Sense Memory

A FF7: AC AU Fic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: All Squeenix's.
Rating: R/NC-17.
Warnings: Yaoi (just in case you didn't notice the rating).
Pairings: Kadaj/Cloud, Zack/Sephiroth.
Further disclaimer: I deny everything.

The flickering light of candles revealed two male forms, both naked. One tied, the other free, they writhed and fought against each other for dominance.

Of course, the one who was not tied down had a distinct advantage in this combat.

This fact was something Cloud soon realised, as Kadaj attacked him with tongue and teeth, biting and sucking greedily at exposed pale flesh. Every inch of available skin was included in this assault, but Kadaj returned time and time again to Cloud's neck, always paying particularly attention to the hollow in his throat. The hopeless battle waged on, but eventually Cloud's resistance weakened and he leaned his head back, offering it to his conquerer.

He bit back a cry as the offer was accepted.

"Mmmm... you've always been sensitive there."

Cloud squeezed his eyes tightly shut. "You can't know that," he gritted out.

Kadaj laughed. "Still resisting it, eh? But the thing is, I do know," he bit down again. "I know it... intimately."


Kadaj moved over to Cloud's left ear, an act which apparently required him to writhe over every inch of Cloud's nude body. Finally reaching his target, he blew into it. "I know everything about you. What you like, what you don't like. Everything."

"We've never done this before," Cloud insisted, still defiant.

"How mean," Kadaj bit his earlobe hard in retribution. "We've done this many times. Don't you remember that night in the hotel in the mountains? The one with the fireplace and the fur rug?"

Cloud refused to open his eyes as Kadaj began to wriggle and squirm on top of him again. He did remember that night. Very well. The problem was that he remembered it two different ways.

The fire burning in the hearth was the rooms only illumination. Two bodies clung together on the fur rug, both taut and hard with muscle, one leaner than the other, sweaty and panting.

The leaner man lifted his head to send a malicious smile at his partner. Silver hair cascaded across them both. "Now, won't you listen to me next time I tell you something?"

The other man let out a grunt and tested the bonds that held him down. "Does that work both ways?"

"Don't be ridiculous." The speaker straddled the bound man and lowered his voice menacingly. "Enough stalling. Surrender. Now."

"Or die?" The words were choked out.

The room filled with laughter as the two bodies joined together, and then there was no more strength for speaking, only harsh panting that sped up, stopped with a desperate gasp, and then resumed at a much slower and more even pace.

Cloud remembered how it felt when Sephiroth licked his way up his torso, and paused at his lips, his eyes briefly gentle in the post-coital glow.

He also remembered watching through a crack in the door as his commanding officer kissed the only other man he'd ever truly looked up to in the ranks of SOLDIER.

Cloud opened his eyes and met Kadaj's cat-slit ones. *I wasn't there,* he reminded himself. *I got confused, and forgot. It wasn't him. It wasn't me. I am not Zack. Kadaj is not Sephiroth.*

Kadaj grinned at him. "You do remember, right?"

And for a moment his skin seemed paler. His hair, longer.

*False, it's FALSE!*

But the sense-memory felt real as it hit him, reminding him of the intense pleasure, the sweet fiery lust. He fought it as it rolled him under.

"Enough stalling. Surrender. Now."

"Or die?"

Cloud closed his eyes again.

"I remember."


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