Everything I Need to Know In Life, I Learned From Sentai Shows

A MeruPuri fic

By Jaelle (who blames Meg for this in its entirety. Especially for the dogs)

Rating: G, Humour
Disclaimer: MeruPuri is the creation of Matsuri Hino. No infringements intended etc.

"Aram!" Airi exasperatedly poked her head into the living room. "If you want to come with me to walk the dogs, we need to leave NOW. It's getting late."

"One moment," Aram's eyes were glued to the television. "Come on Red Sparkle Ranger! You can do it!"

Airi huffed out a long sigh and then found herself smiling slightly. Aram was just so darned cute when he was in his little form, bouncing up and down in excitement as the Sparkle Rangers battled the monster of the week.


Aram sprang to his feet and jumped up and down, whooping loudly in triumph. Airi found herself laughing as she was swept up by his infectious joy, and even joined in singing some of the ending theme.

"Okay, NOW we need to go. Get a sweater, it might get dark before we get back." She ordered finally, and Aram scampered to obey.

Aaaah... so cute!

"So, what was so exciting about today's show," she asked once they were finally underway, Pochirou's leash firmly grasped in one hand, Koromi's in the other. Usually she let Aram take one of them, but the two dogs were clearly looking forward to a nice, LONG run in the park, and were doing their level best to drag the slow humans there faster. Airi could handle them, but Aram was a bit too small at the moment.

Aram launched into a long explanation of the plot and how the dastardly Army of Darkness had kidnapped Pink Sparkly Ranger, who was also Princess Darlia, and so the Sparkly Rangers had been unable to form Super Mecha Robot. Fortunately Red Sparkly Ranger had gone to the rescue of his teammate, whom he was secretly in love with and so on.

"You really like that show," Airi said with a smile as the plot summary wound up, this event coinciding nicely with their arrival at the park. "Okay, okay, I'm letting you two off the leashes now. Don't run too far!"

This last comment was addressed to the dogs' rapidly disappearing rear ends. Airi groaned slightly.

"Don't worry, they'll come back," Aram grinned at her. "Just like when Blue Sparkly Ranger came back even though the Princess rejected him in favour of Red, because it was for the good of the team!"

Airi sighed. "Not everything in life is like a sentai show, Aram."

"You'll see," Aram said confidently. "What are we doing tomorrow?"

"I am going to school early," Airi reminded him. "I've got a big meeting with Nakaoji."

Aram looked faintly annoyed at this, but then was suddenly struck by a thought. "Hey, what's Nakaoji's favourite colour?"

"Uh..." Airi thought about it for a minute, "I think he likes blue."

"Hmmm..." Aram subjected this to further consideration. "Okay then. Hey, here come the dogs back!"

Both dogs ran back, panting and happy and sporting that particular doggy look that says they've done something SUPER ULTRA CUNNING that you will NEVER EVER figure out, cos they've hid all the evidence really cleverly uh huh yup yup. Airi winced, and hoped noone would notice the holes in the flowerbeds.

Aram played fetch with the dogs until they were completely exhausted, and then it was time to marshal the troops together and head home, this time with Aram helping.



"What's YOUR favourite colour?"

"Oh, violet."

Aram shot her a look. "That's like a shade of pink, right?"

"Sort of, only deeper. Closer to purple."

"But... SORT OF like pink, right?"

"Yes, sort of," Airi said, reflecting that an eight year old boy might not be particularly interested in the importance of subtle colour shadings.

Aram bounced gently, a tiny smile on his face. "Good."

In spite of all her efforts to chivy them along, by the time they reached home it was quite dark. Thus Airi was not particularly surprised to turn at the doorway and find that Aram was now a good inch or two taller than she was. He grinned down at her.

"Guess what MY favourite colour is."

Airi looked at his red sweater and felt a sigh coming on. "I told you, not everything in life is like a sentai show!"

Aram stood taller and his grin got wider.

"Jeile's favourite colour is black," he said smugly.

Airi twitched and had to admit that he had a point.


A/N: Yeah, kind of died on me there at the end. But Jeile so is a sentai villain. He's got the swirly cape, and probably the same kind of laugh and everything. Technically of course, the black ranger should be the one who's Cooler Than the Hero, But Dies Early On, but I went with the villain version in this one. Inspired by WAAAAAAAY too much Voltron and similar sentai shows when I was young (*cough* Power Rangers *cough*), as well as by Shinesman, the anime which shows why sentai characters should always wear the same colours.

Favourite colours of the characters completely, utterly, and totally made up.

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