Second Finals

(Or: Why Kamio Should Be the Next Captain of Fudoumine)

A Prince of Tennis Fanfic

By Jaelle

Rating: G. Humour.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Setting: A year after the series takes place.

Summary: One year on, the second years are now third years and Captains of their respective clubs, and it's Finals time again.

"Congratulations," Momoshirou had to grit his teeth to get the words out, but he managed eventually. "It was a good game."

Kirihara grinned at him evilly as they shook hands over the net. "It certainly was. It's too bad we won't be seeing you guys at the Final round this year."

He deliberately raised his voice on that last sentence and tilted his head slightly to view the reactions of the rest of the Seigaku team. Most of the newer members were about ready to spit tacks, but Echizen and Kaidou just stared at him stone-faced. Che, no fun.

"Yeah, too bad," Momoshirou growled. "Guess it's down to you and Fudoumine this time around."

"I'm looking forward to it," Kirihara admitted. "We haven't matched up against them this year, but I hear their Captain's pretty good."

Momoshirou stared at him and his mouth twitched. "You haven't played him before?"

"No," Kirihara frowned. "Why?"

"Oh," Momo's mouth twitched even more strongly. "Nothing. Just... I'm gonna look forward to that match."


"Hope you enjoy this, Momoshirou," Kirihara murmured as he stepped onto the tennis court and glanced into the stands. "Rikkai will definitely win this year!"

He locked eyes with his former Captain and smirked. The look on Yukimura's face was approving as he strode towards the net and his opponent. This was it. The final round of Japan's Junior High Tennis Competition, between Rikkai Dai Fuzoku and Fudoumine Chuu. Doubles Two and Singles Three had gone to Fudoumine, Doubles One and Singles Two to Rikkai. And now, here he was in Singles One.

Kirihara stretched out his hand and grinned bloodthirstily. "It's a pleasure to once again get to play a Captain of Fudoumine."

His opponent clasped his hand firmly and looked at him through steely eyes.

"So it's you, the one who hurt Tachibana-san that one time. So arrogant, clearly had it far too easy in life, like Echizen. Shouldn't have an easy time of it, it makes people rude, although I think he'd be rude anyway, what with grabbing people's grip-tape, even though he got to it first on the shelf, I don't think it's fair. Ah, but Echizen's not here, is he? Oh wait, I think I saw him watching. That's good, he should see this. Why aren't you saying anything? Probably too busy thinking about the game. I should devote myself to that too. Hmm... yes."

Kirihara gaped at the other boy. "Um... what?"

"But if I spend too much time thinking about it, I might get distracted when I need to react. A conundrum. Ah, could this be some clever psychological trick? Surely that's only to be expected of Rikkai. Challenging."

As Ibu Shinji began another section of interminably long monologue, a small part of the audience was trying to stifle hysterical laughter.

"Didn't anybody warn him?" Ann asked, clutching her sides and shaking.

Momoshirou coughed frantically, his eyes watering. "We wanted it to be a surprise."

Kamio probably would have added something but, as he had a fist stuffed in his mouth to bite back the laughter, wasn't capable of it.

Echizen's only outward sign of amusement was the wide smirk on his face. Turning, he addressed the man standing beside him. "I've been wondering this year, is this some kind of strange payback?"

Tachibana Kippei had an angelic expression on his face. "I don't know what you are talking about, Echizen-kun," he said innocently. "Shinji was totally deserving of the position. I assure you, the process of choosing the next Captain of Fudoumine was totally fair and well-reasoned."

Echizen's eyes narrowed. "Really? What process was that then?"

Tachibana avoided his gaze and pretended to be vastly interested in the referee's attempts to get the game started.

"Tachibana-san?" Echizen prodded.

"I had them draw straws," Tachibana admitted.

Momoshirou was the first one to crack, and the entire group nearly suffered the indignity of being thrown out of the Finals for disrupting the match.

Fortunately, Shinji talked so long that they were able to get themselves back under control in time.


Responding to something Meg
was saying about Kamio and vice-captaincy made me think of this situation, and then I just had to write it.

Kc_rumors wrote a hilarious prequel to this fic, which you can read here. There's also a different variation on it here.

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