The Party At The End Of The World
An X fanfiction
by Jaelle

Contains profanity and spoilers for the latest developments in X.

Disclaimer: I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything. CLAMP own them all and no infringement or bodily harm is intended by this fic. No eye-gouging please.

*are thoughts*
<are flashbacks>

Sumeragi Subaru stared at his hand.

*I can't believe he's really gone,* he thought to himself.

<Subaru-kun... I... you...>

He squeezed his eyes closed and tried to forget the sickening squelching sound his hand has made as he'd removed it from Seishirou's chest.

*How could I have... oh Hokuto-chan, you loved me so much. I'm not worth it. You should have lived, not me.* More tears formed in Subaru's eyes and he buried his face in his hands. *I loved him, loved him with all my heart...

And I killed him.*

Outside in the corridor Kamui exchanged worried looks with the rest of the Dragons of Heaven and associates. Subaru had been staring at his hands and having crying jags ever since they'd dragged him out of the rubble of the Rainbow Bridge, and two days later he still showed no sign of stopping.

"He hasn't eaten. Not even a single bite." Kamui whispered. "And he hasn't slept since... How can he live?"

"He may not," Imonoyama Nokoru said slowly. "I don't know much about Subaru-san's past - the Sumeragi Clan have a long and honoured history, and it's difficult to poke into their affairs - but I gather that he had an awful lot of emotional hang-ups about the Sakurazukamori."

"That bastard!" Kamui burst out and then stopped. "He loved him." He whispered. "Subaru loved him and then that bastard betrayed him and ruined his life and he STILL loved him."

"Seems to be a fair amount of that going around," Sorata murmured to Karen.

"No wonder he and Subaru-san get on so well," she agreed. "Let's hope Kamui has a better ending."

"I'm sure he would if we could just get Subaru-san to..."

Arashi elbowed Sorata in the stomach, and then marched past him to knock on Subaru's door.

"Sumeragi-san?" She called. "Would you like something to eat? Perhaps some soup? Or even a glass of water."

Inside, Subaru's head lifted, his eyes reflected a decision made.


"Thank you Kishuu-san. A glass of water would be very welcome."


A couple of hours later Subaru lay asleep on his bed. Sorata poked his head around the door to his room and nodded in satisfaction. At least he'd finally stopped crying.

Quietly, he snuck in to look down at the sleeping onmyouji. Subaru's face was peaceful in sleep, and Sorata smiled. *Sleep cures most ills* he thought to himself. *And Subaru-san certainly needed some sleep. He was out like a light. I wish I slept this well, I always toss and turn. I wonder if Miss will mind about that when we're married? Hmmmm... Anyway, he looks nice and...*

Sorata stopped his mental rambling and took a harder look at Subaru.



Subaru blinked and opened his eyes as a loud noise assaulted his ears. It appeared to be a thunderous bass beat. He sat up and stared at his surroundings. The room was luxurious as always, and... loud music was coming from downstairs. Perplexed, he got off the bed and headed for the door, not bothering to look at his reflection in the mirror as he went. If he had, he might have noticed that his right eye was unclouded, and whole once more.


"What the hell did he take?" Sorata panted as he applied CPR to the unconcious onmyouji whilst Nokoru dialed the CLAMP campus emergency services division and Suoh hunted around the room.

"Found it!" Suoh leapt to his feet, clutching a small bottle. "Sleeping tablets. Lots of them." He examined the bottle. "There were 40 in here when this was issued from the stores."

"How many are left?"


"Shit shit shit shit shit..." Sorata chanted. "Where's Kamui?"

"He's asleep." Arashi was hovering in the doorway. "Should I get him?"

"NO!!!" Was the resounding response. "We don't want to upset..."

"What's going on? SUBARU!!!!!"

"... him. Oh fuck."

"SUBARU!" Kamui threw himself at Subaru but was knocked away by Sorata.

"Don't get in my way!" The young priest shouted as he continued to apply CPR. "Arashi! Hold him!"

Nokoru hung up the phone. "The ambulance will be here in two minutes. We need someone to guide them to this room."

"I'll go," Suoh said. "I'll explain the situation."

Arashi hung on to Kamui's arm. "It will be okay," she said. "Arisugawa has everything under control." *I can't believe I'm saying this.*

Kamui whimpered. "Subaru?"


Subaru trailed downstairs and yawned. For some reason he felt kind of off-balance. It was unusual for him. What had he been doing again? He was fairly sure it was important.

Without paying much attention to his surroundings he walked into a lounge.

But first he had to turn off that music, he couldn't THINK with that incessant pounding. It was loud enough to wake the...


... dead.



"Where... the... fuck... is..." Sorata gasped. "Ambulance..." Sweat was pouring off him, and his eyes were blurring as he gasped for air and continued to apply CPR.

Akira had gone to help guide the medical team, whilst Nokoru was reassuring the remaining Dragons. Arashi still held Kamui's arm and the boy was trembling violently, unable to take his eyes from the scene in front of him.

"Come. ON. You..." Sorata gasped. "BREATHE!!!"

Kamui watched as Sorata shakily bent to breathe air into Subaru's mouth again. A look of determination spread across his face and he shook off Arashi's hand.

"What can I do to help?" He demanded.

Sorata gasped for air and glanced at his leader. "Breathe," he husked out, "breathe for him..."

Kamui leant over Subaru, pinched his nose as he had watched Sorata do, took a deep breath and then put his lips to Subaru's and blew.

"Again!" Sorata kept pumping at Subaru's heart. "Keep going!"

Kamui took his lips away from Subaru's and rubbed them. "They're cold," he said in surprise.

Sorata rolled his eyes. "Then warm them up! Breathe for him!!! BREATHE!!! DO IT!! NOW!!!!"

Kamui inhaled and bent again whilst Sorata kept up the rest of the operation. A pajama-clad hip bumped him to one side and Arashi picked up where he'd left off.

"Take your own advice and get your own breath back," she informed him. "We'll alternate."

Sorata nodded and closed his eyes.


"Subaru-chan!" Hokuto squealed. "Welcome! Put on a party hat!"

Subaru stared at his sister. "Ho-Hokuto-chan!"

Hokuto groaned. "Nine years and THAT'S all you've got to say to me? Sheesh! _And_ you're early! Don't you know that's rude? Haven't I taught you anything? But since you're here you can help me hang up decorations!"

Subaru stared at the paper lanterns and streamers she was holding out to him. "Hokuto-chan?"

"Yesss..." Hokuto sparkled at him.

"Are you... dead?"

"Yesss..." Hokuto waited patiently for her brother to catch up.

"Then I must be dead too."


"So then this is..."

"The afterlife!" She grinned.

Subaru looked around. "It's a bit smaller than I'd imagined," he said hesitantly.

Hokuto face-faulted. "Well excuse me," she said as she got up, rubbing her nose. "What were you expecting? Heavenly fields? Some sort of office? A palace? People with harps and wings?"

Subaru's eyes tracked down to the wings on Hokuto's back, then tried to roll around behind him.

"They're part of my costume," she said with a sigh. "See?" She detached them and handed them over. "Speaking of which, what do you think of it?" She twirled and posed.

"Ummm... it's very... pink." Subaru paused. "It looks sort of strange... and familiar."

"Do you recognise it?" Hokuto giggled. "I'm Sakura!"


She stared at her brother. "Sakura. From Card Captor Sakura. That anime that's been on TV. All the shops are full of merchandise... you haven't seen it?"

Subaru shook his head and she bonked him over the head with the funny-looking wand she was carrying. "Oh for crying out loud. I swear, I get out more than you do and _I'm_ dead!"

"So am I," Subaru pointed out.

"Yes, you are." Hokuto gave him an odd look and glance at her watch. "You know, you're _really_ early. I wasn't expecting you for..."

"Hokuto-chan, the canapes are ready," a pretty young girl with long hair entered the room. "Where shall I put them?"

"Oh, just dump them on the table Kotori-chan," Hokuto answered.

"Kotori!" Subaru stared at the girl. "You're that girl. The one Kamui..."

"Kamui!" Kotori turned to him. "Oh of course! You're Subaru, Hokuto's brother. Thank you so much for what you did for Kamui after I died."

"Uh, you're welcome." Subaru blinked. This was all rather strange, and not what he had been expecting when he died. When had he died anyway, Hokuto seemed to be surprised to... uh oh...

He looked at his sister and then away. *She's gonna kill me for this.*


Sorata had taken over the rest of the CPR, but Kamui had refused Arashi's offer to take over his position.

"Subaru!" Kamui yelled in between breaths. "Subaru you wake up right now so that I can kill you myself! Do you hear me? SUBARUUUU!!!!"


Kotori and Subaru frowned. "Did you hear that?" Kotori asked.

Hokuto looked curious, "Hear what?"

Kotori shook her head, "Oh, never mind. Oh yes, your mother wants you to remind your father that he's not to put alcohol in the punch."

Hokuto groaned. "Why not just serve fruit juice then, honestly. I..."

"M-mother?" Subaru's eyes were wide. "Mother is here? And father?"

Hokuto gave him a Look. "Of COURSE they're here Subaru, like they're really going to miss THE Party. Come on, this is the Party for the End of the World, how often do you get to celebrate that?"

Subaru shuddered as a chill ran down his spine. "You're saying that we're going to lose?"

Hokuto frowned at him. "Did I say that? Of course I didn't say that. I don't know if your side will win or lose Subaru. Even the gods don't know that. If the world ends, then this party will have the biggest fireworks display EVER. And if your side wins, then it will be a party celebrating life and the world _not_ ending." She considered. "It will also be a lot smaller, initially. But, in the end, everyone will be here."

Subaru felt a sudden strange sensation come over him. "Everyone?" He asked.

Two strong arms grabbed him from behind and spun him round.

"Everyone," said Sakurazuka Seishirou, and pulled Subaru close in an intimate embrace. Subaru froze in shock, and then went rigid as Seishirou bent his head and moulded his lips against his.

"WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!" Cheered Hokuto as Kotori blushed, "Go Sei-chan!!!"


Kamui paused suddenly as a hint of warmth flickered through Subaru's lips. "I felt something!" He shouted.

"Don't stop now!" Sorata encouraged him. "Go Kamui!"


Subaru's eyes were very wide indeed. "Mmmmmmphhhh! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-(pock, GASP)-AAAAAHHHH!!!! Sei-Sei-Sei..."

Seishirou pinched Subaru's rear.

"SEISHIROU-SAN!!!" Squeaked Subaru in a tone of voice he hadn't reached since he was 14 years old.

Hokuto collapsed in laughter and Kotori was looking everywhere but at the two men.

"It's so good to see you again, Subaru-kun," Seishirou hugged the younger man fiercely to him. "I wasn't expecting you so soon. You're early."

"That's what _I_ said!" Hokuto complained. "What happened Subaru? Don't tell me you slipped at a critical moment in the battle?"

"Ummm... ah..." Subaru groped for words. "Well, I was... Er... Let me explain."

The room temperature suddenly dropped. Seishirou pulled away from Subaru and Hokuto moved to stand beside him. They both glared at Subaru.

Hokuto started. "Don't tell me... don't you DARE tell me that you committed suicide?"

Subaru looked ashamed, and stared at his feet. The familiar depressed expression spread across his face.

"This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!" Hokuto exploded in rage. "They NEED you down there. The End of the World is coming and Kamui needs you by his side. You get your backside back down there RIGHT NOW young man! And if I see you up here again before it's your time, I'll... do something REALLY evil to you!"

"And I'll let her," Seishirou added.

"But... I..." Subaru looked up at them. "I need you. I want to be with you. I miss you both. And Seishirou-san... I..."

Seishirou sighed. "Go back Subaru-kun. Remember what I told you."

Tears filled Subaru's eyes. "But..."

Seishirou shook his head. "Go back. There'll be time, Subaru-kun. There'll be all the time in the universe."

"And when you do get here next time, the party will be ready and rocking!" Hokuto clapped her hands and then an expression of dismay crossed her face. "We still have to blow up all of those balloons!"

"And the brandy snaps need to have cream put in them," Kotori added.

"We have a thousand and one things to do," Hokuto nodded. "Shoo Subaru. Come back when you're done. Or wait a while. It's fashionable to be late to parties so there's no hurry. We'll be here when you come back. We wouldn't leave without you. So go on now, shoo! Shoo!!!" She fluttered her hands at him.

"But how?" Subaru stopped and listened. "Who's yelling?"

"That will be your ride home. You'd better get going." Hokuto said. She smiled briefly, "Be seeing you!"

Seishirou put his hands over Subaru's shoulders. "Go Subaru, we'll see you again later. For now, live."

"And watch Card Captor Sakura!" Hokuto yelled. "But DON'T tell me what happens after episode fourteen because I haven't gotten that far yet! And bring some streamers and party hats with you next time! And EAT SOMETHING dammit, you're wasting away. Oh yes... one last thing, and Subaru - this is really important - you HAVE to remember this!"


"BUY SOME NEW CLOTHES!!! Eeeeyuck! You look like a funeral director! What were you thinking?"

"Life is starting to look more and more attractive all the time." Subaru mused.

Hokuto gaped at him. "Su-Su-SUBARU-CHAN!!!"

Subaru grinned at her, his face lighting up with his first real smile in years. "Gotcha!"

As his sister spluttered, he turned away to head back.


"He's breathing!" Kamui screamed. "HE'S BREATHING!!!"

"I have a pulse!" Arashi shouted.

"Subaru.... SUBARUUUUU!!!"


"Excuse me, Subaru-san?" Kotori stepped in front of Subaru nervously. "Could... could you give Kamui a message from me when you get back?"

"Of course," Subaru smiled. His heart felt lighter and he could feel himself growing warmer. He yawned, politely shielding it with his hand. "Sorry. What is the message?"

Kotori motioned him closer and he bent down to her. Her hands came up and gripped his head and she kissed him, quickly and gently. Subaru's eyes were surprised as she moved away. Then she stopped and paused, and moved in again.

_This_ kiss was a lot more friendly than the last one. Subaru's eyes nearly popped out of his head when Kotori carefully slipped her tongue into his mouth. At last she released him.

"Don't forget," she cautioned him. "Exactly like that." Blushing, she looked at Hokuto, who was in hysterics on the floor. "Did I do that right?"

"Judging from the way he's imitating a fish, I'd say so," said Seishirou. "I'm jealous Kotori-chan, you went a lot further than I did."

"It's for Kamui!"

"Then I'm jealous of Kamui as well!"

Hokuto sat up as Subaru faded away, still staring at them. "Seishirou-san, if you REALLY feel that way then you should have married my brother when you had the chance. Now you may have to share."

Kotori gasped and Seishirou laughed. Hokuto giggled and got to her feet to encounter Seishirou's outstretched hand. "What?"

"We had a bet Hokuto-chan." He reminded her. "2000 yen please."

"You are SOOOO picky. And it was rigged! Of course he'd kill himself after everything you put him through!"

"A bet's a bet, Hokuto-chan. Pay up."



Kamui's heart nearly broke as Subaru's breathing stopped again, and tears flowed from his eyes as he leant down to pour air down the other mans throat again. The lips on his were warm now... much warmer... the air in his mouth mingled with the breath from Subaru and the two paused for a moment before parting.

Subaru blinked at Kamui. "That was from Kotori. Ow... I think I'm going to be sick."

"Clear the decks!" Sorata yanked Arashi away and held Subaru's head as he rid himself of the remains of the sleeping pills in the most efficient way that nature could provide.

"Subaru? Are you alright? How do you feel?" Kamui asked anxiously, staring in confusion at Subaru.

Arashi put her hands on her hips. "Well really, how... inappropriate."

Sorata started to laugh as the med-team rushed through the doors.


A week later, Subaru and Kamui sat together in the library, enjoying the sunset streaming in through the windows. It had been a rough few days after the events of the previous week.

Immediately after their arrival the medics had given Subaru several shots to help counteract the effects of the sleeping pills. Then everyone had started shouting and Subaru had started apologising and all in all, noone had really gotten any sleep. They didn't mind that much though.

Since then, Subaru had slowly gotten himself back together. He was eating again, slightly more than usual, and sleeping normally. He was still smoking, but had that afternoon purchased a bright orange satin shirt which he was now wearing. Kamui wasn't sure the colour suited Subaru, but had decided not to say anything. Sorata's reaction to the shirt had been to clutch at his eyes, scream, and then flee the room, which had struck Kamui as just a little tactless. He was now trying to think of a polite way to suggest that maybe Subaru should try blue. Or green. Or yellow even, but PLEASE get rid of that monstrosity. He wasn't having much luck.

The other thing which had stunned everyone in the mansion was Subaru's new found anime obsession. Every day on his return to school Kamui found him curled up in front of the TV. Today he had found Subaru singing along with the end credits, which had been a real shock. But he didn't mind much. He smiled at his Special Person and then glanced at his watch.

"Time for dinner," he said.

"No hurry," said Subaru. "It will still be there when we arrive." He smiled slightly at this.

"Not if Sorata gets to the table before us," Kamui said.

"Good point," Subaru stood up and the two of them started walking towards the dining room.

"Subaru," Kamui had been wanting to ask this since That Night, but hadn't had the courage. But Subaru had been so mellow today... maybe now was good.


"When you woke up, you, uh... you said that 'That was from Kotori'. Did you see her?"

"Yes, I did." Subaru looked at Kamui. "She's very happy, and she wanted me to give you that message."

"Was there any more to the message?" Kamui asked.

Subaru's face turned bright red as they entered the dining room. He paused and looked at the assembled Dragons and associates.

"Um... I'll tell you later."




Optional Epilogue For Those Who Want Even More Of A Happy Ending:

Seishirou and Hokuto laughed so hard they fell off their chairs as Subaru's words came over the stereo system.

"He's so cute," Seishirou wiped tears of laughter away from his eyes. "So, are we back on schedule now?"

"Yup, we finish getting the party ready, wait for everyone to show up, party hard and then on to our new lives." Hokuto winked flirtatiously at Seishirou. "It'll be interesting, don't you think, Yuu-chan?"

Seishirou smiled slowly. "Very Aya-chan. Do you think we should have mentioned it to Kikuko-chan while she, excuse me, _HE_ was here?"

"It would just worry him. Besides, it will be more of a surprise this way."


Authors Notes:

I don't know how to apply CPR, so I'm just decribing what I've seen on TV shows. The three names given at the end for Seishirou, Hokuto and Subaru's next life are not referring to any anime in particular, I merely wanted to indicate that this wasn't the "end" of their story - that they would go on (and maybe that next time they would be happier :-)

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