Yet another, bloody hell when will they stop?, Kingdom Hearts Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Square Enix and Disney's, not mine.
Spoilers: None.
Rating: G. Angst, Drama, General creepiness.
Pairings: Does obsessive Riku count as a pairing?

Since the game booklet doesn't tell me how old the other "kids" are, I'm making that part up.

Riku doesn't remember a time when Sora wasn't there, although he knows that there was one. For as long as he can remember, they have been together. Side by side. Brothers in all but name.

(The other half of his soul.)

Riku is the oldest of the children on the Island. The first born of the new generation, small though it was. The population on the Island had been dwindling steadily for years, and he knew their parents worried about it.

"What will the children do?" They asked at night when they thought he was asleep. "Will they have to go?"

(Go where? He thought to himself. Go where?)

His arrival soon encouraged the others. He was always the leader, in this, as in everything else. They followed him swiftly... Wakka, Selphie, Tidus, and then Sora, the baby.

(Kairi came along later but she was not one of them, no, not truly one of them.)

He remembers everything from those early days. Sparring with Wakka and Tidus (they never could defeat him), dodging Selphie's teasing questions, and keeping an eye out for Sora.

("You must look after Sora. You're the eldest, it's your responsibility.")

Sora, the baby with the soft, fuzzy hair who followed him everywhere, eyes and mouth smiling, always smiling. Constantly coming up with crazy schemes and hairbrained ideas, always tumbling along after him, trying to keep up.

("Wait for me, Riku!"

"Hurry up! You're too slow!" And laughing, laughing together.)

And so they played and talked and laughed and lived their lives together for years, closer than brothers, closer than skin.

(And his parents began to suggest that, perhaps, Riku and Sora were too old to sleep in the same bed anymore, you're both getting so BIG. And wasn't Selphie looking nice these days and maybe you should spend some more time with your other friends, Riku. And he'd nod obediently and spend time with the others, knowing that before the day was out, Sora would roll up demanding to know where he'd been all afternoon and I've been looking for you EVERYWHERE Riku come on, let's play.)

And then Kairi arrived and it made everything so perfect, because now he had someone else to help him look after Sora, and they were like their own little family and Sora was STILL the baby...

(His baby.)

Only Sora was growing up now, and wasn't such a kid anymore.

("Argh! I lost again! I swear, one day I'll beat you, Riku!"

"It'll never happen, Sora."

"Just you wait and see!")

But even that was okay, because the more he grew up the more possibilities opened up for them and they could grow and find new games to play together, new places to explore.

But Kairi was growing too and the next thing he knew she was laughing with Sora almost as often as Sora laughed with him, and Sora was taking longer and longer to find him some days, and he began to realise that he might have to actually SHARE Sora...

(His Sora.)

with other people and for the first time in his life hot rage pumped through his veins.

(It would be easy, so easy... just a push from the top of the tree and say she'd slipped... she'd slipped and I TRIED to catch her but she fell...)

But when the rage had ebbed and the red tinge to the world had gone, he'd looked around and realised that Kairi wasn't all he had to contend with. Everybody loved Sora (well, of course they did, he was SORA) and he couldn't very well get rid of ALL of them, could he?

(And then the Darkness came.)

And still Sora found companions in strange places. Allies, comrades, friends.

It was almost enough to make Riku want to kill him.

(You are MINE!)

But he could be generous. He could share a little. He knew Sora had too much love in him to be happy giving it to only one person. So he waited. The others would fall soon enough, and he had Kairi. When the others were all gone, they would be together again. Kairi would help him look after Sora, and he would look after them both. He could wait.

Sora would come to him eventually. He always did.

("I've been looking for you EVERYWHERE, Riku! Come on, let's play.")


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