Suspicious Characters

A FMA Ficlet

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: So not mine.

Farman moved down into the next carriage of the train. Really, this was ridiculous. They didn't have nearly enough people on board to watch over their important charge, and the man himself had been no help at all. Havoc had just shrugged philosophically when he'd complained and said they'd just have to make do. And so it was that Farman was checking for suspicious individuals on an almost-full passenger train. As he'd said before, ridiculous. And how was he supposed to know when someone was suspicious anyway...

His thoughts trailed to a halt as he suddenly spotted a figure, and his face went pale as he dashed over for a closer look. Quickly and quietly, he ran back to the phone at the end of the carriage.

"I found one!" He hissed into it. "I found a suspicious character!"

He couldn't keep the wide grin off his face.


The passengers in the carriage stirred in amazement as soldiers quietly filed in. The one in the lead eventually nodded the all-clear, and another high-ranking soldier entered. The man looked around, smiled reassuringly at everyone, and calmly walked down to where the suspicious character was sitting. The person in question was not alone, and his companion blinked in confusion at the goings on, before stiffening nervously. The soldier put a finger to his lips and smiled at him warmly before sitting down opposite both men. He regarded them for a long moment, assessing them quietly. "Indeed, VERY suspicious characters," he murmured, regarding the perfectly normal young men with a broad grin. He inhaled deeply, and then opened his mouth:


The shorter suspicious character, otherwise known as Edward Elric, woke up with a shriek and shot to his feet, looking around him wildly. Alphonse Elric put his a hand behind his head and rubbed gently at his hair, blushing slightly.

DaiSoutou Roy Mustang sat back and smirked at both boys. "Welcome back."


A/N: Based on a two things - yet another mental image I had of Ed snoozing in the train and Roy casually sitting down opposite him, and a comment I made that, if pushed, I thought that Ed would just solve the problems, then take Al and swan off to find a cure on his own and not come back until it was done. Without telling anyone. The Farman bit at the beginning is cause I wanted it all to be a full circle - right back to how they properly got introduced to the military.

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