Promised Wish

An xXxHolic/X crossover

By Jaelle

Part Two (of Two)

Disclaimer: CLAMP owns all, including my soul and most of my money. I have nothing left to give!!!
Setting: Post-series and post-Tsubasa: RC.
Spoilers: Up to xXxHolic #5 (which is as much as I've read).
Rating: PG. Drama, Angst.
Warnings: Character death.
Pairings: Yuuko+Watanuki innocent love/crush

A/N: Several liberties have been taken with Watanuki's powers, as I've assumed they will develop in some fashion during the course of the manga.

Words in *asterisks* denote thoughts.

Sections in italics are flashbacks.

Hitsuzen = Naturally foreordained events.

When he'd come around twenty minutes after his mental overload, Watanuki was surprised to find that he wasn't surrounded on all sides by spirits. He'd certainly projected a loud enough burst of power to have attracted everything within a two mile radius.

*Of course, they might have had difficulty getting to me through all the doctors.*

He HAD been surprised to find himself riding in the back of an ambulance, from which he was rushed directly into intensive care. It had taken some time for him to communicate that, aside from a massive headache and bruising from his fall and subsequent convulsions, there was nothing wrong with him. However, looking over his pale, blood-spattered form, he supposed he could understand why the medical staff were fussing over him so much. His ears were ringing and the pounding in his head wasn't helping any, but so far he'd picked up the words "anaemia" and "epilepsy" being repeated several times. He'd also heard "drug overdose", but pretended that he hadn't.

His more immediate concern was in convincing the very earnest doctor sitting across from him that he did NOT need a CAT scan or blood workup or whatever done, but that he needed to leave. Now.

"... don't think you realise the seriousness of the situation..."

Watanuki bit his lip in frustration. *I don't have time for this. I have to get back to Yuuko!*

An old memory from about a year ago wiggled its way to the front of his mind.

Yuuko dressed like some crazy Gothic nurse cackling with laughter as they ran from the hungry spirit in the hospital morgue. His near-commitment for insanity, Maru and Moro tying that doctor up with bandages, and their subsequent escape through the maternity ward.

It was fortunate that he'd lost a lot of blood, because it meant that he was unable to blush at either the memory or the lie about needing to use the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, he was sprinting back towards the shop. *I'm coming Yuuko.*


Back at the shop Yuuko was casually inspecting an array of snacks which Maru and Moro had just brought out. "You're sure you don't want some of these? You are a growing boy after all."

"Thank you, but I prefer not to eat while I'm working," Kamui replied, his eyes fixed unerringly on her.

"Suit yourself, more for me then!" Yuuko greedily scooped two canapes into her mouth. "Mrrmphh?"

"No, thank you," replied the other figure, standing towards the back of the store.

Kamui laughed and settled himself back into his chair, sipping at his tea thoughtfully. "This is why I love dealing with psychics. You never bother asking me questions, you just accept my arrival. No whining, no yelling," he gazed at Yuuko steadily. "Normally there's at least one attempt to convince me I'm wrong, however. Or that there's more chance in the outcome than I believe."

Yuuko swallowed and washed her food down with some more tea. "Oh, I guess I could do that if you wanted." She straightened and met his eyes, and the light in the room darkened. Ominous winds began to blow.

"Kamui, you must believe... the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make."

She relaxed and the lights came back up. "How was that?"

Kamui looked faintly annoyed. "It sounds like a line from a bad action movie."

"Pin-pon!" Yuuko applauded. "It's from The Terminator!"

Utter silence.

"Well, I thought it was appropriate," she pouted. "More tea?"

"No... I think..." Kamui's eyes drifted past her and stopped. "Maybe I will have something to eat after all."

Twisting to his feet gracefully, he stalked around behind Yuuko's chair, and examined a forgotten tray of food. He carefully picked out a single takoyaki ball, and threw it into his mouth. "Mmmm..." he turned his gaze to Yuuko, watching her tense as he chewed.

"Delicious." A smirk crossed his face. "There's nothing quite like home cooking, made with affection and... love?" He ate another piece. "Yes, love. Unrecognised love, yet. Pure and innocent. Very tasty indeed." He stepped up behind her chair and ran a finger down the line of her neck. "You've been holding out on me, witch."

"He's not part of this," Yuuko said, her eyes not meeting Kamui's.

Kamui savoured the taste filling his mouth. "There's power there too," he murmured. "Strong... and familiar. Our little guest from earlier. He worries about you. How... sweet."

Yuuko said nothing.

"And you return his feelings, don't you?" Kamui whispered into her ear.

Long nails lashed out, aiming for his eyes.

Kamui caught her wrists, smiling seductively. "Now, now, there's no need for violence. Although it does add to the scene."

"Yuuko?! YUUKO!!!"

"Right on time," Kamui murmured as Watanuki charged in the door and froze, taking in the scene.


"Watanuki, NO!" Yuuko twisted around to catch his eyes. "Get out of here! Run!"

Watanuki's jaw set in an entirely familiar stubborn line and he threw himself at Kamui.

The older boy laughed and casually threw Yuuko aside, stretching out his hands towards his attacker. "Come on then."

The young sensitive hurled himself at Kamui, aware of the dark power that emanated from the seemingly-innocent looking boy, but unable to control the flash of rage that had possessed him when he'd seen Kamui hurting Yuuko. *Bastard, I'm going to get you!*

"NO! WATANUKI!" Yuuko screamed, trying to get to her feet. "NOOOO!!!"

Kamui smiled, and gathered his power. This was much better.

Just as the two boys were about to clash, an arm snaked around Watanuki's waist and lifted him bodily into the air, yanking him backwards out of Kamui's reach.

"Put me down!" Watanuki flailed helplessly as he was hauled away. "Let me go! You're going to pay for hurting Yuuko, you bastard!"

"Stop that," a soft voice sounded by his ear. "You can't help her now."

Watanuki increased his struggles, "I can so help!"

"No, you can't," the voice sounded utterly defeated. "You're only making things worse. For her."

Watanuki blinked and turned his gaze towards Yuuko.

The Space Time Witch had managed to get to her feet again, but seemed to be frozen in place, staring at him in horror. Her face was pale, and her eyes wild with... panic? But Yuuko was always so calm...

Watanuki felt the fight drain out of him as he stared at the expression of naked fear on her face. As his struggles ceased, he was gently lowered back to the ground. He twisted around nervously to see a slim young man of medium height standing behind him. The man gazed at him quietly through mismatched eyes, before reaching out and putting his hands on Watanuki's shoulders. His stance was almost... protective.

Across the room, Kamui was looking somewhat annoyed. But he soon recovered and smiled sweetly at the man standing behind Watanuki. "You're no fun. Don't you love me anymore, Subaru-kun?"

"Subaru, please..." Yuuko breathed. "Don't hurt him."

"I'm not going to hurt him, Yuuko-san," the man, Subaru, said quietly. "Don't worry." He met his associate's gaze. "She's right, Kamui, he has no part in this."

Kamui stared intently at Subaru for a few minutes before sighing and moving his gaze back to Yuuko. "Oh, very well. He's not the one we're here for anyway." A smirk curved his lips. "You're always so professional about these things, Subaru-kun."

Watanuki felt the man behind him flinch slightly, but his protective stance did not falter.

Watching, Yuuko released a long, slow breath. "Thank you, Subaru."

"It is nothing," Subaru's voice was soft. "Merely a... professional courtesy."

Kamui threw his head back and laughed. Watanuki twitched at this and the gentle hands grasping his shoulders flexed once in warning, their grip suddenly hardening painfully. The message not to move was clear.

Yuuko used the few seconds that Kamui was laughing in to straighten herself out, and by the time he had recovered she was once again giving him her most secretive smile. "Well, I hope you've enjoyed the entertainment," she purred. "But now that it's over, why don't we get down to business?"

She flicked her hands in Watanuki's direction in a gesture of dismissal, and he felt Subaru shifting his weight preparatory to moving, but Kamui made a slashing motion with his hand and the other man instantly froze.

"There's no need for them to go," Kamui smirked at Yuuko, "I always work better with an audience."

He stalked over to Watanuki, halting just out of arms reach and considering the slight figure. "I don't believe we've been properly introduced."

Watanuki glanced at Yuuko, who shook her head at him.

"No, we haven't," he said, trying to keep the anger out of his voice. Glaring up he met Kamui's eyes and felt the world drop away from him as he was drawn into the man's gaze. It was so dark in there. So very, very dark.

Was that someone screaming?

A hand passed over his eyes, breaking the trance he'd begun to fall into. Watanuki staggered back drunkenly into Subaru's arms, clutching at them to keep himself upright until the disorientation passed.

"Who... who are you?" Watanuki glanced fearfully at Kamui, and then looked away hurriedly.

"I am the Kamui of the Dragons of Earth. The one who hunts the glory of the Gods, and one of those involved in the end of the world," the older boy bowed briefly. "It's a pleasure to meet you... Kimihiro Watanuki. What a pretty aura you have."

Watanuki shuddered at the hungry tone in Kamui's voice and slowly straightened, still clinging to Subaru to steady himself. Kamui watched this with some amusement, darting an evil grin at the other man. "You do seem to attract young, helpless boys, Subaru-kun. I'm jealous."

Stung into action by Kamui's mocking tone, Watanuki forced himself to stand upright and face him fully, although he was careful not to meet the other boy's eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Carrying out the Earth's Wish."

Watanuki groaned and clutched his head. "Not more wishes! When are people going to learn that they're nothing but trouble?!"

There was a surprised silence from the other people in the room. Then Yuuko began to chuckle. The chuckle turned into guffaws, and finally howls of laughter as she pointed at Kamui and Subaru alternately.

"Nothing... nothing but trouble..." she choked out, tears streaming down her face. "Out of the mouths of babes..."


"Sorry... sorry..." Yuuko breathed in deeply and regained some control of herself. "It's just that... oh my dear Kimihiro, if you only knew how much trouble wishing for things has gotten these two into. I'm sorry Subaru, but really. How can I not laugh?" She wiped the tears from her cheeks and grinned victoriously. "My Watanuki is so intelligent!"

Watanuki flushed, his chest tightening in pride and something else at her words. *My Watanuki.*

Maru and Moro suddenly ran in from the other room, dancing around Watanuki and chanting joyfully. "Our Watanuki is so smart! Our Watanuki is brilliant! Our Watanuki..."


There was a rush of power, and a flicker of movement. Watanuki watched, uncomprehendingly, as Maru and Moro's bodies seemed to suddenly fly apart. There was no blood, he noted absently as an arm flew past his face. They just... separated. Into pieces. Lots and lots of pieces.

Watanuki's ears roared in the sudden vacuum after the soundless explosion. He distantly heard a few thumps and thuds as... the pieces... landed around the room. Stupidly, he found himself staring at the now-empty place where they'd stood, chanting and dancing only a few moments earlier. *Maru. Moro.*

"By the way, their full names are Maru-dashi and Moro-dashi. Cute names, don't you think?"


"That was unnecessary," Yuuko was angry now. Watanuki could tell by the tone of her voice.

Kamui looked at her curiously. "They were only constructs powered by your magic. They would not have lasted beyond your death."

"That's not the point!" Yuuko stepped towards him, her face cold. "You had no right to do that!"

Kamui shrugged uncaringly. "They had no wills of their own. No dreams of their own. No wishes of their own."

Yuuko's mouth narrowed. "They wished to play, to live!"

"No, that was your wish for them," Kamui's voice was mocking. "You were never able to give them their own souls. That is beyond your talents." He smirked arrogantly at her. "Too bad. You know, for a Wish granter, you didn't do very well. You couldn't give them their own, and you didn't grant him his." He gestured at Watanuki, who started and gazed at the pair of them, his eyes wide and shocked.

"He didn't want me to," Yuuko said sharply. "Sometimes the point is to get them to work out that they don't really want what they're wishing for."

"But it was his Wish."

Yuuko sighed and the anger drained out of her, replaced by what looked like... fatigue? Watanuki had never seen her look so tired. She walked past Kamui and approached Watanuki and Subaru. "I don't know why I bother. You'll never understand." She halted in front of them and angled her gaze to meet Subaru's. "But you do, don't you?"

Subaru said nothing.

Yuuko looked down and Watanuki turned his head away, his heart pounding painfully. He wasn't sure why he didn't want to see her, but something inside him screamed not to look, not to see, not to hear. She tilted his chin up firmly, forcing him to look her in the face. "And you understand too, don't you, my dear, dear Watanuki."

It wasn't a question.

Watanuki felt tears begin to well in his eyes. "Yuuko, he's going to kill you."

"Yes, I know." She said sadly. "It's..."

"Don't! Don't say it!" Watanuki pleaded. "How can this be fate? How can this be destiny? Get out of here. RUN!"

Ignored and unnoticed, Kamui began to slowly stalk towards the group.

"I can't," Yuuko whispered, bending down to press her forehead against his. "I'm so sorry, my Watanuki. But all things must end. Even me."

"Yuuko," Watanuki reached out and caught her hands in his. "Yuuko."

"My Watanuki."

Yuuko's breath was warm on his face. It tickled and mingled with the tears pouring down his cheeks.

"Ssssh..." she whispered. "Hey, Watanuki, want to know a secret?"

"Hunh?" He met her gaze for the last time, and watched as she broke into the brilliant, crazy smile he loved so much. She whispered something to him, then broke his grip on her hands and stepped back.

There was a blur, then redness and a loud thump, followed a few seconds later by a second, smaller one.

Kamui stood over Yuuko's headless body and shouldered his sword. Looking down at Watanuki, he smirked, "Did she tell you she loved you?"

Watanuki slowly rose his eyes from Yuuko's remains to meet Kamui's gaze, and this time it was the older boy who seemed off-balance by the exchange.

"She said," Watanuki's voice was very quiet, "that you should remember to duck."

Kamui flinched.

Watanuki burst into hysterical laughter, his voice breaking and echoing off the walls as he laughed and laughed and cried and sobbed and wailed.

When he'd finally finished, he looked up to find the other boy had left. He turned to see Subaru waiting for him. He stared at the man, spent and empty of emotions, aware only of a painful hollowness inside him which ached and throbbed. Nothing mattered now. He would wait. Let the other man make the first move.

"Come along," Subaru finally stepped forward after a few minutes and gave Watanuki a gentle push towards the door. "I'll take you home." He led the unresponsive boy outside and steered him down the street, pausing once to take out a handkerchief and hold it in front of his face. "Spit."

Watanuki looked at him blankly.


He obeyed, and Subaru gently wiped his cheek with the damp handkerchief. It came away with smears of brownish red.

Watanuki stared at them for a moment, his mind replaying the scene from earlier. Yuuko's body falling, the blood arcing through the air... He looked down at himself and tried to work out which of the blood was from his earlier mishap and which was from Yuuko.

"Do your jacket up," Subaru said quietly, and waited for Watanuki to obey. "Now follow me."

Watanuki allowed himself to be pulled along in the wake of the older man, exhausted and feeling oddly disassociated from everything.

*They killed Yuuko.*

Part of his mind screamed at him to react. To fight, run, yell, cry... SOMETHING. But the image of Yuuko's grinning head lying on the ground prevented him from taking any actions.



Subaru halted.

"Was it... is it all true?" Watanuki asked. "Is this the end of the world?"

Subaru merely regarded him solemnly.

Watanuki drew in a shuddering breath. "In that case, can we go this way instead?"

When Subaru failed to respond, Watanuki took the initiative and headed towards school.

*Oh Yuuko.*

The archery tournament was still going when he got there. A glance at the rankings (and the reactions of the girls watching) told him that Doumeki was about to take his turn. He could see Himawari practically jumping up and down as the other boy lined up to take his shot.


The arrow hit dead centre and the spectators exploded with joy. Doumeki moved slowly back to his place and his eyes flicked over towards Watanuki as they did. He paused briefly, frowning in puzzlement at seeing the other boy there. He sent a glance at Subaru and frowned even deeper.

"Is this where you want to be?" Subaru asked quietly.


"I'd rather be with Yuuko," Watanuki replied eventually. "But if I can't... then... I want to be with my friends."

Subaru nodded and turned to leave.



Watanuki bit his lip. "Do you believe in hitsuzen?"

"Naturally foreordained events?" Subaru raised an eyebrow. "Yes."

Watanuki nodded. "I've decided... I'm not going to believe in them anymore. Not anymore!" He clenched his fists, and met Subaru's gaze squarely. "I will see her again."

"She owes me a Wish."


A/N: The hospital memory that Watanuki recalls is entirely made up by me, although it would totally rule if something like that happened in the series. XD

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