Three Go Camping on Tokyo Moor

Most Definitely Not By Enid Blyton

(in fact by Jaelle)

We are the famous three...
Seishirou, Hokuto,
Subaru Sumeragi!
We are the famous three...
Always on the case, whereever we are,
Near or far.

Part Two

(Subaru: Why God, WHHHHHHYYYYY????!!!)

"Hurry up you two!" Hokuto yelled. "We've got to hurry if we're going to get camped and have dinner ready before night falls!"

"Coming!" Seishirou called back. "Hurry along Subaru!"

Subaru looked up to see his sister vanish over the top of the hill. He was sweating quite badly as he tried to make his way up the old goat track. Hokuto had forged ahead some time ago, while Seishirou waited patiently for Subaru to catch up.

"Just a moment," panting, Subaru ran to catch up with his friend. "You're both so energetic... ah!"

Alas poor Subaru had not kept his eyes on his path, and with a sharp cry he fell to the ground.

"Subaru!" Seishirou rushed over to him. "Are you alright?"

Subaru tried to keep up a brave front. "I'm alright, but I think I've twisted my ankle."

"No!" Seishirou crouched down. "Oh blow, you have too. Does it hurt a lot?"

Subaru blushed. "Not too much. All it needs is a little bit of cold water and it will be back to tip top condition." He sighed. "I don't mind telling you I feel a right fool, tripping over like that."

Seishirou clapped him on the shoulder. "Never mind old thing, accidents happen to everyone."

"Hurry up!" Hokuto's voice called from over the lip of the hill.

"Oops, she's getting quite impatient. We'd best push on. Crikey, when your sister sees what's happened to you she'll have my guts for garters," Seishirou said. "Here, lean on me old thing."

"Thanks awfully," Subaru said gratefully. "And I'll tell her not to worry." He raised his voice. "We're coming Hokuto!"

With Seishirou's aid, Subaru made it up to the top of the hill.

"Subaru! What's happened?" Hokuto rushed up in a panic.

"Stupid accident, twisted my ankle," he explained. "It's not so bad."

"Well! I've never heard such a fib," she said indignantly. "Your face is quite pale. Seishirou, why didn't you call me?"

"Ease off Hokuto, I was looking after him," Seishirou said easily. "But I don't think he can go much farther."

"We should make camp somewhere nearby, so that he can rest," Hokuto said. "But where?"

"How about over there?" Seishirou suggested, pointing to a large, blossoming cherry tree a half-mile away. It stood all alone in the centre of the moor. "It should give us some added shelter."

"Excellent idea!" Hokuto approved. "Think you can make it Subaru?"

"Of course I... OW!" Subaru tried to walk on his foot and nearly collapsed.

"Well that's torn it," Seishirou took off his backpack and hefted Subaru up into his arms. "Don't worry old thing, we'll soon have you comfortable."

"Oh Seishirou, you're so strong!" Hokuto gushed. "Let's rush over there and set up camp. Then you'll feel better Subaru."

"I'm so lucky to have the best friends in the world," Subaru said. "You're both simply smashing!"

"Pip pip!" Hokuto said. "Come on then, let's get on!"


And so the Famous Three went to set up camp under the gorgeous blossoming cherry tree. What incredible adventures will happen to them next? Tune in next time to see Subaru offer Jaelle a huge bribe not to continue this story.

Subaru: 800,000 yen!
Jaelle: *humming softly*
Subaru: 900,000 yen! Think of all the anime you could buy.

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