Three Go Camping on Tokyo Moor

Most Definitely Not By Enid Blyton

(in fact by Jaelle)

We are the famous three...
Seishirou, Hokuto,
Subaru Sumeragi!
We are the famous three...
Always on the case, whereever we are,
Near or far.

Part Three

"Come on, come on, hurry up!" Hokuto urged.

"Easy does it Hokuto," Seishirou admonished. "You can't hurry a tent you know. What if it fell down on you in the middle of the night?"

"That would be disturbing," Hokuto admitted. "But still Seishirou, don't you think you could go a little bit faster?"

"You spoiled brat! It would serve you right if you were to wake up and find yourself buried beneath this tent," Seishirou said with a laugh. "And... done!"

"Hurrah!" Hokuto cheered and immediately dove inside. "Pass me my bedroll?"

"Yes Master," Seishirou teased. "How are you coming along with our tent Subaru?"

Subaru's head emerged from the other tent. "Just about done!"

Seishirou wandered over to inspect his work. "Well done Subaru!" he said, admiring the neat bedrolls and tidy interior. "You'll make someone a wonderful wife someday."

Subaru blushed and stared at the ground. "Well, I try."

"Anyone put the tea on?" Hokuto called.

"Oh cripes, dinner!" Subaru's face fell in dismay, and he scrambled to put together a quick meal.

After a merrily consumed dinner of cold cuts of lamb on thick slices of fresh bread, with tea and biscuits for dessert, the group were ready for a good nights sleep.

"All right, light's out time," Hokuto said cheerfully. "Girls in one tent, boys in the other."

"I say, are you sure you'll be all right by yourself Hokuto?" Subaru asked worriedly. "Perhaps we should share a tent."

"Now Subaru," Seishirou said jovially. "You know it wouldn't be right for a boy and a girl to share a tent. Hokuto will be fine. If she sees a ghost, she can just scream."

"Unless he's a handsome ghost," Hokuto added.

"Hokuto!" Subaru was shocked.

Hokuto laughed and went into her tent.

"Come along Subaru, time for bed," Seishirou said. "I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely knackered."

"Me too," Subaru yawned. "My ankle's feeling better though. I'm sure it'll be right by morning."

"That's the spirit!" Seishirou patted him on the shoulder. "Now let's get to bed!"

After a few yelled goodnights, silence descended for a while. The next morning, Hokuto and Seishirou were the first ones up.

Hokuto yawned as she exited her tent. "Good morning! I say Seishirou, did you hear anything queer last night?"

"Queer?" Seishirou asked, intrigued.

"I kept hearing these strange _moaning_ noises," Hokuto shivered. "They were quite unearthly. I wondered if it was a ghost! I don't mind telling you I was a trifle frightened."


"Yes, and groaning, and some rather strange panting."

"How fascinating!" Seishirou said in wonder. "We must have slept right through it!"

"Slept right through what?" Subaru asked, crawling out of the tent. "Oh, ouch!" He winced.

"What's the matter old thing?" Seishirou asked. "Stiff?"

"Very," Subaru winced. "I think I must have slept on a tree root last night."

"You poor thing!" Hokuto said. "I kept hearing lots of tossing and turning coming from your tent, you must have been fighting it all night!"

"It certainly _feels_ like it," Subaru admitted. "Oh well, perhaps I'll have better luck tomorrow night."

"I feel quite sure of it," Seishirou told him.


A new day dawns for the Famous Three, who may have been visited by a ghost! But is it really so unearthly? Tune in next time to see Subaru trying to exorcise Jaelle to prevent her writing any more.

Subaru: Om, banarya sawaka!
Jaelle: Ladida!
Subaru: I _hate_ you!
Jaelle: *big grin* I _know_.

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