Theft Exchange

A DNAngel Drabble

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: G. Humour.
Written for the dnangel100 community, the challenge was orange.

The police collapsed in a exhausted heap as Dark the Phantom Thief flew off into the night, the beautiful blue glass statue tucked firmly under one arm.

Behind them, Satoshi showed no sign of anger at once again failing to capture the thief, aside from the clenching and unclenching of his fists.

"Well, that's it," Inspector Saehara said helplessly. "Everyone pack up and..."

He paused, and stared. "Is that...?"

Dark landed in front of them, looking frazzled. "You!" He pointed at Satoshi accusingly.

"Is there another version of this statue? I need one in orange. Mom doesn't like this shade."

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