. "Don't go too far!"

Seishirou nodded and left. A short while later he returned.

"Nothing," he reported. "Couldn't see anyone. Perhaps Pochi was just nervous."

Hokuto nodded and lay back down to sleep. "You should get some rest!" She told him. "We've a lot to do tomorrow."

Seishirou smiled and whispered, "Good night Hokuto," before exiting again.

"And pat Pochi goodnight for me!" She called after him

"I most certainly will."


Will the ghost return again? Is Pochi a good dog? Tune in next time to see Subaru change sides in an effort to gain more allies against Jaelle.

Subaru: Well?
Fuuma: It IS his most ardent Wish...
Kamui: That's right! So you'll do it?
Fuuma: On the other hand, it bothers Kamui a great deal!
Subaru: Damn.
Jaelle: Muahahahahaha...

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