by Orla
Part Seven - Epilogue

Pairings: 13xSP, 5+SP??

Disclaimer: The Gundam Wing characters do not belong to me,
I am only borrowing them for a short while and promise
to return them in one piece.

Author's note: A0206 is the name of Wufei's colony. Sally observed
the battle there. Treize's death at Wufei's hands happens in ep.
48 and I personally believe that Treize let himself be killed.

#...# indicates lyrics - 'Farewell Love' is by Clannad

AC 194

The vid-phone started ringing as Sally walked into her room. Quickly
she ran to it and picked it up, activating the screen. She almost
dropped the receiver when she saw who her caller was.


"I know it's been a while, Sally, but I had hoped that you wouldn't
forget me that quickly," he smiled mockingly. "How are you?"

She swallowed her surprise and matched his expression. "I'm fine,
thank you for your concern, but what is your reason for calling
me... sir?"

He raised an eyebrow. "So formal? Ah well... my reason for calling
is that I just received a report regarding Colony AO206."

A chill ran through her for a moment, but Sally kept her face well
composed. "Oh?"

"You stated that Septem's plan was successful and there is no longer
anyone left alive, is that correct?"

*No.* "Yes, that's correct," Sally said without hesitation.

Treize regarded her for a long time, a slight half-smile touching his
lips and Sally _knew_ that he was fully aware of the truth. Finally
he spoke, "Thank you, Sally. I just wanted to hear confirmation of
this from you."

"I see..."



"I hope you enjoy your new position as JAP point, I'm sure you will
do well."

She smiled. "Thank you... Treize."

AC 195

There was a stunned silence within MO-II's command centre as the
Tallgeese II exploded. Lady Une's shoulders slumped as she leaned on
the console, but no sound emerged from her mouth. The OZ soldiers
stared at each other and then at the Lady, one of them daring to
ask the question that was running through their minds.

"Captain Lady Une... Captain... your orders?"

"Tell the White Fang that the Earth Nation surrenders."

At the back, Sally unclenched her fists. Several emotions coursed
through her, mainly relief and concern for the young Gundam pilot
who had dealt the killing blow, but there was also a touch of

*Treize, you did this deliberately... if you had been fighting
with all that you had then the outcome could have been much different.
But I think you knew... there really was no place for your ideals
in the new world that is emerging. So, I am glad for you... you
got the death you wanted.*

A soft exclaimation from Une pulled Sally from her own thoughts.

"You were magnificent, your Excellency."

Sally smiled. *And there is someone here who can mourn you much
better than I ever could.*

AC 199

Sally opened her eyes and blinked, attempting to clear her vision
and focus on where she was. Turning her head slightly she saw a
number of machines and knew she was in a hospital, at the same
time her head throbbed, protesting the movement. Wincing, she
started to lift her hand and then let out a hiss as pain tingled
through her shoulder. *Oh... yes, that's right... I was shot...*

Biting her lip against the pain, Sally managed to sit herself
upright and take better stock of her surroundings. She realised
that she was in the Preventers hospital wing and there was Wufei
sleeping on the chair near her...

"Wufei?" Sally exclaimed and his eyes snapped open.

"Sally," he got up and stood by her bed. His alertness indicated
that he had only been dozing, not really asleep at all. "How
do you feel?"

"A bit banged-up," she said with a rueful smile. Memory kicked
in and she closed her eyes slightly. "She must be dead then..."

"If you are talking about the woman who tried to kill you," said
Wufei with an edge in his voice. "Then, yes... she is dead," he
leaned forward. "You've been unconscious for an entire day, woman."

"Ah... that explains why I still hurt."

Wufei picked up a glass of water and some painkillers from the
bedside table and handed them to her without a word. Sally took
them with thanks, inwardly wincing at his stern face. Wufei was
going to demand an explanation soon and she wasn't sure that she
felt ready to give him one.

"So, are you going to tell me what this was all about?" Wufei
said after she had swallowed the pills. "Why did you pull such
a crazy stunt? Going into such a situation without wanting
backup! You were nearly killed!"

Sally sighed and rubbed her temples. "I know... I know, but really
it was my personal business, Wufei," she looked at him. "You
would have done the same!"

He folded his arms and looked down his nose at her. Sally frowned,
she felt decidedly at a disadvantage sitting in the hospital bed,
but there wasn't alot she could do about it. She drew in a deep
breath and then let it out slowly, composing herself.

"The woman was Nicola, an old classmate of mine from my academy days,
and someone who I had considered a friend..." Sally began and then
went on to explain Nicola's actions, but editing out the references
to Treize as she went on.

There was a disbelieving expression on Wufei's face when she had
finished. "This woman did all that because she was _jealous_?" he
exclaimed. "How ridiculous!"

Sally spread her hands. "I know, but maybe her illness had affected
her brain."

"Women are so irrational!" Wufei snorted and then glanced briefly at
Sally before amending his comment. "Well, most women are."

Sally hid a smile, it was always good to hear that Wufei considered
her better than most women. Relief flowed through her, it looked
like Wufei was going to be happy with the explanation she had just

Wufei's brows snapped together suddenly. "Wait a minute... I can
understand this Nicola woman sending you the rifle and the exam,
but what possible reason did she have to set fire to Dermail's
mansion? That was nothing to do with _you_."

"Uh..." Sally sighed, so much for thinking that things would be _easy_.
"Well, it did... sort of. You see, one of the things that Nicola
was jealous of was my... friendship with Duke Demail's grandson."

"Treize Khushrenada?" shock lanced through Wufei's voice. "You were
friends with HIM?"

"Yes," Sally said simply.

"Why?" Wufei asked in bafflement.

"Well... it was a bit different then," Sally explained. "He was
younger and so was I. We were only friends for a short time..."
*And lovers for an even shorter period!* "And I didn't really
see him after I left the academy."

Wufei's eyes narrowed slightly. "I don't think you're telling me
everything, woman."

She met his black eyes, her expression serious. "No, I'm not, but
Wufei... everything that happened is in the past, why should it
matter? Looking back doesn't help anyone, you have to focus on
now and the future, or the past will drag you down."

He reacted as if she had slapped him and turned away for a moment.
"I... understand," he said after a short silence. "And you are...
right, sometimes it is better to leave the past as the past."

She smiled and reached out, grabbing his hand, causing him to
look at her in astonishment. Sally's eyes sparkled. "Now, Wufei
was it so hard to admit that I was right?"

He growled slightly, but didn't remove his hand. "Woman... Sally,"
he bent over her. "You are not _always_ right," he argued and then,
quickly and before she could react, he kissed her forehead. As she
stared at him, wide-eyed, he pulled his hand from hers and walked
quickly out of the room. "We'll talk more, later."

Sally's hand trembled slightly as she touched her forehead. The
skin his lips had touched seemed to burn. She smiled. Oh yes, they
would talk... and maybe, just maybe she would tell him everything.

"But not yet," she murmured, lying back down on the bed. "Not until
it's the right time."

One week later

She laid the white roses on the gravestone and straightened. The
stone was still clean and white, obviously carefully tended, the
name and dates clear to the eyes.

Brushing a strand of dark blond hair aside, Sally smiled. "Well,
I never thought I would come here," she said lightly. "But it
seems like there are alot of things happening lately that I never
thought would happen."

She glanced back at the car that was parked on the side of the
road, it's single occupant barely visible.

"I don't want to cut into her time though, so I'm going to keep
this brief," she knelt back down by the gravestone and traced the
letters of his name with her fingers. "I purposefully forgot about
you, did you realise that? I think some part of me was a bit scared
that I would decide to throw myself back at you. I know I never
really told you... but I did love you, as much as a fifteen year
old could love someone," she smiled softly. "And I like to think
that you really did love me."

The wind picked up and the roses waved gently in the stronger breeze.
Sally brushed strands of hair from her face again and stood up,
brushing grass from her skirt. "However, this time is a true goodbye.
I have someone else to think about now and he's still a bit touchy
about you," a fond expression passed over Sally's face. "Actually he's
touchy about almost everything which is why I'm not going to rush
things between us," she smirked slightly. "He's still suspicious
about me and you, but I think it will be alright by the time I
finally tell him."

Sally tilted her head and focused on the gravestone again. "Well,
I think I've said everything I needed to. The only other thing
I can think of is to say... thank you... thank you for everything."

With a small ironic smile, Sally saluted, mirroring her farewell
of eight years ago. "Farewell... love."

#Voices of memory, I hear you.
A book of stories told... stories old
Dreams of good times...
Dreams of sad times...
And foolish moments we will long share.#


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