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Just about every manga and anime fan knows the story of Ranma 1/2, they just won't be able to explain it to anyone else. At least not without diagrams. This hysterical series focuses on a group of martial artists, many of whom change into different forms when splashed with cold water and most of whom are in love with at least one of the others and can't stand at least two to three of the rest of them. Ranma 1/2 was the first manga I bought and it's always been one of my favourites.

Please note: Orla and I are violently allergic to angst and totally addicted to chocolate and coca-cola, hence all our fanfics are silly/humourous. If you like angst, seriousness and depression, may we suggest you try someone else's page as we can't maintain these things for more than ten seconds without going into giggles. Thank you.

The Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour

It's four years after Ranma 1/2 volume 38 and Ryoga has wandered back into Nerima after finishing with Akari to discover that Ranma and Akane have set the date for their wedding. Teaming up (again) with everyone's favourite okonomiyaki chef, Ukyou, the duo decide that this is their last chance to split Akane and Ranma up. The setting, a Mystery Tour, which they will run. After borrowing money from Nabiki and lining up some paying customers (whom anime fans of other series' may recognise) they present their "engagement gift" and head off in search of love. Will they succeed? You'll have to read it to find out.

The Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour Index (complete story - parts 1-25)

Generation Ranma:

Enjoyed the Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour? Wondered what the question mark after The End implied? Sixteen years after the Tour we return to the lives of Ryoga, Ukyou, Ranma, Akane et al. After a long time away, Ryoga and Ukyou are moving back to Nerima, and bringing their two daughters with them. What impact will this have on the life of one Sorata Saotome - the best martial artist in all Nerima and heir to the throne of Anything-Goes Martial Arts? And what does world domination have to do with it?

Currently parts 1-3 up.


Generation Ranma


A semi-serious fic set about six years after the end of the Ranma manga. Ryoga, the eternally lost, returns to Nerima for the first time since then, and he is surprised by what's happened in his absence. Everyone else is surprised by what HE'S been doing in his absence too!

Ongoing. Last updated: 25 February 2006 (and uploaded here three months later. Oh I am sloooww...)

Catalyst Part One
Catalyst Part Two
Catalyst Part Three
Catalyst Part Four
Catalyst Part Five
Catalyst Part Six
Catalyst Part Seven

A Christmas Gift:

This short story continues on from the end of the OAV episode Tendo Family Christmas Scramble, and brings the evening to a more happy conclusion for Ryoga.

A Christmas Gift

Little Girl Lost:

Another short story which presents a possible back story of Ryoga and Ukyou. Ryoga wants to be taken to the Shinjuku festival immediately - and why doesn't he want Ukyou to come along? Ukyou hasn't liked festivals since she was six, when she got lost at one. But how does Ryoga know that?

Little Girl Lost

Mending Glass Hearts:

A semi-serious story about Ryoga and Ukyou coming to terms with the elopement of Ranma and Akane.

Mending Glass Hearts

What If... The Fight:

A look at what might have happened if Ryoga had managed to make it to the place of his man to man fight with Ranma in time to fight him. Short.

What If... The Fight

Misc. Crossovers

Rogue 1/2:

This is not technically a Ranma 1/2 fanfic, as it concerns the characters from the Marvel comics X-Men. But it _is_ set in the Ranma Universe, where the characters derived their various transforming "curses" from the Jusenkyou cursed springs training grounds. Fall into a spring, and you will become whatever the spring is named for - Spring of Drowned Panda for example. It's a pity that noone thought to mention this to the X-Men as they fought overhead. It would have saved them a lot of trouble. :-)

Rogue 1/2

The Second Child

Misato goes to pick up the Second Child who will pilot Evangelion Unit 02. Unfortunately, she may not have picked up the right child. Short. Crossover with another, familar anime series.

The Second Child

An Unlikely Crossover

Gundam Wing crosses over with the Ranma 1/2 Universe. Why? Well, it all started off as this weird idea and then it just kept growing. Strange and silly.

An Unlikely Crossover

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