ReBoot Fanfiction

I've been a long-time fan of ReBoot and recently succeeded in getting Orla hooked on it too. Orla's favourite character is the older AndrAIa, whilst mine is the hacker-extraordinaire Mouse, but we both have a soft spot for Matrix. As you can guess, we're particularly fond of season three ReBoot and these stories take place after it ended.

Please note: Orla and I are violently allergic to angst and totally addicted to chocolate and coca-cola, hence all our fanfics are silly/humourous. If you like angst, seriousness and depression, may we suggest you try someone else's page as we can't maintain these things for more than ten seconds without going into giggles. Thank you.

These stories are set after the end of Season Three ReBoot:

House Hunt

Back in Mainframe, Matrix and AndrAIa take a break from planning the attacks on the virus Daemon to search out accommodation. Only problem is, where?

Fire in the Hold

Bob's down for the count due to exhaustion so Matrix and AndrAIa volunteer to take over Game duties. But who the heck invited Hexadecimal along? Panic!

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