A Bleach Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: G. Fluff.
Written in answer to a challenge from socchan, who requested Ichigo/Orihime fic

Ichigo eyes his plate warily as Orihime takes her seat, chattering happily the whole time. While dating his classmate is generally a relatively easy task (it helps that she's aware of the whole shinigami thing), it is not without the odd danger.

And this one is really odd.

"It's my speciality!" Orihime says proudly.

Ichigo looks at it. "I thought the soya-chicken flavoured with sea salt and wasabi paste dish was your speciality."

"This is a NEW speciality."

He takes a cautious mouthful, chews, and turns green.

"It's devilled eggs with orange vinaigrette and peanut butter!"

Hollows would be safer.

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